Warning: Too Hot to Handle Season 5 spoilers ahead. As the only couple sent home by Lana, Isaac and Hannah had their fair share of drama (and rule breaking) on Too Hot to Handle. But are Hannah and Isaac still together from Too Hot to Handle Season 5. See where they are now in 2023 after filming ended.

Hannah Brooke and Isaac Francis were two contestants on Too Hot to Handle Season 5, and one of three couples who left the series together. Too Hot to Handle is Netflix’s reality TV dating series following 10 adults — all of whom have a history of meaningless flings and an inability to form long-lasting relationships — at a retreat for four weeks where they’re prohibited from kissing, sexual contact, self-gratification by the series host, a traffic cone-shaped virtual assistant named Lana. The series sees the contestants go through workshops and date each other as they learn what it means to form a serious connection. In the finale, the contestants vote on a winner who receives a prize fund for experiencing the most growth throughout the series. As of Season 3, the prize fund starts at $200,000 and is reduced throughout the season whenever contestants break Lana’s rules and have sexual contact with each other or themselves.

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Louis, Christine - Too Hot to Handle

In an interview with People in 2020, executive producer Jonno Richards and director Charlie Bennett explained the inspiration for Too Hot to Handle. “About two years ago, Laura Gibson [the creative director at [production company Talkback] and myself had a conversation over the phone about an episode of Seinfeld called ‘The Contest,’ Basically, the idea is that the core cast makes a bet with each other that they can avoid self-pleasuring for longer than the rest of them,” Bennett said. “It was a very funny episode, and it made us think that there was possibly something reality-based to make from it. So that’s where the idea came from. Then this show Love Island, that is very successful in the U.K. and is in the U.S. now, that felt like a sort of good template to put on it. And it grew from there, really.”

Richards continued, “I think it was always about trying to find a show that was funny, but also something that felt timely and would speak to people who are out in the dating scene now. Nowadays, people who are dating a lot and are hooking up a lot, they move quite quickly. So the idea was, how can you use that funny concept to perhaps help people form deeper connections, as well as it being entertaining as a social experiment? So it’s funny, but there’s something—you hope—real happening there as well.”

But back to Hannah and Isaac from Too Hot to Handle Season 5. So… are Hannah and Isaac still together from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? Read on where Hannah and Isaac are now and if they’re still dating. (Click here to find out if other Too Hot to Handle Season 5 couples are still together.)

Are Hannah and Isaac still together from Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

Are Hannah and Isaac still together from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? Hannah Brooke, a 24-year-old from Los Angeles, California, and Isaac Francis, a 24-year-old from New Jersey, were two original contestants on Too Hot to Handle Season 5 and entered on Episode 1. Hannah and Isaac coupled up in the middle of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 after Hannah broke up with her previous partner, Louis, for kissing Christine while they weren’t together. Hannah then tried to couple up with Trey, who rejected her, before she coupled up with Isaac. Isaac, for his part, coupled up with Courtney at the start of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 before breaking up with her to couple up with Yazmin. Isaac then broke up with Yazmin once Hannah expressed her interest in him, and he coupled up with Hannah instead. Hannah and Alex were eliminated in Episode 8 of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 after Lana determined that they weren’t serious about the experience of the retreat.

So are Hannah and Isaac still together from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? The answer is no. Isaac seemed to confirm he was single in a TikTok video after the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 finale that he’s single. The video was of Isaac hold his chin thinking as the text, “oh man i need an excuse to leave this girl,” played above his head. When the text changed to, “we’re not married,” Isaac stopped and smiled at the camera. “He’s gunna be single forever,” a TikTok user commented. Isaac also hinted that he was single in another TikTok video that same day. The video saw Isaac standing in his kitchen as the text, “when the connection starts getting genuine,” played above him. The video ended with Isaac disappearing.  While Hannah and Isaac aren’t still together after Too Hot to Handle Season 5, they seem to at least be on good terms and both follow each other on Instagram.

Who is the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 host?

Lana - Too Hot to Handle
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Who is the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 host? Too Hot to Handle is hosted by a virtual assistant named Lana, who appears in the form of a cone and makes sure that the cast doesn’t break any of the retreat’s rules, including no kissing, sexual contact and self-gratification. The series is narrated by comedian Desiree Burch. 

In an interview with People in 2020, executive producer Louise Peet explained the inspiration for Lana. “Going back to Big Brother, we thought that an AI [artificial intelligence] way to communicate with the cast would be amazing,” she said. “Our senior producer Andy said he has quite a good relationship with the Alexa in his house. He feels like his Alexa is a part of his family, as we all do. We’re used to being directed by AI, and somehow we don’t get annoyed at them. So we were just thinking of interesting ways that people have these relationships with inanimate, artificial intelligence objects. And we thought, for this generation, it was the most clever way to communicate with our cast and also create a new character in the show, which is fun.”

She continued, “We can tell you why her voice was chosen. We definitely chose a Mary Poppins-esque, non-judgmental British female voice. Just for the authority and lack of judgment that we hoped would come across.”

Louise and executive producer Jonno Richards also explained when Lana decides to give contestants the green light, which allows them to make physical contact with each other. “When a couple showed that they were forming a deeper connection, then Lana would decide that they would get a green light,” Louise said. Jonno added, “It couldn’t all be the stick. It couldn’t all be punishment—there had to be a little bit of carrot, a little reward.”

Jonno and Louise also confirmed that Burch wasn’t on set for Season 1 when she narrated the series. “Desiree wasn’t on set. We would edit the show, then we would get writers to look at it,” Louise said. “Then Desiree would come in and add her take on things and her tone to it. You’ve got Lana in there, so you wanted the [narrator] to almost feel as if she was watching at home and commenting on it and sort of taking the mickey out of people a little. Not [just] telling you what was going on, but she had to be adding something to it. So that’s why Desiree was so good, because she’s got that tone. She can be warm and she can be a little snarky, but it’s done with a wink and never too harsh.”

Jonno added, “And she’s perfectly international. She was born in California, grew up in New York, and she lives in London. So she has this really amazing international accent that comes out now and again. She’s brilliant.”

Who’s in the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 cast?

Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Cast
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Too Hot to Handle Season 5 cast includes 14 contestants from across the world. Meet the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 cast ahead.

  • Elys Hutchinson, 23; Lausanne, Switzerland — Entered: Episode 1
  • Dre Woodard, 23; Georgia, USA  — Entered: Episode 1
  • Alex Snell, 28; London, England — Entered: Episode 1
  • Bryce Saltmarsh, 22; Gold Coast, Australia — Entered: Episode 7
  • Christine Obanor, 26; Texas, USA — Entered: Episode 1
  • Courtney Randolph, 25; Texas, USA — Entered: Episode 1
  • Hunter LoNigro, 24; Arizona, USA — Entered: Episode 1
  • Linzy Luu, 24; Hawaii, USA — Entered: Episode 7
  • Louis Russell, 26; Hampshire, England — Entered: Episode 1
  • Megan Thompson, 26; Cambridge, England — Entered: Episode 1
  • Trey Rodgers, 22; Illinois, USA — Entered: Episode 4
  • Yazmin Marziali, 25; Montevideo, Uruguay — Entered: Episode 4
  • Hannah Brooke, 24; California, USA  — Entered: Episode 1
  • Isaac Francis, 24; New Jersey, USA — Entered: Episode 1

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix. 

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