Gray hair has a charm of its own. Also, with the right accessory, the whites, the silver, and the gray strands can look gorgeous! Best hair accessories for gray hair can transform your otherwise dull hair and give it a head-turning appearance! You might have the salt and pepper look, gunmetal gray hair, or champagne gray hair; nothing can stop you from looking stylish with the right gray hair accessories. To add some color and pomp to your look and make your gray locks stand out, you can accessorize with some incredible hair bands and bobby pins. Read on to find out about some of our favorites that you will surely love!

17 Best Decorative Hair Accessories For White Hair

1. Cyndibands Gray Elastic Hair Ties

Matching hair ties are a whole vibe! These gray, no-metal Cyndibands Gray Elastic Hair Ties blend into your hair easily. These are snag-free and cause no damage or breakage of the strands. It holds buns, ponytails, and braids all day long without weighing the hair down. These elastic bands offer a medium to strong hold and are suitable for all hair types.

2. Kitsch Metallic Scrunchies

The Kitsch Metallic Scrunchies hold braids, ponytails, buns, just right. The metallic sheen on your shiny gray hair will look great! These can be used to accessorize your silver streaks and also worn around your wrist. They make your hair look voluminous and gorgeous. Grab a pack of five scrunchies and style your hair in any way that you want to.

3. Etercycle Knotted Headband

Etercycle’s Knotted Headband is available in many colors to match your outfits and make you look chic instantly. Who says silver hair is just plain boring? You can always pop up your favorite color to your crown area and make your hairstyle stand out. It is made of cloth and is stretchable, fitting almost every head size.

4. Hotop Snap Hair Clips

Hotop Snap Hair Clips are the easiest way to style your gray hair. If you are eyeing a minimalist look, you can blindly pick these up. The classic shape of these barrettes never runs out of style, and the strong material is durable. Just top one or two of these snap hair clips on your hair and effortlessly secure a few sections of your hair. These come in handy and are easy to style.

5. Reecho Updo Messy Hair Bun

If you are someone who loves the messy hair look all day long but cannot find a gray-colored messy bun, well, Reecho Updo Messy Hair Bun is here to stay! It comes in a set of two buns; one is a full thick bun of 45g and an additional bun of 20g. It easily blends with your hair color and adds extraordinary volume and shine to it. In addition, you can use any of the buns to get a new hairstyle instantly. It works great for people with wavy or curly hair types.

6. DIGUAN Braided Hair Headband

If you love braids but have shorter hair to achieve a fuller-looking braid, here’s some good news. With the DIGUAN Braided Hair Headband, you can easily attain the braided hair look in seconds. It is made with synthetic hair fibers, appearing as natural as human hair. Plus, they are available in various colors to match your different hair shades. This fuss-free accessory is a must-have, whether a crown headband or a lower bun.

7. TQsuen Crystal Hair Band

A crystal floral hairband is a great hair accessory to wear for a party, wedding, or date. The TQsuen Crystal Hair Band is made with rhinestone beads, artificial pearls, and metal wires. It has a polished look, making it catch everyone’s attention naturally. You can just place the hairband around the knot or flow through your hair waves, making it look like real flowers placed into your hair. It helps accentuate your overall, simple-looking appearance.

8. CENTSTAR Claw Clips Set

Claw Clips are the most versatile hair accessory you can have in your hair basket. The CENTSTAR Claw Clips Set has 12 claw clips of different colors made of durable plastic. These are lightweight, waterproof, and offer a stronghold to your hairstyles. Whether it’s a bun, a high-rise ponytail, a reverse twist, a claw clip will secure all your looks while adding color to your outfits. These are suitable for all hair types and cause no hair damage or breakage.

9. Hula Girl Hibiscus Hair Clips

The Hula Girl Hibiscus Hair Clips are great for party wears, brunches, and summer and spring outfits. These are available in mixed tropical island colors, and given the hibiscus design, you can dress your hair up with these for any occasion of your choice. These hair clips will make you look dolled up with real flowers and hold your hair in place, whether in your traditional functions or floral-themed pool parties.

10.  Xinimark Dangle Hairpins

These moon-shaped hairpins with rhinestone tassel beads from Ximimark will make you look like a princess. The bright stones on the tassels glimmer and shine, ensuring never-ending compliments. You can style it on a bun, wavy open hair, knots, or simply on the sides of your hair. Attached with a simple pin, it does not tug or pull the hair, making it suitable for all hair types.

11. MORGLES Silver Bobby Pins

The Morgles Silver Bobby Pins are here to fix your hair and amp up your style game smoothly without even being visible! These are made of high-quality metal and have smooth edges that prevent snagging and breakage. The wave design holds your hair securely, and the high polish silver color blends well into the hair. It is available in a set of 120 bobby pins, making it enough for you to lose some and replace them immediately.

12. Chuangdi Vintage U Shaped Hair Pins

These vintage hairpins from Chuangdi are available in unique designs to suit all your moods and occasions! The material is durable and sturdy. These pins do not tug, pull, or damage your hair strands. You can easily create chic and attractive hairdos with the help of these eye-catching metal hairpins.

13. Tinsow Celtic Hairpins

The Tinsow Celtic Hairpins slide on easily and are perfect for glamorous occasions where you need to show off your best hairstyles. These hairpins are made of high-quality materials, and can hold your strands together for the entire day. The smooth edges in the hairpins prevent hair breakage, wear, and tear. You can style these pins with beach waves, buns. and single braids.

14. Dritz Long Pearlized Pins

These pearl pins from Dritz are definitely going to make your hairdo the talk of the town! Simple, elegant, yet attractive, these pins can be used to style any type of hair! You do not need any unwanted strands peeking out while you flaunt your perfect hairdo. That is when these pins come in handy. These look stunning when used on buns, braids, and curls. These hairpins are available in a set of 100, making it easier for you to continue styling your hair, even if you lose some of them.

15. Ammei Headpiece Crystal Bridal Hair Pins

Bride, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride, Ammei bridal hairpins have everyone’s heart! These bobby pins can be matched with your bridal gown or simply worn at a wedding party. These pins are sturdy and prevent your hairdos from falling apart. They are easier to wear and stay at place all day long.

16. DRESHOW Flower Clips

The Dreshow Flower Clips are shaped in the form of roses with an attached brooch pin. These pins can be used as complementary accessories in your hairdos. You can style them with your summer outfits and also for winter outfits! You can also wear them as brooches and attach these flower-shaped pins to your party outfits.

17. Honbay Hair Decoration Hairpins

The Honbay Hair Decoration Hairpins are available in the shade ‘antique bronze.’ These are made of strong materials and can be accessorized with your wedding dress or party wear! For casual updos, you can wear these stylish hairpins and flaunt your buns at special events. Honbay’s hairpins are perfect for thick hair and braids.

A cocktail night or a summer brunch, these hair accessories will definitely complement multiple hairstyles, outfits, and looks. From minimalist to beautified appearances, these gray hair accessories are meant to boost your confidence and make you the belle of the ball! However, it is better to steer clear of accessories that can weigh your hair down or tear off strands when used. Also, avoid accessories that are not long-lasting and can ruin your favorite look by peeking out.

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