Every woman is crazy to wear different jewellery as per the occasion. while wearing this jewellery there are some common mistakes that you should avoid. There are small mistakes that you should keep in mind while wearing jewellery because it plays a vital role in changing the entire look of any attire.

Wearing jewellery in the correct form will add extra beauty to your look. There is a systematic way to wear every jewellery. There is a certain technique to wear any of the jewellery, but sometimes we neglect these small things which don’t add beauty to look.

So, here are Some of the common mistakes that you should keep in mind while wearing any jewellery.

1. Always wear that jewellery which goes with your skin tone

One of the biggest factors that affect the entire look of our jewellery is our skin tone. Always select that kind of jewellery which suits our skin tone.

People who have fair skin tone should prefer some cold metal jewellery such as, diamond jewellery, white gold, platinum, and silver jewellery. This will nutrify their skin tone and give a brighter look.

And those who have dusty or warm skin tone should wear rose gold, brass, and black metal jewellery, it will perfectly go with your skin tone.

And those with are in between these two skin tones that are, neutral skin tone, jewellery with white and yellow metalwork are best. They can also prefer to wear black metal jewellery, it will give a royal traditional look to your attire.

2. Not removing jewellery while going in the water

Scientifically there is a weak reaction between metal and water. If any of the jewellery came in contact with water, slowly it starts getting damaged and also it will decrease the polish or brightness of that jewellery. And unfortunately, you can’t wear that jewellery again. So, it is mandatory to remove every jewellery before going to shower.

If you are going to the swimming pool then without fail we should remove your jewellery, because the chlorine present in pool water distrains and weakens the jewellery.

3. Not cleaning your jewellery

As we wear jewellery on the neck, hands, and of course in legs, in short, the jewellery is in direct contact with our skin, so it should be properly washed and cleaned. If this jewelllery is not clean or not maintained properly then it may lead to skin inflammation, skin allergies, and many skin-related problems.  So it is mandatory to clean our jewellery at least once in 6 months. Cleaning of jewellery can be done by using a gentle soap bar that has a mild base content.

Either you can use ready-made jewellery washing liquids from markets. You just have to pour some amount of this washing liquid in water and dip the jewellery for at least 2-3 hours, After this, you can wash the jewellery with normal water. This step can make your jewellery look new as well as make the jewellery germs-free.

4. Not storing the jewellery properly

It is necessary to maintain proper care of jewellery. It should be kept properly to avoid future damage.

For storing artificial jewellery you should use an airtight box or zip-lock pouches.

You should keep your gold and silver jewellery with certain precautions. This type of jewellery should be wrapped properly with a soft cotton cloth and should be kept in individual jewellery boxes.

Apart from this, you can use anti-tarnish papers for storing purposes, this will help to keep jewellery dry and soak the moisture present in the atmosphere.

The container that you are using for storing any jewellery should be waterproof, and that too is kept away from direct sunlight and humidity.

You should keep your jewellery in such a place where dust is absent.

Once the jewellery came in contact with water or sunlight, it starts to damage. So storing your jewellery is hence another point you should keep in mind.

5. Wearing appropriate jewellery concerning the occasion

You should wear jewellery according to the function. Because every occasion has its fashion and trend.

If you are going for a wedding-like occasion, heavy jewellery like stonework, mirror work jewellery is best suited. But if you wear western jewellery in a traditional outfit then it will not look good.

Events like kitty parties, small business parties, simple and stud jewellery work well.

Wearing a piece of heavy work jewellery on Kurtis will make an extraordinary look. So you should avoid heavy work jewellery on the simple Kurtis, you should wear simple and stud jewellery, that will give you an adoring look.

6. You should look at the clothing style

While wearing any jewellery you should be aware of what type of clothes you are wearing. Because if your clothing sense is not proper then it will decrease the brightness of your jewellery.

If you are wearing a bold necklace then some neck accessories should be avoided. Like wearing scarves and stools should be prohibited, this can hide your jewellery.

Similarly, while wearing a set of bangles and bracelets in your hands, you should avoid long sleeves drees. Either you should wear a sleeveless or short sleeves outfit.

You should avoid wearing full-length jeans and leggings while wearing an anklet. For this purpose, you should wear capris or ankle-length lowers.

If you are wearing any hair accessories you should avoid taking any cloth on your head.

7. Buying the jewellery from cheap retail stores

If you prefer to buy cheap or low-priced jewellery for your use, it is not wrong. But sometimes this jewellery’s versatility is less and you can’t wear the same jewellery many times. Though the jewellery is cheap and inexpensive its self-life is less.

So you should buy jewellery from well-reputed stores or the trusted online jewellery store. It is best to have expensive jewellery once, instead of buying the cheap and less self-life jewellery from cheap retail stores.

8. Always check the size of jewellery before buying

Before buying any of the jewellery it is necessary to check the proper size of it. The size of that jewellery should neither be too large nor too small.

While buying any ring you should know the actual size of your finger. If by mistake the size of the ring is too small, then it will not go in your finger. And if is too loose then there is the fear of dropping.

Similarly, the size of the necklace should be a little bit loose than the size of the neck. Because if it is too tight, there is the danger of getting suffocated.

You should buy proper size earrings which fit in your piercing. Do prefer to buy those types of earrings which have a thin diameter hook, so that they can easily get fitted in any piercing.

9. Avoid wearing too much jewellery

You should wear any of the jewellery in a limited number. wearing too much of the jewellery creates an overlook.

If you are going to the wedding then you don’t have to wear too muchl jewellery to gain the attraction of people. Just wear 1-2 bold necklaces, a big pair of earrings, some small set of bangles, and If you want you can wear a small maang tikka on your forehead.

For parties and business trips you should wear just a pair of earrings, and they should be simple and stud.  

So, the above enlisted are some of the small mistakes that you make while wearing or selecting any jewellery. You should not neglect these things, because a single mistake in this can dull your whole attire.  If you want your entire look should be perfect then you should follow the above-given guidelines and try to avoid these types of mistakes.

Megha Sriamb is an aspiring blogger and writes about different fashion n beauty trends in general.  She hails from Aurangabad, Bihar, and currently lives in Gurgaon. She has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. She is an ardent follower of Ayurveda and natural beauty products motivated her to write on it. She is positive, chirpy, and full of life.
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