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Take a peek at the razor tucked away in your bathroom cabinet or counter—is it plastic? Disposable? Is there another whole bag of them scurried away in the drawer? Quit using those, pronto! We bet that if you took all the plastic disposable shaving razors people around the world have tossed into the bin, you could make a landfill the size of Texas. For those without epilators or deep pockets for regular waxing, it is time to go eco-friendly with sustainable razors.

Going green when it comes to shaving is three-pronged: aside from one that can be reloaded perpetually, the stick should be made of recyclable, sustainable materials or recycled plastic, and, ideally, the blades made by the brand should also be recyclable. Luckily, there are loads of razors you can buy online right now that fulfill at least two out of those three criteria.

Also note that these razors are super chic looking, so if you’re picturing something that looks like your boyfriend’s crusty razor, think again. And for a razor that’s going to be with you for a very long time, make it one that’ll only add more style to your bathroom. Moving on from those candy-cane-looking razors to something so much easier on the eyes is another reason to opt for sustainability. A rose gold razor, anyone?

In our hunt for the best reusable razors that don’t hurt the environment, we found these five green-to-the-brim razors. Whether you shave or not is entirely your prerogative, but if you do, make plastic a thing of the past.

hanni razor

Courtesy of Hanni.

Hanni The Razor Kit

This clean and eco-friendly razor alternative is oh-so chic and comes with a pack of five blades. Switch them out seamlessly and skip the plastic.

Zomchi Double Edge Safety Razor

Courtesy of Zomchi

Zomchi Double Edge Safety Razor

That psychedelic blue and purple rainbow of colors on this razor
is lit. The bamboo handle is ultra durable and the double-edged design ensures as close a shave as possible, sans unsightly in-grown hairs or razor bumps.

Oui The People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Courtesy of Oui The People

Oui The People The Single Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

This is not only the most gorgeous razor we’ve ever seen—that gold hue and texture on the handle screams par-tay—it is also built to apply just the right pressure, so no re-shaving necessary. Even better, it comes with ten replacement blades.

Gillette Planet Kind Starter Kit

Courtesy of Gillette

Gillette Planet Kind 5-Blade Razor

Made of 60% recycled plastic and recyclable packaging, this razor is not suitable for sensitive skin, but making up for that is the five blade-system that provides gentle shaves and includes a precision trimmer. Gillette also provides free return labels to Terracycle for recycling.

Maapilim Safety Razor

Courtesy of Maapilim

Maapilim Safety Razor

This safety razor is another beaut, and though it is originally meant for beards, when have we let that stop us before? Use either side of the blade for a gentle, smooth shave, designed to prevent pesky nicks or bumps.

Bambaw Metal Safety Razor with Stand

Courtesy of Bambaw

Bambaw Metal Safety Razor with Stand

Made of high quality materials for zero waste and lasting durability, this razor’s
double-edged blades guarantee the closest shave and are made to prevent skin irritations. The blades themselves are fully recyclable.

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