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There are some winter days when it simply feels impossible to do anything else but be in blankets for the foreseeable future. Much to our dismay, staying in bed (as much as we might want it to be) doesn’t usually vibe with reality. For those of us who have gym visits synced into our routine, the additional stop in between going to the office and heading home feels even more pronounced. In times like these, I like to turn to creative methods such as YouTube videos or weightlifting so I can get my body moving, all in the comfort of my own home. Obé Fitness’ membership program offers around 20 live classes every day and has a library of over 8,000 workout videos, making my quest for brainstorming ways to stay inside that much simpler.

And lucky for you (and me), Obé Fitness has a limited-time promo that gives you a membership for $99 a year—newcomers only. This seems like a no-brainer considering the price of gym memberships these days. To take advantage of this promo, remember to enter code MOVEMENT99 at checkout.

I’ve never been particularly excited about working out. Trust me, I’ve heard all the rave reviews that come with doing so regularly (i.e. less anxiety and all around happier mood), but I have yet to reach a point where I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to go to the gym just for the sake of going to the gym. TBH, if I have to pretend the StairMaster is actually fun and doesn’t feel like near death at times, I will go mad. So, Obé Fitness’ mission is one that particularly resonates with me.

As it reads on their website, “We’re on a mission to turn daily movement into your favorite form of self-care. No intimidation, no punishing yourself, no boring routines on repeat. This is the place to let go, tune in, and feel confident in your beautiful body. To fall in love with moving—once and for all. Because when you move, good things happen.”

Obé Fitness

Photo: Obé Fitness.

So, what exactly do the classes look like? Well, there’s something for everyone on the site. From 45-minute boxing and yoga sculpt to pilates to HIIT you’re able to switch things up as much as your heart desires.

At a price of $99 a year for newcomers, it’s definitely way more affordable than most gym memberships are nowadays. For those who have already previously subscribed to the program, you’ll find that the annual fee is only a bit more, sitting at $169.99. All in all, it’s an investment that allows you to have fun with the way you choose to move around.StyleCaster Shopping Newsletter Sign Up