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I’m often on the fence about incorporating exfoliating treatments into my regimen—as someone with easily stressed-out skin, I have to tread lightly or I risk irritation, redness and dry patches. That’s why I tend to lean closer to resurfacing masks that only require weekly or bi-weekly use; it’s a great way to reap real benefits without potentially infuriating your skin on the reg. All the more better if said mask was formulated to remain gentle on the skin, like the Three Ships Superfruit AHA Exfoliating Mask, which has been my top choice as of late.

For starters, the mask primarily contains lactic acid, which is deemed one of the more forgiving alpha hydroxy acids out there. Don’t get it twisted though, the ingredient still provides visible results straight from the get-go, especially when paired with collagen-boosting fruit acids and antioxidant-rich rice powder. Within just five minutes (or two minutes if you have especially sensitive skin), the mask brightens dullness—one reviewer claims it gives a “nice refreshed look” after a long day or terrible nights sleep—removes dead skin cells across the face and softens and nourishes. 

Three Ships Exfoliating Mask

Three Ships

You may or may not know the difference between chemical and physical exfoliants, that being, one manually buffs away the skin’s surface while the other sinks deeper within the skin’s layers to bring change from within. The Superfruit AHA Exfoliating Mask can be utilized in both ways; its exfoliating rice powders polish the skin physically while the combination of acids help encourage cell renewal. 

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Considering the mask has already sold out before, you may want to get your hands on it sooner rather than later. With dozens upon dozens of glowing reviews from shoppers, it’s safe to say I’m not the only one constantly reaching for this from their bathroom cabinet. One person referred to it as a “spa in a jar” after seeing “amazing results” from use, while a second person also claimed using the product “truly feels like having a facial.

“I have not seen a product like this from other brands—the mask applies on smoothly and you can ‘feel’ the product working once you let it sit without irritating your skin,” raved another fan. “My face looks and feels brighter and more awake!”

“Absolutely LIVING for this mask,” wrote a different one. “I have dry, sensitive skin and always have trouble finding a product that works well for me. It didn’t feel like it burned or stripped my skin, like so many other exfoliators, which is a HUGE win. Seriously magical.”

The Three Ships Superfruit AHA Exfoliating Mask is available for just $25 on the brand’s website.

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