Pastel pink. Cowgirl copper. Red velvet. So many hair color trends require your strands to be pretty light, either naturally or after a round of bleach. What does that leave for the brunettes? Say hello to “milk tea brown hair.” It’s the prettiest brown shade of the season and one that isn’t super hard to achieve or cost a million dollars to keep up. Allow me to explain.

Milk tea brown is a shade name that’s picking up speed on social media as folks head to the salon looking for a brunette hue that flatters all skin tones. The result is this mix of ash-blonde and brown tones that resembles the color of the milk and black tea blended drink.

Cowgirl Copper Hair

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The hair color first popped up in Japan and Singapore and folks still say the shade is especially pretty on Asian people. It’s the perfect middle ground of brown and blonde, not too dark and not too light.

Because the color is more on the ashy side, you’ll have to use a really good color-safe shampoo because it can fade fast, as hairstylist Alex Menefee notes in her TikTok. This is especially true if your hair naturally pulls warm. It just might be worth it, though. Just look at this transformation.

“It’s a great transition color if you want dark hair that’s not too dark,” says TikToker Tiff.gif in her video. She started off with highlighted blonde strands and was able to achieve the perfect light brown blend.

On the flip side, TikToker Nung.win had dark brown hair so her colorist had to light it up a bit with bleach first to get that light brown shade she wanted. Still, it’s much healthier for the hair than being all-over blonde because you don’t have to lighten hair as much to achieve the look you want.

Save this story for your next visit to the hair salon. We have a feeling milk tea brown hair is just going to keep blowing up.