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There’s not much you can do other than slap some aloe vera gel onto your skin when you’ve gotten sunburned. It happens to the best of us, even the ones who remembered to apply sunscreen in the morning but forgot to reapply later in the day (a.k.a. me right now). Although I rarely toast my skin to a tomato-red shade, when I accidentally do, I can’t wait to drench the affected area in soothing aloe. The plant is the skin savior of all skin saviors for irritation, redness, peeling, swelling and all the other unpleasant symptoms of spending too much time in the sun without using sufficient SPF.

But from my personal experience over the years, not all aloe vera gels are built the same. Some dry out skin instead of moisturizing it, while others provide temporary rather than long-lasting relief. Some even contain scary green dyes or unwanted artificial fragrances. How can it be that hard to find a no-frills formula that actually benefits the skin and provides positive (and fast) results? 

Well, shoppers are back at it with another incredible find. This time, it’s Seven Minerals’ Aloe Vera Gel, which, by the way, is the No.1 best-seller in its category on Amazon. It also has earned a 4.5-star overall rating with over 47,000 perfect five-star ratings.

What sets it apart from its counterparts? To start, Seven Minerals grows its aloe in Southern Texas in USDA-certified fields, and the aloe is gathered from freshly cut leaves instead of a powder. This method makes the ingredient super pure and strong, according to the brand. Seven Minerals also mixes in seaweed extract, in place of xanthan or carbomer, to serve as a 100 percent natural thickener. This helps the gel absorb into your skin right away, without leaving behind the sticky feeling that so many other gels do.

Whether you’re treating a cut, calming a sunburn, clearing up a rash, soothing a sting, reducing scalp itchiness or alleviating shaving burn, this affordable aloe vera gel from Amazon is the only remedy you need on hand. Stock up ahead of summer and while it’s on sale for under $9 at Amazon. Save even more when you select Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option on the product page. You can get a bottle for $7.64, which is almost a dollar cheaper than its current discounted price of $8.49.

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Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel Amazon

Photo: Seven Minerals.

Because this gel gets its aloe from leaves rather than powder, you’re going to want to patch-test the product beforehand. This, however, is a rule of thumb for pretty much all skincare products, not just aloe vera gel. 

You might already know aloe vera for its ability to heal wounds, protect against radiation damage, reduce inflammation and disinfect. But did you know that the plant can also moisturize, combat visible signs of aging and fight acne? Per this study, “Mucopolysaccharides help in binding moisture into the skin. Aloe stimulates fibroblast which produces the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin more elastic and less wrinkled. It also has cohesive effects on the superficial flaking epidermal cells by sticking them together, which softens the skin. The amino acids also soften hardened skin cells and zinc acts as an astringent to tighten pores.”

It comes as no surprise then that one shopper dubbed Seven Minerals’ product, “Nature’s moisturizer,” and continued to explain, “This aloe gel is so pure and natural. It simply absorbs perfectly into my skin [and] leaves no residue. Love it.”

Another reviewer wrote, “I have been purchasing the Seven Minerals aloe vera gel now for several years, and I don’t plan to ever purchase a different aloe vera gel. My daughter and I walked the Camino de Santiago during the summer and despite using sunscreen, we got sunburned on small spots that we had missed with the sunscreen on several days. We used the aloe vera gel on those sunburned spots at night before going to bed and the sunburn was gone the next morning.”

“I use this on my face before makeup and after washing before bed. Keeps moisture in and dirt out! My middle-aged face looks so good ladies at work have actually noticed,” raved another happy shopper.

As someone who has gone through plenty of aloe vera gels in the past, trust me when I say this one from Seven Minerals is soon to become a keeper in your bathroom cabinet. It has the ingredients, ratings and reviews to prove its miraculous skin-soothing and healing abilities. Plus, it’s currently down to under $9 at Amazon, and under $8 if you choose to use Subscribe & Save.

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