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This past spring, the most controversial foundation basically ever went viral on TikTok. Jones Road What the Foundation divided the Internet, as did some of founder Bobbi Brown’s other products, such as her Miracle Balm all-over glowy skin enhancement. But those who love her products (like me), love them. So, the fact that Brown is getting into hair with her Jones Road X Hervé Universal Hair Balm, a multipurpose styling creme, is beyond exciting.

Brown is an iconic makeup artist, not a hairstylist. So, she enlisted her friend, French stylist Hervé Claude, to create what they’re calling the “miracle balm of hair products.” Claude has been working since the ’80s, even going on tour with David Bowie. He and Brown have been collaborating for a decade. In an interview on Brown’s website, Just Bobbi, Claude explains why he chose this as Jones Road’s first hair product.

“I had been looking for a product that leaves the hair as close as possible to natural, but would give it some substance, body and shine, yet allow free movement and for the hair’s natural character to come through, kinks and all,” he said.


Jones Road.

Claude is all about working with your own texture and Brown was looking for something uncomplicated to increase shine, protect against heat damage and fight frizz while strengthening, repairing and conditioning hair. “I’ve been a huge fan of how simple and elegant things look when Hervé touches it,” Brown said on Instagram. “Then he started talking about an idea for a product.”

“I really wanted a product that would give me control but let the hair move on its own,” Claude said. The leave-in conditioner and styler is for all hair types because it works with your own hair texture. “As fashion looks became ever more natural and authentic in feeling, there was an opportunity to create such a product: something like their own un-styled hair but better, healthier shinier,” Claude said on Just Bobbi. “We designed it to be uncomplicated, unisex and travel restrictions compliant too!”

Like Brown’s other Jones Road products, Universal Hair Balm is really versatile. You can apply it to wet or dry hair, use it as a heat protectant or a flyaway tamer. You really can’t mess it up. The brand does recommend starting with a smaller amount because you can always add more. If you have fine and/or oily hair, focus the product on the length and ends. For what it’s worth, I applied a dime-sized amount (about) to my dry, fine-to-medium hair from roots to ends and the product didn’t seem to weigh down my strands at all. But it did make blow-drying my hair much easier and the end result was a lot smoother.

It smells great, too. The fresh scent is a blend of orange blossom, agarwood and white patchouli. The brand promises all “clean” ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free. Bobbi Brown officially has another hit on her hands. And this one will be a lot less controversial.

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