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When it comes to body care nowadays, the bar is continually being raised. With many brands dropping formulas capable of healing more than just itchy skin, you might find the generic creams you keep on hand no longer appeal. While it’s certainly beneficial to treat your skin to nourishment on a regular basis, concerns such as acne, scarring and ingrown hairs need a little extra help. Cue the trumpets, because L’Amarue’s Body Cream is about to shake your regimen up. Even better, you can save 20 percent right now with the code SC20.

The French-inspired clean beauty brand is stepping onto the scene with a  “proprietary Heart to Heart Complex” that addresses “virtually every skin concern from the deepest level possible,” including skin tone and texture, acne and aging. Those seeking skincare guidance can take a Skin Wellness Quiz, which will determine the best solutions from the brand for your needs. But if you’re in the market to eliminate anything from ingrown hairs to eczema-related problems, the body cream (which now comes in a jumbo version) is a great place to start.

The body cream acts as a “defense against inflammation, dryness, and blotchiness,” per the brand, and addresses common issues like flaking and dullness, with the added benefits of soothing eczema, keratosis pilaris and dermatitis. In fact, through consumer efficacy trials, it was reported that 90 percent of users thought the cream “shortened the duration of eczema flare ups” while a near equal percentage said it “healed their psoriasis.” 

L’Amarue’s Body Cream


Its unique inclusion of ingredients makes such game-changing results possible. Sweet almond oil and horse chestnut seed extract (which contains 40 times the potency of vitamin C) help ease redness while keeping breakouts to a minimum, while the addition of caffeine and organic shea butter offer anti-inflammatory properties and boost circulation. Hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and red raspberry seed oil surge the skin with omega fatty acids and hydration to keep skin picking and peeling away.

The cream has garnered a 4.6 approval rating from shoppers who’ve seen changes to their skin “within days” of use. Many approve of its consistency, citing its non-greasy feel that absorbs into the skin effortlessly. One person wrote that it helped with dry elbows, itchy skin after shaving and ingrown hairs. “I’m not getting any back/chest breakouts after gym sessions,” they shared.

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“I have horrible eczema and have tried every cream, prescription, and soap to help. Nothing has worked well for my skin except for this cream,” said another reviewer. “It took 3 days to feel less itchy and a week to see improvement in my skin texture and color. I’m extremely happy with this product.”

Call it a body lotion, call it a targeted treatment, the cream can either be applied all over the body or just strictly to areas of concern, once daily (or as often as needed). If you’re in need of relief from cracking, itchy skin from winter’s wrath, or are struggling with more complex issues, L’Amarue’s Body Cream is likely to help. 

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