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If you’ve experienced hair loss and shedding, then you know what it’s like to scoop up a handful of stray hairs from your drain catcher after every shower. You might also relate to swiffering your floors to uncover enough hair to make a wig. It’s quite unsettling, but there are products that may help to reduce hair loss, thinning and fall-out, and we found one that simply cannot stay in stock. It once accumulated over 18,000 shoppers on its waitlist! Thank the hair heavens it’s finally back in stock—and on sale ahead of Labor Day.

Act + Acre’s Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum extends the growth phase of your hair—plenty of factors can stunt the rate at which your hair grows, from stress to hormones to lifestyle changes—so you’re left with beautiful, healthy, long locks. It also decreases hair loss and thinning while simultaneously hydrating your scalp to combat dandruff and irritation.

Just as there are so many anti-aging face serums that help your skin age like fine wine, there are serums that do the same for your scalp and hair. Whether you have a dry scalp or are lacking volume in your strands, this serum is up to the task.

Suitable for all hair and scalp types, the serum has shoppers gushing over the results it’s given them; hence, its 4.7-star overall rating.

“It has been helping my shedding tremendously!” wrote one reviewer who has been using it for around six weeks. “I was feeling hopeless losing so much hair but now I’m shedding so much less. I feel like I might not go bald now. This has been a blessing!”

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Act & Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum

Photo: Act + Acre.

Four key ingredients make this lightweight scalp serum so effective :apple stem cells, aloe vera, bamboo extract and pea extract. Apple stem cells promote hair growth and prolong the growth phase so that you don’t have to wait an eternity for your locks to get longer. Meanwhile, aloe vera encourages collagen production to keep your scalp hydrated and your hair from thinning, both of which are common problems as you age. Lastly, bamboo and pea extracts minimize free radical damage, which can cause premature aging to your hair follicles.

To see the best results, apply the scalp serum on clean, damp or dry hair and avoid rinsing out. Drop one to two pipettes along your hairline and parted sections across your scalp. Make sure to give those areas a gentle, relaxing massage after to help the serum sink in. The brand suggests applying the product right after cleansing your hair or on a dry scalp as an overnight treatment since these are the best times for your scalp to completely absorb all of the amazing ingredients. 

For more proof of this serum’s magical results, leave it to the product’s biggest fans. 

“I use this every time after I was my hair as well every night before bed. My scalp has truly never felt more hydrated. Less dry and itchy,” wrote one reviewer. 

“It initially felt cold and heavy, and I thought it would weigh my hair down. Next morning, no sign of any gunkiness or residue—an impossibility with fine hair,” wrote another shopper. “Even more surprising, the fairy godmother of good hair must have whacked my head because I awoke with a different head of hair. The upshot is—it’s not hype. It works. And my scalp and hair are healthier and look and feel so much better. My scalp doesn’t itch. And my long, naturally gray hair shines; the color even looks fresher.”

The Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum has already sold out multiple times at several retailers, but it’s finally back in stock at Act + Acre and Saks Fifth Avenue. Shop it ASAP while it’s currently on sale to dodge another restock and waitlist.

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