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No matter how good you are with keeping up with your skincare routine, there is always room for error. And that “error” doesn’t even have to be caused by you. Sometimes just being in certain environments, climates, stress or even wearing your face mask for too long can unexpectedly cause your skin to act a little wild, and then you’re left with trying to figure out how to heal it again. That’s why keeping a multi-use balm on-hand is a good idea so you can soothe irritated, sensitive skin as it comes about. And this skin salvation balm from Balmonds has shoppers with even the most sensitive skin absolutely freaking out.

It’s made from a combination of olive oil, beeswax and multiple other plant and flower oils, like chamomile, hemp and safflower. All ingredients are natural and biodegradable, so you won’t have to worry about clogging sinks or disrupting the environment when you wash it off. It’s perfect for people with sensitive skin because it’s free of fragrances, parabens and any synthetic ingredients that may cause irritation. But maybe the best part of this balm is that you can apply it all over the face and the body as often as you need.

balmonds Shoppers Say This Balm For Irritated Skin Is a Pot of Magic & You Can Use It Literally Everywhere

Courtesy of Balmonds.

Balmonds Skin Salvation Balm

The salve can even be worn overnight when you skin is in need of a mega-repair. I’m thinking during those harsh East Coast winters when you can’t leave your apartment without wind slapping you in the face.

It’s so good, one shopper even called it “the best product for eczema.” They also said since using it, there’s “no more waking up with dry, irritated skin, no dryness in sight,” adding that “I switched to this after using Vaseline as a skin balm for years and prefer this.”

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Another reviewer wrote that since trying it, they “cannot live without this little pot of magic.” Use it to soften rough elbows, clear up redness on the face or as an overnight mask to wake up with instant hydration.

You can pick up the jar in multiple different sizes, so it can become the perfect medicine cabinet staple. You can get it in a .09oz jar, a 1.8oz jar or a 3.6oz jar. Grab it now and be ready for whatever the cold weather throws your way this season.