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Skincare fans know Dr. Shereene Idriss. The NYC-based board-certified dermatologist has a community of “Skin Nerds” that has been going strong since 2018 on YouTube, Instagram and now TikTok. Literally, hundreds of thousands have been waiting for the “PillowtalkDerm” to launch a skincare line. And now, it’s officially here. PillowtalkDerm by Dr. Shereene Idriss launched with three products made to get rid of hyperpigmentation, something the derm deals with herself.

What fans love so much about Dr. Idriss is her no-BS approach to skincare. There’s no fear-mongering here. There are no skincare “trends” or wild marketing claims. She worked for two years to create a science-backed line she could stand behind. Followers trust her because she provides education while busting viral TikTok myths. She’s even shown how well her new Major Fade collection got rid of her own melasma.

“As you all know, I’ve struggled with melasma in the past,” Dr. Idriss wrote on her website. “For years, I tried countless products to discern which ingredients worked for me. This resulted in an overly complex, nearly 12-step skincare routine that was laborious and costly. So I thought, why not practice what I’ve been preaching all these years (about how ‘less is best’) and create a line that simplifies and streamlines redundant skincare regimes with a 3-step solution-centric system that’s jam-packed with all the ingredients you actually need.”

The line debuted for pre-sale on September 19 and promptly sold out. But now, if you hurry, you can order the three products. Below, a rundown of each.



Flash Mask

The first step of the system is this acid-based resurfacing mask. This is your chemical exfoliation step with glycolic, lactic and tranexamic acids, plus hydrating glycerin.


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Hyper Serum

The second step is to apply this brightening serum with Dr. Idriss’ fave, kojic acid, as well as niacinamide and diglucosyl gallic acid (for redness). The serum-pen design isn’t just fun to use — it keeps the product fresh.


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Active Seal

Finally, apply this moisturizing cream packed with vitamin C, 4-butyl resorcinol (to fade discoloration), Hexapeptide-2 (to reduce the appearance of fine lines), hydrolyzed brassica napus seedcake extract for those stubborn spots and hydrating glycerin.


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