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It’s not that I don’t believe in injectables, it’s just that I truly don’t think I need them yet! Until that time comes, I do what I can to stave off minor fine lines and wrinkles, and that mainly includes staying on top of hydration for my skin. Plus, I’m totally obsessed with learning the science behind new products like Snoxin II from Indeed Labs, which uses a biomimetic peptide that can actually stop muscle contractions over time. What the what?

Come join me for a little science lesson because things are about to get interesting. First let’s start by explaining what a biomimetic peptide is. This type of peptide is essentially an artificially created compound that’s actually identical to amino acid sequences that are already found in our bodies/DNA. The biomimetic peptide Snoxin uses is called XEP-018, which is a neuropeptide formulated to mimic Cone Snail venom. Studies show it works by blocking signals sent to the brain that makes facial muscles contract. It also helps jump-start the skin’s collagen production so skin can heal itself over time. And yeah, somehow this science experiment gone very very right is sold in a tube for just $30 at Target.

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Courtesy of Target.

Snoxin II Facial Line Serum

The other main ingredients in Snoxin is Matrixyl Synthe’6, which is a peptide that boosts production of collagen I, III and IV, and fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5. The inclusion of Perfection Peptide P3 helps exfoliate the skin so it can reveal newer, healthier skin cells faster.

The first thing I noticed when I applied this serum is how little you need to cover your entire face. The gel texture smooths out over skin easily, so you don’t feel the need to keep adding more product. Just a little really does go a long way, which is what I like to see when it comes to the prices of skincare these days. It makes the $30 price tag that much sweeter.

It’s definitely not like Botox, where you physically lose the ability to move your muscles at all. But I targeted this serum over my forehead lines, which is definitely where I see the most movement. Almost immediately they looked smoother. I find this is a great product to load up on to wear under my makeup. This area dries out way less than it used to without the serum and during the winter months it helps my foundation to look much less dried out.

Other shoppers at Target definitely agree with the results. One shopper said it helped minimize their smile lines. “I’ve tried just about everything and I did the kissing method, so when ever I would puckered my lips I would get this wrinkles on top of my lip,” they wrote. “After this product theres no wrinkles!”

Another said, “I (almost) never write review, but this time, I had to share! I am using it for two weeks now and my wrinkles are almost gone.” I have to agree. I feel like I can go years without injectables if I keep this lil babe in my back pocket. I’ve been using it two times a day and I’m loving the results. And at just $30 per tube, it’s way cheaper than injectables.

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Courtesy of Target.

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Vitamin C Brightening Drops

Courtesy of Target.

Vitamin C Brightening Drops

Vitamin C should be an everyday addition to your skincare routine. Since it naturally has antioxidants, it’ll help protect your skin from everything it goes through in a day like pollution and other icky stuff you pick up. It helps brighten your overall complexion over time.