The benefits of onion for hair has been around for hundreds of years. There’s no doubt that onion is one such veggie that enhances the flavor of foods and helps achieve the hair of your dreams. With stress, pollution, and poor lifestyle choices on the rise, hair woes are bound to occur. The most common one being hair fall!

Onions are known for their numerous benefits. But the real question is whether Onion Hair Oil is better than raw onion juice? The answer is a BIG YES! Not only extracting onion juice is a huge task, but the prolonged application can lead to dryness and itchy scalp.

But why onion oil, and does it really reduce hair oil? Here are a few reasons why onion hair oil by growing brands like Mamaearth should be your number one choice if you face hair fall.

The Benefits of Onion Hair Oil

A powerhouse of sulfur, onions promote collagen production. This increased blood supply to hair follicles promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair fall. With regular use, you will visibly start seeing a difference in your hair.

1) Newest Breakthrough Ingredient – Redensyl

Onion hair oil

Looking for a natural alternative to a hair transplant? We’ve got you covered with the newest breakthrough ingredient – Redensyl! It is proven that Redensyl visibly thickens hair’s density while lending it a shine and improving overall health. With a combination of redensyl with the benefits of onion, hair fall will be a thing of the past.

2) Suited For a Prolonged Application

As mentioned before, applying onion juice in its raw form for a prolonged period can cause hair to dry out and itchy scalp. On the other hand, onion hair oil can be left overnight before washing as it contains nourishing properties. This leads to hair becoming stronger and no fear of dryness.

3) Contains Extra Oil Benefits

Onion hair oil

Onion hair oil with a blend of natural and nourishing oils such as almond oil, amla oil, sunflower oil, and many more promote healthy hair. They work together in making stronger from the inside and shinier from the outside, preventing hair from falling or breaking.

4) Give You a Happy Scalp

For hair fall control, you need to get to the root of the problem: the scalp! Onion oil with a mix of other oils balances and nourishes the scalp. This prevents dryness and flaking that are one of the main reasons for hair fall.

With so many benefits of onion hair oil, it is hard to resist using it if you have hair fall woes. However, make sure to read the label for toxins, parabens, and SLS before purchasing any onion oil for hair. Brands like Mamaearth have one of the best selling Onion Hair Oil that is formulated with the goodness of Onions and powerhouse of Redensyl – both ingredients directed towards hair fall control. Mamaearth is a plastic-positive brand that recycles more plastic than it uses, and it also is cruelty-free – hence no animal testing. It’s a brand that makes products with no parabens, silicones, SLS, or sulfates – so completely safe to use. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil also comes in two different formats – one with an inbuilt comb applicator.

When using Onion Hair Oil, make sure to regularly use it to see a visible difference in your hair fall. Typically Onion Hair Oils are best paired with Onion Shampoo and Onion Conditioner for maximum efficacy. Be sure to use it regularly to see a visible difference in your hair fall. To further prevent hair fall, you can team up your hair oils with a sulfate-free onion shampoo onion hair mask and conditioner. They are one of the best things that work amazingly and you can directly use them on your hair.

So, Are you ready to take advantages of onion for your hair? One of the best and simple ways of using it’s by applying onion oil. Anyone can easily purchase it in the market but you have 2nd option also. You can easily make it at your own home.

If you regularly use onion oil, it will help you to make your hair strong, shiny and thick. It also deeply nourished your scalp.

Simple Way  To Make Onion Hair Oil At Home

To make onion oil at home, firstly you need to make onion juice from onion. You can make it with the help of grinder or juice maker. There is also another option if you don’t want to make juice, simply take onion paste to make the oil.

Simple Way  To Make Onion Oil At Home

Now take a pan, add onion paste or juice and coconut oil and mix it well. Now remove the pan from the flame and let it cool down. With the help of strainer, strain the oil and store it in a bottle. You can use this homemade at least for 6 months.

Here are the best onion hair oils available in India

  1. WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

Wow skin science onion dark seed hair oil is a non-sticky, non-oily, and quickly retain hair oil having onion dark seed oil mixed with almond, castor, jojoba, olive, and coconut oils. Regular use of this oil helps in the silkiness and strength of the root and decreases hair fall which improves the hair looks. This is made up of 100% unadulterated virus squeezed oils, 100% liberated from hexane, oil, and silicone for healthy hair care.

2. Mamaearth Onion Oil for Hair Growth

Mamaearth Onion Oil contains Bhringraj Oil which is excellent for nourishment.It gives obvious outcomes in a brief time. Itreduce hair fall and helps in adding volume of hair. It also helps to control premature greying, dryness, dandruff, scalp eruptions, and many other hair problems after its regular use! To avoid dry and frizzy hair, make sure that you use this oil to your hairs twice a week. The Hair Oil is totally liberated from Sulfates, Paraben, SLS, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Colors and Synthetic Fragrance.

3. Ayurdaily Khadi Red Onion Hair Nourishment Oil 

This is an extremely pocket-friendly product. This is surely one of the most effective product available in the market at this price. This oil is Great source of Sulphare which help in hair Growth.It additionally offers against bacterial properties. Strengthened with Extracts, for example, Curry Leaf, Brahmi, Gotu Kola and Vitamin E. As keratin implanted in this oil , it encourages hair to look glossy and smooth.

