Staying fit is no less than a challenge in modern times. An 8-9 hour sitting job that offers no physical activities has not only made the sapiens lazy and stressed but has most of us gaining weight and falling prey to all kinds of ailments. Those who realize it sooner than the others can be witnessed playing around with all sorts of ways to tackle the problems. Some of us get up at 5 in the morning for that much needed daily run. But those who cannot leave their beds early, opt for  Gym later in the day.

Some say an exercise routine that rigid can be harmful when left in between, which cannot be entirely dismissed. Hence, for relieving stress, gaining back your physical strengths, grant yourself peace and tranquility you’ve been looking for and rightfully deserve, and that too according to your own comfort, I have one word made up of four letters to suggest “Yoga”.

Yoga or “Yog” as it is termed in Hindi, is an ancient form of exercise that revolves around a bunch of poses to help you gain every physical ability you could wish you. Traced back to ancient India, “Yog” has been well known and revered to eliminate several diseases like diabetes, asthma, etc.

Though, I don’t deny starting doing Yoga can be a little confusing, even overwhelming. Deciding what do do, where to start, the time limit, etc. So I have put together a small list of Yoga poses for beginners, which can act as your guide, while you try to get your feet wet.

Yoga Poses For beginners

First attempt at yoga? Told your friends straight up that you’d meet them glowing the next time, but can’t seem to get anything right? Well, worry not, gather your mat, stretch yourselves because I’m going to tell you some do-at-home yoga poses for beginners, which can kick-start your health journey.

1) Tadasana (Tall As Your Favorite Mountain)

While performing Tadasana, the aim is to make your pose as dignified as mountains. As it happens, usually this is the pose you will start doing your yoga with. You’ll see a great dip in your stress after you’re done with it, and a significant and visible improvement in your yoga, after a few days.

It engages all the body parts, which makes it one of the best yoga poses for beginners.

Like most of the standing asanas, it also commences with you standing straight, feet kept at a slight distance from each other. Lif up both of your arms, lock your fingers together while ensuring that your palm is facing up.

Rollback your shoulders to have a straightening effect on the whole pose, breathing in and out all the while.

2) Vriksha Asana ( Tree-like And Kingly)

One of the easiest yoga poses for beginners, the Vrikshaasan is the embodiment of impressive. The two qualities which are sort of pre-requisites for this pose are steadiness and unparalleled balance. Incidentally, it also focuses on improving that very balance.

So to begin with, stand erect with your arms relaxed at your side. Now, slowly lift your right foot, plant it firmly at the starting of your left thigh. Remain balanced by focusing on elements ahead of you to keep yourself standing.

Once you’re sure you won’t fall, lift up your arms and fold your hands together. Stand like that for some seconds, before leaving the pose. Now, don’t leave it all at once, rather, unclasp your knee first, then get your hands down, and stand straight like you were doing at the start.

It makes your legs strong, gets rid of stress, and aids to concentrate better.

3) Bhujangaasan (Fliexible Like A Serpent)

The pose gets its name from the cobra-like final position. It relinquishes a newfound strength to your back, arms profoundly help in getting your stomach in the right shape. Also, it has been recorded to cure asthma in some cases along with helping your blood circulation.

This one, acclaimed to be one of the most beneficial yoga poses for beginners, starts with you lying straight on your stomach.  Then steadily, start lifting your head, chest, and stomach from the ground up with support from your hands. Try to stretch to the extent of your comfort, even better if you are able to keep your elbows straight.

Leave the pose, one body part at a time, keeping a check on your breathing.

4) Kursiaasan (Steady Like A Chair)

As it can be deduced from the name of one of the most concentration-demanding yoga poses for beginners, it gets you in the position of a chair. Another name for the asana is utkatasana which translates to utmost intensity.

For the pose, you’d have to summon all your resolve to stay in the role. Another standing pose, so that is what you do, along with planting your feet firmly into the ground. Spread both of your arms, parallel and in front of you. Bend the lower part of your body down. Keep bending until you are capable of sitting on the ground before you ease up.

Naturally, it makes your leg, back, and spine stronger as they are the parts that get the most exercise, along with toning your thighs.

5) Adho Mukah Svanasan

One of the most famous yoga poses for beginners, it positions the doer like a dog who is facing downwards.

Again, we start by lying on your stomach on the flat ground. Keep both hands on the side of your face and slowly with the help of your hands and feet, lift yourself up, forming a four-legged table.

Stretch yourself further, breathing out, widen the blades of your shoulder, take the form of an inverted alphabet “v”. Stay like that for a while, then leave the pose part-by-part. First by getting back to the table pose and then relaxing on the ground.

It makes all the involved organs like arms, feet, legs stronger, improves the circulation of blood to the brain. Reduces headaches, stress and thus helps you in getting a deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

6) Virabhadrasana (Like A Warrior)

This pose is perfect for the start of your morning yoga sesh.  It stretches all the parts of your body, aiding to warm it all up. The most integral tip here is to get the alignment spot-on which can be difficult to do, especially for the beginners. For directions, stand firmly with your legs a little apart, then just shift your right foot outwards and the left one inwards, such that right’s heel should be aligned with the center of the left.

Lift your both arms, with palms faced inwards, keeping them parallel with the ground you stand on. Then you arch your right knee, breathe out, then sprawl your arms while you looking to your right side.

If you can sprawl your arms a little more, hold the position while breathing in and out.

It is very advantageous for those who keep sitting for the whole day. Especially useful if you are obsessed with getting in shape and having toned arms, legs, and shoulders. Not to mention the peace of mind you experience after doing it.

7) Shavasana

The Yogasana lookbook will be incomplete without the mention of this asana for you all. It is one of the simplest yet most straightforward ones. You might think, all you have to do is to lie down, but that is only partially true.

To start the pose, lie down on your back. Keep your feet straight and your palms turned upwards. Take it like meditation but lying down. Now all you got to do is calm yourself down. Feel your pressures and tensions flying away from you. Additionally, you could think of a happy place or think of a happy memory. Calm down your ragged breathing after an intensive but much-beneficial yoga sesh. So naturally, it leaves you feeling happy, energized, and relaxed to enjoy the rest of your day.

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