Everyone has their own emotional spectrum that fluctuates depending on the day. Sometimes, the sudden sway from anger to joy can be so intense, it triggers a spiritual hurricane, as though we each contain our own unpredictable weather patterns. If fury makes you feel like a storm after a drought and bliss makes you feel like a clear sky after a long stretch of overcast, here’s the type of weather that captures your zodiac sign‘s many moods.

With record-breaking heat descending upon us and a frigid winter lying ahead of us, our rapidly-evolving climate has never been more present in our minds. And as the weather grows more and more unstable, so do our moods, as extreme temperatures entice extremes within us. It makes sense, considering that no life is separate from one another, just like the Earth is what ties us all together. And if you think about it, the weather is just how Gaia expresses her emotions.

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Each zodiac sign can be thought of as a specific energetic climate for each planet in your birth chart. For example: If your Venus is in Aries, you thrive in romances that are devilishly hot and thirst-inducing. And if your moon is in Pisces, your highly sensitive nature makes you prone to experiencing floods of emotion. Understanding the natural atmosphere of each zodiac sign can give you an even deeper comprehension of your astrological makeup. Here’s are the weather conditions that capture yours:

The Weather That Captures Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Dry & Scorching

The heat of your emotions is enough to singe all those who cross it, just like the arid, unrelenting pressure of the desert. That sharpened, crackling heat of an Aries in an uproar is enough to catapult them toward success, proving that this Mars-ruled zodiac sign can destroy whoever hurt them without breaking a sweat. Few can stand the temperature of your kitchen, just like few could survive a few days lost in Death Valley.


Taurus: Dewy & Frosty

Your emotions settle onto you like the chilled air blankets the morning in icy frost, Taurus. You may appear cold, still, and distant at first, but you’re also sensual and emotive, like the way the frost crystals thaw into dew drops glistening across the leaves by afternoon. Your emotions prompt you to stop and get grounded, which always shows you the source of why you’re feeling the way you feel.


Gemini: Cloudy & Breezy

You prefer to keep a cool head and your emotions often run through you like a million thoughts breezing through you at once. With the changing direction of so many ideas, it’s often hard to understand exactly how you’re feeling and whether your thoughts are yours or someone else’s. It’s not uncommon for you to feel cloudy during a difficult day, as though you’re suppressing your darker feelings with apathy.


Cancer: Stormy & Summery

Your emotions come in all sorts of colors and velocities, just like the sunshine is veiled by stormy weather in the summer. It’s not uncommon for you to go from bright and sunny to gray and turbulent, paving the way for unexpected storms that seem to boil in the heat. Your emotions can be filled with lightning, thunder, and even tornadoes on a difficult day. The rainbow that shines through in the end makes it all worth it.


Leo: Sultry & Steamy

Your romantic, playful, and expressive energy unfolds like a tropical day by the beach, where the air is supple with coconut-infused heat. You love to enjoy yourself, especially when the sultry weather makes you feel like laying out and soaking up the lush vibrations. However, too much of anything can be suffocating, just like the humidity coupled with rising temperatures can easily lead to a hurricane.


Virgo: Fresh & Misty

Virgo is surprisingly sentimental in their emotions, just like they love to breathe in the unexplainable, yet refreshing smell that always follows the rain. They’ll express their emotion by letting you know that smell is, in fact, called “petrichor”. And although they prefer to keep their feelings close to the chest, it always peaks through in pieces, like the sunlight cutting through the subtle mist that has settled upon the forest. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their monsoon seasons.


Libra: Brisk & Sprinkling

As Libras always strive for balance and beauty in the way they process their emotions, they process their heart like the sprinkling rain tapping against your window. Their intellectual nature may want to brush past their feelings like the brisk wind scatters the showers. However, it could also make them want to cancel their plans, stay in, and simmer in their feelings as they watch the rain drip along the glass. Bonus points if they’re staying in with a lover or friend.


Scorpio: Hot & Thundery

Scorpios are capable of holding back their emotions for long periods of time, entering seasons of drought that could turn a wet lake into a dry desert. However, like the dam holds back the water, the desert can only keep the rain at bay for so long. And when a Scorpio has finally had enough, it can result in a thunderous downpour filled with fierce bolts of lightning, thudding hailstorms, and a high chance of flooding. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of extremes, after all.


Sagittarius: Windy & Sizzling

When the mood strikes your heart like a match, it catches fire anywhere and everywhere. You are highly kinetic and infectious force, which is why your passion is contagious, Sagittarius. And when your gusty and directionless Santa Ana Winds begin to pick up speed, so does the chance of fire. All it takes is one ember of emotion to blow in your wind before it catches fire somewhere far away, starting an eye-opening transformation that can be difficult to extinguish.


Capricorn: Wet & Snowy

Your emotions may come across as stoic or glacial, but you’re shockingly sensitive underneath your wintry exterior. And when your deepest feelings flow through you like a cold front, they eventually come through in a confetti of ice crystals. People notice your emotions accumulating over time, like the rising snow collecting against the front door, sealing everyone inside. And even though you think you’re coming across as cold and unfeeling, people notice the moody footprints you leave in the snow.


Aquarius: Powdery & Freezing

Your first emotional instinct is often to disappear; to disconnect from the outer world and ensconce yourself in freezing stillness. You process your feelings like a cascading snowstorm, powdering your surroundings in feather-light flakes. In this remote place, no one can know how you’re really feeling. However, the further you wander into nothingness, the more lost you may feel, as the falling snow is already obscuring your trail back home.


Pisces: Foggy & Torrential

You’re one of the most emotional zodiac signs, but that doesn’t mean your emotions always flow like a rushing downpour. Sometimes, your feelings are strange and hard to comprehend, cloaking the world in an impenetrable fog so thick, you can barely see six feet ahead of you. But it’s during that fog that you feel most sensitive, making you prone to torrential storms that leave you drenched to the bone. Your emotions are so real, they can seep through just about everything. They’re already leaking through the drywall you just patched up.