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Some skincare products can take 28 days to yield visible results, according to the Dermatology and Mohs Surgery Institute, because that’s how much time it takes for new skin cells to form. Waiting a whole month can feel like such a drag, especially if you’re dealing with a specific skin concern. For those who are targeting their under eyes, if you’re tired of waiting to see a difference, give L’Amarue’s The Eye Cream a go. 

The formula is rich without feeling heavy, sticky or greasy, which is amazing news for those who want to wear it under their concealer and eye makeup. Rather than emphasize fine lines, it smooths and conceals them, according to shoppers.

“At first I liked how it felt and moisturized but I didn’t notice a difference in [the] appearance of fine lines until the third day of use,” wrote one reviewer. “Suddenly all the fine lines around my eyes disappeared and my outer corners and under eyes looked 15 years younger (I am 45 years). I also use it around my mouth and to calm blemishes. It is so effective and makes me feel so good, I get anxiety when I think about running out. Without a doubt, this is the best skin product I have ever used.”

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’re in for an early Mother’s Day treat from L’Amarue. With promo code MDAY23, save 20 percent on The Eye Cream—and everything else on the site—through May 19. You might as well pick a tube up for both you and Mom!

Now, back to the under-eye skin savior. The all-star ingredients that make this cream so good include L’Amarue’s patent-pending Heart to Heart Complex, which “naturally directs your skin’s cells to communicate in a healthy, focused, clear way. By encouraging positive protein pathway signaling, it keeps the skin’s set of instructions simple, for all your skin wants and needs,” per the brand. 

L'Amarue The Eye Cream

Photo: L’Amarue.

The fast-acting formula is also filled to the brim with antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, horse chestnut seed extract, red raspberry seed oil and caffeine. These ingredients address visible signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, healing, inflammation, eczema and circulation.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Of course, you want an eye cream to hydrate. This one incorporates hyaluronic acid, squalane and glycerin to plump skin, strengthen the skin barrier, fight harmful pollutants and tackle wrinkles. Additionally, sea kelp bio ferment, chia seed oil, omega-6 fatty acids and xanthan gum support the skin biome. Boy, was that a mouthful! It just goes to show the thought that went into creating this anti-aging, fast-acting eye product. 

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To apply, gently tap less than a pea-sized amount of the cream onto your under-eye area. Do this once or twice a day to see the best results. And if a blemish or acne scar crops up, feel free to apply this product on those areas, as well. Shoppers applaud the eye cream for how well it works for multiple uses. 

L’Amarue Eye Cream is an absolute masterpiece! Not only do I use it for around the eye at bedtime, but I also lightly tap onto my problem spots,” raved one five-star reviewer. “It goes to work right away to calm and delicately nurture those areas. The next morning, WOW!”

“This is my favorite eye cream. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the plumpness of the skin near my eyes,” wrote another shopper. 

Do your under eyes a favor and give them a little dab of L’Amarue’s Eye Cream. Just remember to enter code MDAY23 to save 20 percent.
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