4. Bajaj Zero Grey Anti-Greying Hair Oil

Bajaj Zero Grey anti greying hair oil highly enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients such as henna, shikakai, onion, hibiscus, and kalonji with almond oil which helps delay early greying of hair and keep looking young naturally!

5. Positive Root Therapy + Advanced Onion Oil For Hair Growth

This oil limits breakage and diminishing because of the rich Sulfur content in it. It likewise advances hair development, expands volume and strength.Positive Onion Oil Advanced is made up of Karnataka Red Onions which are known to be Most Potent in Sulfur, which will likewise help in Production of collagen. Collagen thusly may helps underway of solid cells for hair development Onions Oil contains sulfur, phosphorous and iron. This inside and out make up supplement rich nourishment for our hair. Despite the fact that, Hair development relies upon scalp to scalp types and on hereditary conditions,On regular usage of this oil for at least 3 months, you can see improvement in your hair.

It is safe to say that you are considering, how frequently would it be a good idea to apply onion juice to my hair? Removing Onion Juice and applying it to your roots can be tiring and smelly as well. We have solved this for you. Below is the most ideal approach to utilize onion oil:

Best Way To Use Onion Hair Oil

Put few drops of oil in your palm and start applying the oil on your scalp. Gently massage in a circular motion with your finger tips and leave it on your scalp to soak in the goodness of the oil.

One of the best things about onion oil is, it can be mixed with any of your favorite carrier oil like coconut oil or curry leaves to enjoy its innumerable benefits. You can also use warm onion oil over your scalp and length. It will also treat the baldness and prevent hair loss.

Scroll down to know the magical benefits of onion oil for your hair:

  1. Condition Your Hair

Onion oil works as a conditioner and the best thing for dry hair. It prevents the hair breakage, dandruff and makes your hair smooth. Even you can regular apply this oil on your hair and try to wash with chemical free shampoo for better result.

  • Improve Blood Circulation

Gently massage in your scalp improves the blood circulation of your head, relieves the stress and makes your hair strong.

If you are also fed up with dull and frizzy hair then using onion oil is one of the best solutions which help you get smooth and shiny hair.

  • Promotes  New Hair Growth

Regular use of onion oil on your scalp along with length helps in new hair growth. It has anti bacterial properties which prevents infection and keep your hair healthy. It may smell bad but its benefits are amazing for a healthy, shiny and strong hair.

Onion are possibly safe for most of the people when intake on the mouth as it is mostly found in the food. Onion oil has been used for decades as a home treatment. It’s also a known remedy for hair loss and especially for hair health. Onion oil has the quality to restore luster and shine. It is also beneficial in preventing premature graying of hair and treat dandruff. Onion oil we can a say a full package of hair nourishing properties. It is easy to use and work wonders on a lifeless head of hair.

But there is one thing that excessive use can lead to burning and itching. So, Have you ever think about the side effects of onion oil for hair? No doubt, there are numerous of benefits of using onion oil for your hair care. But overuse or incorrect usage can also cause negative side effects. So read up to know about some risk factors/ side effects of onion oil.

Some Side Effects Of Onion Hair Oil

We all know that onion oil is an effective product for hair loss in some instances. Onion contains sulfur which is high in dietary and all essential nutritional elements our hairs need. It also boosts the circulation of our head and increases blood supplies to hair follicles. If we use onion oil in safe and correct manner then it can work wonderful for hair treatment.

But use at excess level can also be harmful for anyone. So, here are few side effects of onion oil you need to know before use it.

  1. Unpleasant Smell Of Onion

One of the worst things that come to mind about onion is its unpleasant smell. However, onions have great healing properties, but you can’t ignore its intense smell. It maybe, you need to wash your hair more than one time to remove the smell after use.

Also keep in mind to use chemical free shampoo, if you don’t do this then you could even end up damaging your hair further.

We all know that onion contain a powerful mineral sulfur which is responsible for the nourishment and growth of healthy hair. But the downside about sulfur, it can result in a burning sensation. This can promotes the sign of inflammation or infection of the hair follicles or scalp.

If you also feel the same then immediately wash your hair with water.

Another negative side that can occur due to overuse of onion oil is an itchy scalp or redness on the scalp. Regular using of too much onion oil can also damage the scalp of your head. Because due to itchiness, many people start scratching their head which leads to an open wound. So avoid to use onion oil if you also suffering from the same symptoms.

  • Eczema And Dryness Of The Scalp

Eczema happens due to lack moisture in skin cells and this can be painful and uncomfortable. Well onion is a good source for hair growth as it contains sulfur. But the side effect of this mineral is it can naturally occur oils in the scalp to dry out the scalp.  

Seems ironic, but it is true the thing we are using for hair growth can also result in hair loss. As we mention above excess use can lead to burning and itching which causes you to scratch badly can end up weakening your hair and a greater chance for hair loss.

Onion contains an ethereal oil, protein, sulfur, and minerals. Applying onion oil helps to promote healthy hair growth, nourish your hair and also prevent further hair loss. The best part about this oil is can mix it with any carrier oil. You can easily make this oil at home or can purchase it from the market according to your comfort and enjoy the herbs of this oil which helps to prevent oxidation, disinfects your scalp, and cure the disease.

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