Welcome foolish mortals. If you’re trying to watch the movie based on the beloved Disneyland attraction, you might be wondering: does Haunted Mansion have a post-credit scene?

The spooky movie has a cast of happy haunts such as Lakeith Stanfield, Danny Devito, Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Jamie Lee Curtis, Owen Wilson, Jared Leto, and Dan Levy. It’s not Disney’s first movie based on a Disney attraction—in fact, it’s not the first based on the ride. Disney made a 2003 version with Eddie Murphy starring in the lead role. The 2023 movie sypnosis is about Gabbie and her son moving into a new mansion which appears to be haunted. The mother-son duo recruit some ghostly experts, but will they live or rest in peace? With trends moving toward those classic Marvel end-credits scenes, does Haunted Mansion have a post-credits scene? Read more to your ghoulish delight!

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Does Haunted Mansion have a post-credits scene?

Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Does Haunted Mansion have a post-credits scene? Haunted Mansion does not have an end credits scene, but it does have a fun dancing ghost sequence sprinkled in the credits. Some Disney movies based on Disney attractions like Jungle Cruise do not have post-credits scenes. But the huge exceptions to this rule are the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and Tomorrowland. It’s also not the last Disney attraction themed movie. Jungle Cruise already has a sequel on its way. A Tower Of Terror movie (not to be mistaken with the 1997 version) directed by Taika Waititi is in the works and even a Big Thunder Mountain movie is being produced.

The original 1967 Disneyland attraction based in New Orleans Square and subsequent rides in other Disney theme parks are absolute classics for Disney fans everywhere. From the spiel recorded by Paul Frees (yes I recite it every time I go on the ride), Doom Buggies, to the iconic animatronics like Madame Leota and the Hatbox Ghost, its legacy will live on forever. The 2023 movie delves into a lot of the traditional Haunted Mansion lore and even expands it.

As a former Disneyland cast member and a successful director, Justin Simien talked about the importance of blending humor and scariness in the movie in an interview with Bloody Disgusting. “It’s something Walt Disney himself understood. It’s something that is baked into the DNA of the ride. I was inspired by and struck by the creative debate that happened when they were making this ride in 1968 between, should it be cute? Should it be funny? Should it be scary? Should it be musical? What should it be? And they landed on, yes, all of the above. That’s part of why the ride is so enduring. When you lean into the details, they’re quite subversive. Grim Grinning Ghosts, 999, that’s an interesting thing to see everywhere on a Disney ride. You look at some of these ghosts; they’re holding cocktail glasses, and it’s a subversive ride. You feel like when you’re on that ride, and I couldn’t put my finger on it as a kid, I wasn’t able to articulate until much later, but you feel like you’re seeing things you’re not supposed to see, and that’s part of the thrill of it.”

He continued, “So from my standpoint, what I was doing was honoring the source material more than anything and responding to the kind of movie, as I said, I would want to see as a kid, but also the one I want to see right now from this material. And that ride is hilarious, and it’s sneaky, subversive, and it’s really fun, charming, and wholesome too. I don’t know how they did it, but that was the goal point; that was the bar we were trying to rise to.”

Rosario Dawson who plays Gabbie, talked about incorporating humor and improv in the film with Screen Rant. “Some of it we spoke about, but oftentimes it was kind of improv in the moment,” she said. “I think that’s actually one of the fun things about doing comedy, is that you have to keep… There are certain things you have to, timing-wise, keep, but there’s an energy that really needs to be there for it to land. And so, it was just really fun to see how we never married ourselves to one way of doing it, because if we landed it and it was funny, then you had to try something else. It was just really fun to watch that with everyone else who was so much more seasoned in that.”

In an interview with Collider, LaKeith Stanfield also raved about working with a star-studded cast and especially in a scene with Danny Devito. “Danny [DeVito] is just sitting next to me and, you know, generally, I’m performing this way [gestures in front of him] because I’m talking to the person who’s right in front of me. I might glance at him every now and again, but the general area of my performance is this way and Danny is sitting here [gestures to his side], and at one point, I look over at him [laughs], and his lip is just curled all the way back over his teeth. It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen, and I’m trying so hard not to laugh. It was the hardest thing I had ever had to do. And as soon as they said cut, I just start rolling. I’m on the floor like, this dude is hilarious! What is happening on the side of me that I’m missing because I’m going this way? So when we would go to subsequent shots I would make sure I look over there more often so I wouldn’t be as surprised by the ridiculous things that he’s doing, but that are just so amazing. He’s such a pro so I felt really grateful to be in that scene with him.”

Well, Danny Devito also looked forward to working with all his castmates in a cover story with Parade. “You know, I’ve always wanted to work with Rosario, and I love Tiffany and Owen and LaKeith. And I like the bigness of it. I did Jumanji a few years ago and that was big too. So was [2019’s] Dumbo. Behind the scenes, I’m a fan of all the new technology and all the various toys. So, I would hang around the lighting and grip and camera departments most of the time. This wasn’t a small crew. There were a lot of people making the movie and getting jobs. That’s really good.” And on the scary factor, he says, ““It’s a good, fun movie for kids and adults with some wacky, cool things in it and it’s just on the edge of scary. It has some teeth, you know?”

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