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I’ve been highlighting my hair for so long now, I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent maintaining it. While I wouldn’t have it any other way, visiting the salon to rejuvenate my blonde several times a year truly can be costly, which is why I’m always trying new products at home to prolong the vibrancy of my color—and mostly to no avail. After 10-plus years of slathering on endless purple hair care options, I’ve sadly noticed minimal results, if anything, from their claims to cut the orange hues that eventually surface.

When I first heard Function of Beauty—a brand that tailors its products to fit your specific hair needs—was launching a line of purple products, I honestly wasn’t moved. At this point, purple shampoo and conditioners were hardly ground-breaking formulations, and brands rolling out their own options has become as frequent as random celebrities launching skincare lines. But after testing Function of Beauty’s purple conditioner over the past several months, I can confidently say I’ve finally found one that’s proved my outlook wrong.

Function of Beauty Purple Conditioner

Function of Beauty

Per Function of Beauty’s custom offerings, you can customize the purple conditioner to properly tend to your natural hair type—curly, coily, wavy, straight, etc—as well as hair structure, whether that be fine, medium or thick. The quick quiz you must take to create your perfect formulation also takes into account your scalp state, allowing you to select dry, oily or balanced. Other selections include fragrance kind as well as fragrance level, so you can step out of the shower with your locks smelling exactly as you please.

Beyond that, the purple conditioner was made to specifically target brassy hues on blonde, silver, grey and highlighted hair after just one wash, per the brand. With every use, it tones your color overtime while preventing sun and chlorine damage from messing with your color further. It’s all thanks to the inclusion of neutralizing violet pigments, aloe juice and allantoin, which beyond protecting your strand’s shade, also improve the strength and vitality of your locks.

Ever since I began incorporating the conditioner into my regimen, friends have been commenting on my hair color non-stop, and even consistently asking if I’ve gone back to the salon for a refresh lately. My answer is always surprising to them—”no, I haven’t been in over six months”—which tells me all I need to know about the legitimacy of this formula. I’ve yet to add the matching purple shampoo and purple mask into my shower, but I can already tell using the three in conjunction will yield even more powerful results.

If nothing else has worked for you, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

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