It’s Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva right now, something we didn’t know existed but are very intrigued. It’s basically a week long event celebrating watchmaking. Julia Roberts is there and she showed off some gorgeous new bangs courtesy of hairstylist Serge Normant. Colorist Kadi Lee refreshed her red hair and the color has never looked better, while makeup artist Genevieve Herr did a natural-looking glam for Roberts’ to hit the stage and present on behalf of Chopard.

Speaking of Chopard, stylist Elizabeth Stewart decked the actor out in the brand’s watch and stunning jewels. This dream team ensures Roberts was stage-ready to tell the crowd about Chopard’s Lucent Steel™ Programme, which promises 80 percent recycled steel to all its watch collections by the end of the year, per the brand’s Instagram. We love sustainability efforts.

There are a ton of beautiful photos of Roberts’ new hair, all taken by photographer Virgile Guinard. Stewart shared a more casual shot, though, of Normant giving Roberts’ hair some texture before she’s ready to go.

This isn’t the first time Roberts has rocked really cute bangs but these might be our favorites yet. They’re heavy enough to really change her look (we didn’t even notice it was her at first!) but long enough to have a ton of versatility. She can easily move them to the side or blow dry them into her hair so they’ll totally disappear.

Bangs are everywhere right now and what’s so fun is how everyone is switching up their looks. Roberts’ are totally different from Olivia Wilde’s French-girl bangs and not as wispy as Megan Fox’s faux bangs. Speaking of faux hair, we think Roberts’ bangs are real since Normant wrote “new hair cut!” on his own Instagram, sharing a close-up shot of Roberts in a light tan suit looking chic with her new hair. But we’ll have to wait to see.

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