Apple cider vinegar is a very common & popular home remedy. It is almost treated as new pixie dust because of its various health benefits. Many people have started taking it because of the benefits of apple cider vinegar and its ability to deal with many health & body concerns.

It provides many benefits as a natural food preservative, treating many skin conditions and digestive concerns, a popular supplement for weight loss & cholesterol level, to boost immunity and what not. Keep reading and you will find that there are so plenty of reasons to keep apple cider vinegar in your home.

What is Apple
Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is
like an apple juice but is produced during the fermentation of apple cider. The
sugar that is contained in the apple is fermented with the help of yeast or we
can say bacteria that is added to the cider which turns into alcohol and then
into vinegar.

The acetic acid is the key
component in the apple cider vinegar just like the other types of vinegar. It
also contains other components such as citric, malic acid, lactic, and bacteria.
It has a pungent smell and sour taste.

The word ‘Vinger’ comes from the French phrase “vin aigre” which means sour wine. The acetic acid is responsible to make it sour. The yeast in the apple digests the sugar which converts it into alcohol. Furthermore, there is a bacteria acetobacter that converts alcohol into acetic acid. This whole process is known as fermentation. If you’ve ever heard the term “mother” with apple cider vinegar, it is basically a combination that is formed of yeast and bacteria during fermentation and you can see strands of mother floating around in the apple cider vinegar bottle.

Benefits of
Apple Cider Vinegar

If you wonder that what’s
the hype about apple cider vinegar and what are the real benefits that it
provides. Every claim about the product that you hear might be true or might
not be. So here are the few benefits of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar backed
by scientific facts.


ACV has acetic acid that is very much responsible to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. As it is a fruit-based vinegar, it helps in preventing cardiovascular disease. It also prevents clot formation which in turn reduces the risk of developing any heart disease.

It can lower the blood pressure which also helps in reducing the risk of any kidney or heart disease. ACV helps in controlling a particular hormone that is produced by your kidney called renin. Also, when the blood vessels are constricting, it leads to a rise in blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar keeps those vessels relaxed and prevents in increasing the blood pressure.


Apple cider vinegar has many anti-adiposity and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help in preventing the concerns or you can say complications by high-fat diets such as obesity.

According to a study that was done on rats, it was found out that ACV helps in reducing the risk of obesity because of its antioxidant properties. Other studies were done and the test subjects consumed apple cider vinegar for 8 weeks and in the result, it was found that there was a lower level of unhealthy fats in them.

According to a Japanese study, it was found out that the vinegar intake helped in reducing the weight of the body, serum triglyceride, visceral fat on the test subjects of Japan. More studies are needed to research its efficiency for weight loss. However, a study of 175 people with obesity resulted in reduced belly fat and weight.


If you want to use products that are free from chemicals and purely organic to clean the objects in your home, then apple cider vinegar is the best choice. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties, so you can use it as your DIY cleaner to clean everything in your house. Just mix half a cup of ACV with one cup of water and use this solution to clean your kitchen surfaces, glasses, windows, mirrors, microwaves, and whatnot.

You can also use it as your substitute for dish detergent. Moreover, you can even use it to clean your toilets and leaves your bathroom smelling like apples. Just pour some into the toilet and leave it to stay overnight. This is a great way to reduce the usage of harsh chemicals in your daily routine.


Apple cider vinegar can cure many skin disorders and boost the health of the skin. It has lactic acid that helps in improving the hydration of the skin and in boosting skin cell renewal. Also, it helps to reduce dark circles, fine lines, and remove the dead skin while improving the texture of the skin.

In addition, it is great for treating acne on the skin. Make sure to do a patch test before directly applying it to the skin. ACV balances the ph of your skin and provides natural exfoliation. It can also cure skin conditions like eczema. Because of its acidic nature, it helps in balancing the ph level and prevents the skin and can also soothe a sunburn.

Don’t apply undiluted ACV on your skin as it can cause burning and irritation. To cure acne make sure to add a very little amount of apple cider vinegar in water. To prevent sunburn use two tablespoons of it into your bathwater.


Apple cider vinegar tends to reduce the pain of the sore throat. You can add ACV into the water and can gargle with. You can use it with different ingredients such as honey. It has properties that help in fighting the bacteria, germs, and those that elevate the pain.

No research has been done on its ability to prevent or fight the sore throat. So if not properly diluted it can cause more harm than good. Make sure you don’t use the excess of the vinegar and keep this away from children.


Apple cider vinegar also helps in keeping your scalp healthy. Because of the acidic property, the pH balance of the scalp can get altered which makes it difficult for the yeast to stay, which is one of the main causing factors for dandruff. Some people find that mixing apple cider vinegar with water and spritzing it lightly on the scalp can combat flakiness, irritation, and itchiness on the scalp.

Some also recommend using it as a hair rinse for removing the shampoo build-up that contributes to making the scalp dry and in turn causes dandruff. Make sure to keep it away from your sensitive eyes.


Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that helps in blocking those enzymes that leads to the digestion of the starch, hence resulting in low blood sugar response even after consuming the starch. So many studies claim that vinegar can help in reducing the blood glucose level. Also, some state that they are more effective in regulating the blood sugar level in a healthy individual than a diabetic person.

To add apple cider vinegar in your meals, you can add a little in your sauces, drinks, and salads. We recommend to always consult your doctor before the intake. If you have some serious health conditions then you should avoid using it is especially without doctors’ consultation.

Now that you know all the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, you must be thinking of getting it. We have made that easy for you as well. Below are some of the best & trustworthy brands for raw and organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

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