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If you’re a coffee fanatic or frequently enjoy a glass of red wine, your smile may not be as crisp white as you’d like. While whitening toothpaste is certainly helpful in keeping yellow stains to a minimum, potent at-home whitening products can provide results more powerful in a shorter amount of time. Plus, most options are far more affordable than paying for a professional treatment at your dentist’s office—especially during Black Friday when the deals are galore.

One of the best we’ve come across is for the under-the-radar brand Smileactives, which offers products geared towards providing quick and effective transformations. Right now, you can scoop two of its bestsellers in a four-pack, the Pro Whitening Gel and Whitening Powerhouse Pen, for the cost of just one duo (savings of 58 percent). Considering these formulas are capable of brightening your teeth by 8 shades within 14 days of use, you may want to stock up ASAP.

Smileactives Black Friday


Whitening Powerhouse Pen & Gel Duo

No really—plenty of reviewers swear by both products after seeing incredible changes. One shopper claims their teeth “looked whiter after one use with very little gel,” while another confirmed that their smile was “three shades whiter within a week.” 

It’s all thanks to the formula’s advanced technology; the Pro Whitening Gel generates an ultra-fine foam that penetrates the enamel in a safe way to lift and remove pesky stains. In fact, all of the brand’s formulas are free of carbamide peroxide, alcohol, parabens, detergents, artificial colors and anything else that may be harmful to your natural tooth enamel. Therefore, you can easily incorporate the gel into your regular regimen, since all you need to do is mix it with any toothpaste of your choosing to give it a potent boost. 

For additional benefits, throw the whitening pen, which can be utilized anywhere you please, into the mix. Simply twist the product from the cap and paint on problem areas on-the-go (whether you’re at work or on vacation). Per the brand, it targets stains and lightens teeth by 6 shades in just 7 days.

That said, if you’re more intrigued by solely the whitening gel, you can also scoop a pack of two at a discount without the inclusion of a whitening pen. 

Smileactives Black Friday


Pro Whitening Gel Duo

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