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If you don’t have an eyelash curler in your makeup bag, you’re missing out. Most mascaras should lift your lashes a decent amount, but a curler can help give them that extra oomph. The kind of oomph that has friends showering you with compliments and asking if you got lash extensions. Well, it’s time to make room for the e.l.f. Pro Eyelash Curler

With a 4.3-star overall rating and over 7,000 perfect reviews, it’s no wonder why this tool is the No. 2 best-seller in its category on Amazon. It gives you the curl and lift that lasts way longer than just the first five minutes after use. That’s because the lash curler features a stronger spring, and it also has a special contoured curve shape to fit all your lash hairs. Plus, the handle’s ergonomic design won’t leave you with hand cramps.

And because it’s easy to lose the rubber pad on the tool, or if it’s mascara-covered and worn-out beyond repair, the curler comes with an extra one. 

e.l.f. Pro Eyelash Curler Amazon

Photo: e.l.f.

Sure, you could spend more than $20 on an eyelash curler, or you could drop only $5 for this one that Amazon shoppers love and recommend.

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“This is so easy to use. They used to be an instrument of torture but no more. This adds great curl and lift to your lashes,” wrote one happy shopper. “I used to skip this step when applying mascara but because it’s so quick and easy to use I’ll always use it. It makes such a difference that a second coat of mascara seems unnecessary. I would highly recommend this as an indispensable beauty tool.”

Another five-star reviewer raved, “Best eyelash curler I’ve ever used. Feels cushioned like I’m not going to hurt the skin around my eyes and curls my eyelashes beautifully! It’s significantly better than the curler I was using before. So happy with my purchase.”

“The eyelash curler was amazing, it lifted my eyelashes like crazy and did not cut through the rubber,” wrote one other shopper. 

Time after time, it’s proven that you don’t have to empty your pockets on expensive products. There are pretty much always more affordable options that work the same if not better! This e.l.f. Pro Eyelash Curler is definitely the case, according to plenty of shoppers, so grab it on Amazon for $5 and level up your lash game for good.
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