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I’m quick to raise an eyebrow anytime I hear the word facial serum become the topic of conversation. A facial serum targets individualistic skin concerns and is often loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin E and C, or the it-girl-ingredient of the beauty sphere: hyaluronic acid. I’m all about a bright and plump complexion, and to really keep me intrigued, it’s all about how the texture of the serum feels from the first fingertip-to-skin lather. 

That’s why Hey Bud’s Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum has is garnering attention. Particular testers with sensitive skin types have their fair share of feedback on the “Liquid High” serum, considering that the HA + Hemp Serum’s hero ingredients are hemp seed oil and cucumber (which soothe irritation), and of course, hyaluronic acid for a boosted bounce and all-day glow.

Hemp seed oil doubles as a moisturizing agent alongside the 5 percent hyaluronic acid ingredient, with the skincare brand noting that hemp seed oil “feeds the skin’s natural oils without clogging pores.” Plus, the formula in its entirety works to combat fine lines, dry skin and inflammation. 

Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum

Hey Bud Skincare

Hey Bud Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum

Detailed reviews on behalf of Hey Bud’s users are one thing, but it’s the before and after photos that shoppers have so transparently shared that attest to the HA + Hemp Seed Oil Serum’s benefits. Amongst the 500-plus reviews, you’ve got one shopper saying their skin has a healthy glow—and it shows. 

I am using this serum every night after cleansing and I love it,” they wrote. “It feels almost velvety when applying to the skin. It’s not drying, sticky or thick.” To describe the texture of the HA + Hemp Seed Oil Serum, many shoppers give it a “velvety” review, while mentioning that a “little bit goes a long way” and absorbs quickly into the skin.

We introduce new products into our skincare regimen in hopes of fast-acting results, and considering just how quickly a flare-up can creep up on the skin barrier overnight, it’s worth mentioning a shopper’s comment on how they noticed a difference in just one week. 

Hey Bud highlights the simplicity of a skincare routine, recommending to massage one-to-two pumps of the serum into the skin post-cleanse, both in the morning and at nighttime, come followed by your trusted moisturizer. With hydrating properties aplenty, your complexion might just thank you after introducing this gentle hemp seed oil-infused serum into your skincare routine.

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