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If there’s one thing that makes your face stand out, it’s your eyebrows. They shape and define your features like no other, which means that your brow products should be well-loved and top-tier. Thanks to all your fave beauty YouTubers and celebs, they’re not hard to find. Look no further than Anastasia Beverly Hills. From its pomades to its pencils, ABH is a classic for not just Sephora regulars, but for Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, too.

Kim has always had enviously lush and defined arches, so when she used Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Perfect Brow Pencil in a video with Vogue, we were more than thrilled to discover her secret weapon. The pencil costs just $15 for Prime Day, but hurry, fast because the deal is only available today, July 13. 

As for J.Lo, the star loves ABH’s Brow Wiz. Her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, told Cosmopolitan about Jennifer’s makeup essentials, which included the pencil. You can marvel over the A-lister’s brows, brought to you by Anastasia Beverly Hills, in one of the MUA’s Instagram posts. But don’t look for too long because the product is on sale for $16 today only. 

Both Kim and Jennifer have their own separate beauty brands and try out tons of makeup 24/7, so it’s quite a big deal that they’re fans of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brow products. A bunch of ABH offerings are 30 percent off for Prime Day, so don’t wait any longer to check out with its beloved items in your cart. Just be sure to sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription so that you can access these deals.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil Amazon

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills.

You can’t go wrong with a good ole wooden pencil. Kim Kardashian’s tried-and-true Perfect Brow Pencil has a powder-like formula that fills in your brows like a pro. Plus, it’s dual-sided so that you can brush through your hairs with the spoolie, which gives your arches a more natural look. Sold in eight different shades, this pencil gives you so much control and precision when you do your brows. 

With over 2,700 perfect ratings, even Amazon reviewers have deemed it their favorite. “Sadly, I only have ‘half-brows’ these days, but these eye pencils are my secret to faking that my brows are still full,” wrote one shopper. “The best feature is how easily you can apply these to your brow line to shape and fill in. The formula they use to make these pencils is not too dry and not too oily….the color glides on perfectly.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Amazon

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills.

For an equally incredible brow product, try Jennifer Lopez’s go-to Brow Wiz retractable pencil. Unlike the Perfect Brow Pencil, this one features a wax formula that adds a beautiful tint to your eyebrows. The product’s ultra-fine tip allows you to create hair-like strokes that look just like your existing natural hairs. Choose from the 12 shades and get ready for J.Lo-worthy arches. 

“Brow Wiz is LIFE CHANGING. Get it. Now. Seriously,” wrote one reviewer. “I suffer from early 2000s brows (plucked them to thin lines, and now they won’t grow back), and this pencil lets me fill in gaps and make little feather-light strokes to mimic hair.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel Amazon

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Regardless of which ABH pencil you use, swipe on the brand’s Tinted Brow Gel to finish your look. It’ll make sure your hairs stay put all day long without them feeling crunchy. The lightweight, highly-pigmented gel comes in seven shades that are sure to complement your eyebrows. 

“This stuff is the best, I’m on my third tube!” raved one happy shopper. “It adds color, but more importantly it pumps up the volume by adhering directly to your existing brow hairs, creating a much more natural effect than eyebrow pencils and gels can achieve.”

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