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After several months trodding and tearing up your feet in sneakers and boots, I think we can all agree that our feet need a little bit of extra TLC. Our feet take a lot of heat in the winter—more than a single pedicure can fix. And with the end of the spring just a couple of months away, there’s no time to waste. For that reason, we have some of the best foot masks on deck to make our self-care sesh a lot more convenient, but equally effective. They’re easy to throw in your carry-on, so you can even take them on vacation with you.

Like hand masks, foot mittens aren’t exactly necessary. You can always slather your skin in Vaseline or some other heavy ointment when flaking and ash become an issue. It’s also way more affordable than investing in a special treatment. But that’s just it: they’re not special. And as far as we’re concerned, you deserve special things…like a nourishing foot mask that forces you to put your feet up and stay hydrated from head-to-toe, literally.

There are peels that take days to kick in, but ultimately shed skin beyond belief. You’ll feel like a snake. The foot peels are so effective that you’re going to want to wear socks for a few days—trust us, it’ll mean less mess and be less gross that way. If you want something a little less intense, there’s heavy-duty lotions that work best with overnight use. Ahead are options for both.

Freeman Instant Foot Peeling Spray Amazon

Photo: Freeman.

Freeman Instant Foot Peeling Spray

This spray yields “immediate results” on dry, callused feet, according to shoppers. It sloughs off dead skin cells right on the spot.

foot masks 2 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning


TikTok-Famous Foot Peel

This Amazon top-seller
has long held cult-favorite status for its ability to literally strip the foot of every and any flake. The magic sauce is a mix of 17 botanicals—all naturally-derived—that work over a period of days to shed the skin.

Plantifque Foot Mask



This on-sale option
removes calluses and cracked feet painlessly from the deepest layers of the skin, so you can have ultra-soft feet within two weeks of use. It’s currently 52 percent off, so hustle over to Amazon.

Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream


USA Naturals Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream

For those that prefer a cream to a mask, this less than $12 option is a top-rated product
. Aloe Vera soothes and protects skin from sun damage, chamomile extract calms inflammation, Arnica extract alleviates muscle and joint pain, while vitamin E works reveals softer-feeling skin.

StyleCaster | Foot Masks

Courtesy of ALIVER.

Lavender Foot Mask

Our feet might be one of the most under-appreciated parts of our bodies. Give your feet their own self-care moment with this lavender foot mask set
. You leave the mask on for 50-90 minutes and then wait 5-7 for the magic peeling to happen. You’ll be able to slide across the floor Risky Business-style with your newly smooth feet.

foot masks 3 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning

Tony Moly.

K-Beauty Pick

Like the Baby Foot Peel, this K-beauty, liquid-based mask uses vegetable ingredients to remove keratin, flakes and dryness after 7 days of use.

foot masks 4 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning


Chemical Peel Option

Proof that chemical acids aren’t just for the face, this next-level foot mask includes a mix of AHAs and BHAs that work together to exfoliate both top and deep layers of the skin.

foot masks 5 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning


2-in-1 Foot Mask

A face mask and serum, but for your feet. This option
also includes an AHA blend for gentle exfoliation—aka getting rid of flakes—and floral extracts for smoothing.


StyleCaster | Foot Peels

Courtesy of Sephora.

Budget-Friendly Foot Mask

Affordable and effective? We can’t think of a better combo. The coconut in this footie will soothe dryness and nourish your skin.

foot masks 8 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning


 Botanical-Packed Mask

Besides the super-sized mix of 33 botanical extracts
that’ll go to work on your poor, tired feet, the mint scent makes for an ideal pick-me-up too.

foot masks 10 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning

Sol de Janiero.

Coolest Foot Mask

Complete with a smoothing board for minimizing stubborn calluses, this cream is infused with coconut oil, acai and cupuaçu butter, a water-soluble Brazilian super fruit, that makes application non-slippery.

foot masks 11 13 Foot Masks & Creams You Need, Because Sandal Season Is Just Beginning


Soothing Rescue Balm

In addition to lemon and lavender for light exfoliation and treating irritation, the cotton thistle—another deeply-penetrating moisturizer—also disguises odor.


StyleCaster | Foot Masks

Sally Hansen.

Super Moisturizing Mask

Want relief for your dry feet? Reach for this single-use mask. Infused with nut butters and Vitamin E, this mask will chase away dry skin.

This story was originally published in 2019.

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