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Your mom, grandma, dermatologist and fave TikToker have all wagged their fingers at you about the importance of wearing sunscreen. It’s a skincare sin if you’re not applying SPF every single morning. You could pick up the first sun cream that pops up in your search, but you’d be better off doing your research and finding a formula that caters to your complexion’s exact needs. If you’re like me and have acne-prone skin, then you know the struggle of nailing a sunscreen that doesn’t lead to bright red blemishes the next morning. Lucky for you (and me), we found a solution that is tailor-made for all of us pimple-prone folks.

What makes Hero Cosmetics’ Force Shield Superlight Sunscreen different from all the other blemish-inducing formulas you’ve tossed over the years? It’s formulated specifically for those who have acne. Not only does it have a weightless gel-cream consistency, unlike many sunscreens that take on thick, goopy textures that immediately summon breakouts, but Force Shield is also super lightweight and lets your skin breathe all day.

The formula mixes 17.53 percent non-nano zinc oxide (broad-spectrum sun protection), a blend of antioxidant superfood botanicals and extremolytes (naturally defensive bio-ingredients). Together, these key ingredients prep and prime your skin—whether you’re wearing makeup or going au naturel—and leave your complexion smooth rather than greasy.

Not to mention, the sunscreen’s green tint helps counteract the redness that often overtakes acne-prone skin (especially post-breakout).

“It works very well for my acne-prone, sensitive skin (rosacea + hormonal acne!),” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Once you put it on, you forget about it. It has a slight green tint to it that mildly neutralizes redness.”

A sunscreen that doesn’t trigger acne flare-ups and conceals redness? The hydrating Force Shield Superlight Sunscreen is truly heaven-sent and we’re already shopping it for $20 on Amazon.

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Hero Cosmetics Force Shield Superlight Sunscreen Amazon

Photo: Hero Cosmetics.

Hero Cosmetics’ sunscreen is sheer, 100 mineral and reef-safe. It excludes silicone and fragrance, meaning it won’t irritate your skin or clog your pores. All of these benefits make it suitable for those with sensitive skin, too.

Each morning, rub this sunscreen all over your face after you’ve applied your summer skincare essentials. Be sure to reapply it every two hours and especially after you’ve gone swimming or sweat a lot.

“This may be the ONE. I have been looking for a lightweight mineral sunscreen for some time now. This product delivers,” raved one shopper. “Smooth and light with ample SPF. Many mineral sunscreens are heavy and sticky, this one is not.”

“This stuff is amazing! I struggle with breakouts and this stuff has never broken me out,” wrote another reviewer. “It’s unlike any other sunscreen I’ve used previously and I will be purchasing again!”

The verdict is in: Put your old SPF on the backburner and make room for Hero Cosmetics’ Force Shield Superlight Sunscreen. Your skin will be both protected and glowing thanks to its acne-friendly formula.

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