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I love staying in hotels. Luxe or boutique, fancy or vintage — I don’t really mind. There’s just something about a big hotel bed, room service and Law & Order on TV. What I dislike? Having to bring all my skincare because I wouldn’t dare use the mediocre products hotels give for free. So, when I learned Soho House was launching a skincare line, Soho Skin, I wondered why more chains don’t have their own legit brands for guests to use. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

If you’re not familiar with Soho House, it’s a members-only club with locations around the world. It has lounge spaces, spas, pools, screening rooms, hotels and restaurants. I’ve seen tons of celebrities and A-listers at the New York and Los Angeles locations but no pictures are allowed at the clubs so it’s all a bit secretive. It’s not just for celebs, either. We normies can get memberships to work from one of the “houses,” take meetings, have dinner, etc. And when you’re a worldwide member, you get discounts to stay in different Soho House hotel rooms. Here’s where you can try the new Soho Skin line.

soho house soho skin

Soho Skin.

There’s a mini-trial pack in all the rooms where guests can get a better idea of the line as they incorporate it into their routines. These bottles actually aren’t that small. I used them for weeks, both when I stayed at Soho House Nashville and when I came back home to Los Angeles. Now, this isn’t just some basic cleanser and moisturizer. This is legit skincare, just as good as you’ll find at any beauty retailer. (More on that later.) I originally thought the line was going to be a lot simpler but instead, it’s packed with science-backed ingredients for all skin types and genders. Impressive.

Soho Skin launched with 10 vegan, cruelty-free products in total: Cream Cleanser, 24/7 Treatment, Renewal Serum, Face Cream, Lip Balm, Eye Cream, Detox Mask, Liquid Exfoliator, Overnight Cream and Shave Gel. Seriously, how often have you stayed in a hotel and wished you had your emotional support lip balm? Or real shaving cream so you don’t have to use the hotel’s conditioner? It’s genius.

Although the whole line is great, I have a few favorites. When I travel, I notice my skin feels more congested than usual. That’s where the Liquid Exfoliator comes in. It has lactic acid, succinic acid and mandelic acid to gently exfoliate, removing congestion and blackheads and leaving my skin looking clear and hydrated. I like to apply the Overnight Cream on top. It features hyaluronic acid, glycerin and oat kernel oil to improve hydration and elasticity but really, I just feel dewy and softer than ever after using it.

24/7 Treatment is another favorite because it feels like I’m doing a luxe spa treatment right in the hotel room by myself. The lightweight mask is best for tired, dull skin (which usually happens when traveling!) since it contains brightening ingredients such as exfoliating lactic acid and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Magnesium and ATP work to detox the skin (removing impurities from pores), while a natural ferment helps to lift and smooth.

soho skin

Soho Skin.

Speaking of those retailers I mentioned, now you don’t have to be a Soho House member to get your hands on the products. The company rolled out full-sizes (seriously, these are huge) on Soho Skin’s website. They’ll also be available at Bloomingdale’s October 4. The line ranges from $20 (lip balm) to $115 (Renewal Serum). It’s not cheap, but did I mention these bottles are huge? It’ll be forever before you’ll need a replacement. Plus, the glass bottles look so chic left out on the counter.

I like this line so much, I’m requesting products for the next drop. Can we get an acne spot treatment? What about an ingrown hair serum and a hair oil? Am I being greedy? For now, shop the 10 products on Soho Skin’s website.

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