When it comes to hairstyles, we are all pros at knowing how we want it to look at the front. But how it looks at the back is equally important, especially if you have a short hairstyle like a bob. Think of it this way – you do not want people staring at the back view of your bob hairstyles wondering what went wrong, right?

So, here are the top 10 back views you must try before your next haircut. So, decide your favorite style and pick how you want the back of your bob cut to look. Scroll down!

Before You Get Started

  • Go for regular trimming to maintain the shape and style of your bob cut, especially if you have bangs or layers.
  • You can add layers to your hair to instantly pump up the volume and enhance the appearance of thick, healthy hair.
  • If you are someone trying the bob hairstyle for the first time, opt for a haircut that suits your hair’s natural texture. For instance, if you have straight hair, go for a sleek, symmetrical bob, and those with wavy or curly hair can opt for a layered bob.

Read ahead to get inspired by our list of ten back view of bob hairstyles.

1. Beach Waves Bob

Micha Barton flaunted the heavens out of this beachy wavy bob at Cannes when she paired it with a strappy backless dress. The wavy tresses looked gorgeous and carefree, giving her a thoughtful vibrancy.

2. Combed-Back Lob

How fierce does Scarlett Johanson’s lob look here? This long combed-back bob is styled with gel to give it a sleek wet appearance. This is a killer look for a red-carpet event and perfectly shows off her ear piercings, shoulders, and that cool back tattoo.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

Hats off to Two Days, One Night actress, Marion Cotillard, for demonstrating exactly how to rock an asymmetrical bob gracefully. After her debut at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, actress Marion Cotillard, with her light blonde, bob almost had us reaching for the scissors. With a smooth texture and uneven lengths, Marion’s thick hair is chic and funky.

4. Round Bob

Recording artist Nicki Minaj’s bouncy, round bob is back, and while we love her with wavy hair, we’ve definitely missed her bob falling about an inch past her ears. We’re blinded by the glossy shine — and by her chunky, blunt bangs that accentuate her eyes.

5. Faux Bob

She looked hot in the gray hair, sexy in purple, cute in a long bob, but actress Nicole Richie looks formidably chic with the retro faux bob. Begin by creating finger waves to your hair with a curling wand. Now, pull up the top section of your hair, twist it and tuck it underneath your long hair to make it appear shorter. Once done, secure it with a bobby pin to the scalp and you’re good to go.

6. Sleek, Symmetric Bob

Effortlessly chic, universally flattering and uber-cool – Queen Letizia of Spain has everything stunning going on in this single picture! Our favorite of the lot, the length of Letizia’s sleek, medium locks is perfect for women who don’t want to sacrifice their long hair.

7. Wavy Bob

At the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival, fashionista Alexa Chung proved that adding just a little amount of waves to your mid-length bob is enough to dress up the entire look. To get Alexa’s signature waves, apply a dime-size of volumizing mousse to add volume and scrunch your hair to create that subtle wavy look.

Stylecraze Says

If the back of your bob is being rebellious, you can add double clips or a hair slide to keep your locks in place.

8. Modern Bob

Always right on the trends, be it beauty, fashion or hair, at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, actress Julianne Hough proved that she can totally pull off any style when she was photographed with this short crop. Julianne’s slight wave and blonde color make it an edgier interpretation of bob.

9. Shaggy Bob

We totally dig that actress Vanessa Hudgens can rock the hell out of shaggy bob – be it the front or the back view. Layered, glossy and perfect length for haircut newbies, we love her mix of warm highlights and lowlights of her mid-length feathered bob.

10. Layered Bob

We are aware that Emily Browning’s bob isn’t necessarily new, but we adore her mid-length cut anyway. This is a perfect bob hairstyle back view that looks great when undone and tousled — the more texture, the better. A great bob for naturally wavy hair.

Stylecraze Says

You can do baby braids from the back to the front to spice up your layered bob.

11. Graduated Bob

With a bob that lovely, in our opinion, Victoria Beckham sets the major standard for graduated bobs. Rocking the blonde, short crop in the way that only the chicest of the chic girls could do, Posh Spice is a perfect example of why every girl should opt for shorter hair at some point in her life.

12. Curly Bob

Actress Holly Robinson’s curly bob falls in that chic spot above the shoulders, but below the chin. At the 43rdNAACP Image Awards, the actress sported a bob that had perfect volume, texture and the perfect dimension. Simple yet trendy.

Many people do not focus on the back view of their hairstyle as much as they do on the front. This can be disastrous, especially if you are sporting a short hairstyle like a bob. Take inspiration from the above-listed hairstyles whose back views look just perfect and amazing, and pick the one that fascinated you the most. However, you have to get it done by a trusted professional to get the back view of bob hairstyles right. Also, you need to take proper care of your hair and ace hair-setting techniques to rock your hairstyle from both front and back views.

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