Stretching morning exercise have plenty of benefits. Start your day with workout will also be a great way to keep yourself healthy and fit. It will enhance your metabolism, improve your energy levels and also set the happy mood that will remain for the rest of the day. By following this practice regularly, you can get flexible body with perfect shape.

Only including few stretching in your daily routine life can help you go into the day with higher level of confidence. Proper morning stretching & yoga poses will help you increasing blood flow to your muscles and loosens up your body. It will also prevent disease and provide strength to your body.

Try these best stretching morning exercise to from today to start your day and live a healthy and happy life.

  • Child’s Pose Stretching
  • Neck Mobility Stretch Exercise
  • Shoulder Shrug Stretch
  • Shoulder stretches
  • Runner’s Stretch
  • Mountain Pose

1) Child’s Pose Stretch

Stretching morning exercise

This is one of the great pose for gently stretching out your thighs, hips, and spine. It relieves stress, fatigue and calms the brain also boosts up your day with lots of energy.

Needed Equipment: One floor mat

Benefits: With this pose you can get strong and healthy gluteus maximums, spinal extensors, piriformis and many more.

Steps To Follow:

1) Sit on the mat, Keep your knees directly under your hips. Now sit up straight, bend your back towards the floor and put your forehead on mat.

2) Take a breath and feel the stretch in your spine.

3) Tuck your chin to your chest, while exhaling also put your butt back to your heels.

4) Now take rest with your outstretched arms.

5) You can repeat this pose at least 4, 5 times.

2)  Neck Mobility Stretch Exercise

Stretching morning exercise

This exercise we can say, simple yet effective for a great day starting.

Needed Equipment: A chair

Benefits: This will help to release tension in the neck and increase spinal flexibility.

Steps To Follow:

1) Simply sit on the chair with touching feet on the floor.

2) Now slowly start rotating your neck in a circle with touching ears to your shoulder.

3) Rotate slowly 5 times in a clockwise direction and repeat same process in anticlockwise direction.

3) Shoulder Shrug stretch

Stretching morning exercise

This simple exercise boost the strength of your shoulder and neck also helps to improve your body posture.

Needed Equipment: None

Benefits: It is a popular choice of exercise which strengthens up your shoulder muscles and upper arms too.

Steps To Follow:

1) Sit down on the edge of your bed with your touching feet on the floor.

2) Now try to shrug your shoulders up to your ear according to your comfort zone.

3) And repeat this practice 8 to 10 times for best result.

4) Shoulder Stretching

Shoulder stretching morning exercise

Try this best stretching morning exercise to get healthy and strong shoulder.

Needed Equipment: None

Benefits: It helps to relief in your shoulder, back and neck stress also boosts up energy for a healthy start.

Steps To Follow:

1) Stand straight in an open place.

2) Hold your finger together and stretch your hand above your head.

3) Keep your palms upward and lift up your rib cage with stretching.

4) Hold it and count till 10.

5) Repeat this stretching exercise 5 more times.

5) Runner’s Stretch

Runner's stretching morning exercise

This is a great stretch exercise for the lower body, hip flexors and the hamstrings. As tight hamstrings are the main reason for low back pain; it will help to prevent this pain.

Needed Equipment: None

Benefits: Provides flexibility to your body and reduces your lower back pain.

Steps To Follow:

1) Stand straight and bend your left leg forward.

2) Be sure that your right leg is straight.

3) Pointing straight ahead and keep your back straight.

4) Now repeat this same process with another leg.

6) Mountain Pose

Mountain pose

This easy seems pose can help to do a lot for your right posture also build up your confidence.

Needed Equipment: None

Benefits: This pose will helps to strengthen up the muscles of your arms and legs.

Steps To Follow:

1) Stand straight and keep your feet together.

2) Make the proper balance of your body and lift up your toes then spread apart and come back down on the mat.

3) During the inhaling or exhaling time keep your weight a little bit back side.


 Everyone wants to wish for a healthy and happy start of the day. This can be with meditation, coffee, hot water with lemon, a healthy breakfast and a workout etc. But a quick yoga or exercise routine into your daily life can bring a positive change into your life. Just pick up your yoga mat and try out these pose for a happy and healthy life.

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