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Model-turned-businesswoman Miranda Kerr has great skin. Sure, she has access to the best of the best derms and beauty treatments, but it’s skincare, too. If you’ve tried her brand, Kora Organics, you know how well it works without irritating the skin. It would only make sense Kerr would want to expand the Kora Organics line to body products. Skin doesn’t just stop at your neck.

“I feel it is important to take care of our bodies like we do our face,” Kerr tells STYLECASTER. Previously, the brand had a body lotion and body wash, and there’s still the best-selling Noni Glow Body Oil ($54 at Amazon
). But this new body collection is reformulated with “new-and-improved,” organic ingredients and more sustainable packaging.

“We are also now Climate Neutral Certified for 2021 and beyond!” she says. “Climate Neutral will measure all of Kora’s carbon emissions for each year beginning with 2021 and we will purchase verified carbon credits to offset our entire footprint. These carbon credits fund projects across the globe which help combat climate change and replenish the environment, such as tree planting, water filtration systems, renewable energy sources and more.”

kora lotion

Kora Organics.

“Last year we began launching all our products in more sustainable packaging,” she continues. “We will be using more glass, aluminum, post-consumer resin and recycled FSC/biodegradable paper for our packaging. Our ultimate goal is to continue finding new ways to lower our carbon footprint with more sustainable business and manufacturing processes.” The brand also partnered with the Organic Farming Research Foundation, which works to inspire, educate and inform the public about organic farming.

kora body wash

Kora Organics.

In addition to the reformulated body lotion and wash, Kerr added an entirely new product to the offerings, inspired by the best-selling Turmeric 2-in-1 Brightening and Exfoliating Mask ($50 at Amazon
). “I also received so much positive feedback from customers and dermatologists that were recommending this face scrub for Keratosis pilaris on the back of their arms, so I wanted to create a Body Scrub version that was just as powerful and uplifting but with a formula specifically designed for your whole body. I was inspired by our best-sellers in skincare in wanting to bring certified organic ingredients and powerful results to your full body.”

kora body scrub

Kora Organics.

I asked Kerr how she incorporates these new products into her routine so we can pretty much do the exact same thing. She starts by dry brushing with her Dry Body Brush ($32 at Kora Organics). Then, she cleanses her body with the Renewing Body Wash, which she says “is an incredible gentle cleanser that helps bind moisture to your skin even after rinsing.” Next comes Invigorating Body Scrub, which “scrubs away all my dead skin and leaves me feeling silky smooth, and glowing.”

When she gets out of the shower, she applies the Nourishing Body Lotion, “which leaves my skin feeling hydrated and strengthened,” with “a layer of the Noni Glow Body Oil” all over her body. “My skin has never felt so soft,” she says. Sign me up.

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