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When Christina Aguilera went on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast last month, I listened to the audio but didn’t see the taped interview. When I finally got around to watching some of it, I couldn’t help but notice Aguilera’s nails…and the vaginas — or, more correctly, vulvas — painted on each. Host Alex Cooper asked the singer about the manicure. “‘I’m staring at your nails, what’s happening?” she said. “Is that a vagina?”

“Oh yes,” Aguilera said. “They’re so fun…It’s open to interpretation. It could be a vagina; it could be lips, but two in the same, both pleasure points, you know.” Cooper responded: “This couldn’t be more appropriate for a ‘Call Her Daddy’ episode,” Cooper said. “Casual Christina Aguilera is like ‘It could be lips, it could be my pussy lips,’ God bless you all, up for interpretation.” Aguilera goes on to have a really fun, open conversation about sex and sexuality while promoting the new lube line she co-founded, Playground.

Christina Aguilera nails

YouTube/Call Her Daddy.

This whole conversation, and cute pink vulva nails from Xtina, could be why I’ve been seeing these manicures popping up on social media. The folks over at Popsugar noticed it, too. Instagram is full of vagina mani inspo if you’d like to try the trend out for yourself. It could be in a flirty, colorful way like Aguilera’s, a more “real-life” direction with unique drawings on each nail — it’s totally up to you. May is Masturbation Month, after all. I’ve seen some cool ideas on TikTok too but that app loves to block the word “vagina,” which is pretty nuts considering it’s a body part half the population has and not only sexual.

To wit, for International Women’s Day, one creator celebrated how every body is different.

I love the addition of pubic hair here.

This creator is using her nails to fight for reproductive justice and I love it.

Or you can take a more artistic approach.

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