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Summer is right around the corner, which means SPF is about to become your best friend (if it isn’t already). We’re big fans of Supergoop!, a brand known for its popular Unseen Sunscreen and Glowscreen, so when we heard they just launched a new product that helps incorporate SPF protection into your makeup routine, we had to be one of the first to test it out.

Supergoop!’s new (Glow)setting 100% Mineral Powder  is the latest 2-in-1 makeup setting powder and SPF to step onto the scene, and it’s available direct at the brand’s website and at Sephora for $35. 

This product drop is a seriously good SPF-infused setting powder; compared to Supergoop!’s original (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder Sunscreen, the new and improved (Glow)setting Powder acts as an illuminator that leaves a slight golden peach toned shimmer upon application.

Supergoop! SPF Powder


(Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder Sunscreen

To test out exactly how well it works, I first started by applying Supergoop!’s Glowscreen to give myself a base sunscreen for a day at the beach. Once the Glowscreen soaked in, I slid down the clear plastic sleeve that keeps the brush’s bristles intact, twisted the base of the brush to allow the product to dispense and then started tapping the brush on my hand until I saw some shimmery powder flow through onto my skin. 

Supergoop Glowsetting Powder Review

Image: Karalyn Hoover.

I brushed the Supergoop! powder across my whole face, focusing heavily on my T-zone, where I know I tend to accumulate oil throughout the day. Once applied, it was as easy to put away as it was to open. I simply closed the base of the brush, pulled the protective brush plastic casing up and snapped the cap back on so I could take it with me on-the-go without worrying about spills in my beach bag. 

Though I’m someone who loves a dewy complexion, I’m always looking for products that won’t leave my skin looking shiny and more oily as the day goes on, which is exactly when a product like the (Glow)setting Powder comes in handy. It helped soak up shine from sweat and oil on a hot day, and added just enough shimmer to my makeup to give it a soft-focus finish. In just one day of wearing the (Glow)setting Powder on top of my everyday makeup routine, I received several compliments on my skin (which is a record in my book). 

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While I can’t say how well the mineral SPF 35 worked on its own to protect against sunburns, for an everyday makeup touch up, I think it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with a little extra protection on top of your regular sunscreen. Not only did the product look great on the skin, both with or without a makeup base, but it also left my skin looking sweat-free while soaking up the Florida sun in 85 degree weather. 

What’s extra cool about this new product is that just like its predecessor, you only need to buy refills instead of the entire brush system once you run out. It will save you $15 bucks every time. 

The new (Glow)setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 from Supergoop! may be the addition your makeup bag is missing for future days spent at the beach and beyond. Be sure to get one while it’s hot! 

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