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Getting lash extensions done by a professional will run you upwards of $200, and while there’s nothing wrong with investing in the service, it can dig into your budget overtime. For those interested in learning how to DIY lash extensions at home for a fraction of the cost, there’s actually a simple way. Though it may take some time to perfect, investing in an easy-to-use kit will save you more in the long run.

Lashify’s complete kit makes becoming your own lash tech a breeze; it has everything you need to apply false lashes that will last for up to 10 days. Each kit comes with three different lash lengths (10mm, 12mm and 14mm) so you can choose to start more natural or go straight for bold. 

It only takes a few minutes to apply the extensions—use the included wand (it almost resembles a pair of tweezers) to place each lash on the upper lid with the whisper light bonding glue. Lashify’s bonds exclusively hold its Gossamer lashes, and have biotin and the brand’s Micro-Flex technology that protect your natural roots from weight and tension, resulting in a damage-free process. There are online tutorials to walk you through it from start to finish.



Lashify The Complete Kit

Once applied, it’s important to avoid getting the extensions wet to allow the bond to set for a minimum of 12 hours. With continued practice, you’ll be able to master the technique enough for them to last through anything, such as showering and swimming. It’s important to note that prolonged exposure to steam may cause the lash glue to loosen; if it happens, you can simply add more glue and re-fuse. 

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Though the kit may sound intimidating at first, plenty of customers claim it’s far more easy to use than you’d think. The product has garnered over 9,000 reviews from shoppers who are impressed by the results and how it streamlined their makeup routines. 

“This kit has everything you need to get started! I took the quiz to determine which style and size gossamers to get,” explained one person, who loved that the kit included the Melt Away lash remover for taking them off. “I’m so obsessed, I’ve already ordered a bunch more styles to play around. I was a long time professional lash extension user (over 5 years), and decided to take a break as my lashes were damaged and they are now stubby and sparse. I love how I can create so many different looks and not have to pay the price.”

Ready to see if you can be your own lash tech? The beginners kit is available at Lashify for $125 (a $203 total value). Lash refills can also be purchased at Amazon for $25 once you run out.

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