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After scrolling through Instagram, you might be asking yourself, “How do they get their eyebrows to look like that?” Well, it depends, but it’s usually thanks to a combination of threading, waxing, and using high-quality makeup products to create the newly trendy ‘fluffed up’ look. When it comes to eyebrows, everyone has a pair of their own and it’s up to them how they want to highlight them. 

It’s arguable that the perfect “snatched” eyebrow that everyone wants nowadays is fluffy, full, natural looking—that’s different from five years ago when people wanted strong arches that were “on-fleek.” Nevertheless, there were products back in 2019 to create those MUA-approved brows, and now there are those like Benefit’s most recent launch, the Fluff Up Brow Wax, which is transforming the eyebrow game for good—2023 is off to a great start for makeup lovers. 

Made from jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and argan oil, this crunch-free wax creates the illusion of fluffy, thick, and natural-looking brows in seconds. With a tiny bristle brush, this product distributes lightweight wax throughout brow hairs for optimal styling, nourishing, and conditioning that lasts for up to 12 hours and dries clear with a natural-matte finish.

Benefit Fluff Up Brow Wax

Benefit Cosmetics

For optimal results, brush the wax through the hairs in the opposite direction of the natural growth; since the wax is flexible and moldable, you can play around with the look after the initial application for your desired effect. Doing so will create the appearance of fluffed, feathered, and texturized brows that pull the face together. 

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The best part? Aside from the fact that you’ll have flake-free brows for over 12 hours, the product is also waterproof and humidity proof so your brows will stay in-tact whether you’re spending the day at the pool or during a night out on the town with your friends. 

Still not convinced? Reviewers at Sephora call this a “great brow wax” and a “must buy.” One shopper even went to say she feels it’s better than similar products at Sephora.

“This brow wax is PERFECT because it doesn’t distrust and smear around color placed first in the brow, and it dries to a natural matte. It holds the brow hairs up all day without any hairspray feeling in the brows. I also love that the applicator picks up the perfect amount for distributing in the brows, not too much.” 

Now that you’ve heard and seen the hype, it’s time to try and achieve the trendy brow look yourself. Benefit’s Fluff Up Brow Wax is available on the brand’s website and at Sephora for $26. 

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