Makeup and beauty trends are in a constant state of flux; they come and they go. While some of them vanish for good, a select few make comebacks being just as they are or with slight variations. If you have been recently obsessed with pastel eye looks, long lashes with heavy mascara, and matte finish makeup, you have the ‘60s to thank them for. Rejoice for the ‘60s are back! Get ready to revamp your vanity because the makeup trends of one of the most iconic eras are slowly and steadily staging their return. The article takes you on a ride through the swinging sixties makeup trends. So, brace yourself and scroll down!

20 Best ‘60s Makeup Looks That Are Evergreen

The ‘60s makeup looks are back with a bang, and there’s no escaping it. The drama in the makeup of the ‘60s has found a place in today’s bold eye looks, and pale lips have returned as a part of the minimalist makeup trend. Scroll down for 20 best 60s makeup looks and be inspired. Let the visual feast begin!

1. Twiggy

mahnazcollection / Instagram

Super dramatic lashes with the iconic black crease line is one of Twiggy’s signature looks. The definition and width of her eye are further accentuated with a white eye pencil on her lower eyelid, giving her the adorable doe-eyed look. The nude-ish peach lips allow the eyes to pop even more. We love the clumpy lower lashes and bold eyeliner.

2. Elizabeth Taylor

yourfavrichbrat  / Instagram

Though it’s a wax model of a still from the 1963 movie Cleopatra in which she plays the namesake protagonist, this is easily one of the most defining looks of the 1960s makeup. Cerulean blue eye shadow and hypnotic eyes with bold extended black eyeliner truly represent the mainstay of ‘60s eye makeup, just with darker hues. The lips, peachy and glossy, though intended as an understatement, stand out without diminishing the glory of the Egyptian eyes.

3. Jane Birkin

chericherigirl  / Instagram

Birkin was the minimalist of the era, and we love absolutely everything about her looks! The carefree makeup makes her look even more charming. The ‘60s makeup is reflected through the generous application of mascara on her luscious lashes. Moreover, the soft pink lip and rosy cheeks make her look fresh as a daisy, and we’re so digging it!

StyleCraze Says

Use a plucker to clump your lower lashes together after applying mascara to feign thick lower lashes.

4. Diana Ross

ganie_hairdresser / Instagram

Diana Ross is an icon of the ‘60s for many reasons, and we are flipping over her makeup looks as much as her singing. Her eyes are the perfect embodiment of characteristic ‘60s bold and fluttering eyes with accentuated upper and lower lashes. To top it off, she keeps the lips understated and elevates her look with some pearl jewelry.

5. Cher

hotcocoweather  / Instagram

Cher is not only known as the “Goddess of Pop” and a ferocious feminist icon but also a ravishing beauty of the ‘60s. She’s absolutely winning this ‘60s makeup look with a dramatic cut crease and long fluttering lashes. The subtle blush and nude lips compliment this look, enhanced by the huge gold earrings.

6. Jane Fonda

classico.cineclassico / Instagram

One of the most celebrated actresses of 1960s Hollywood, Jane Fonda stole the hearts of many with her charming looks. She is one of the few actresses who dared to deviate from the typical ‘60s looks. She donned a thin black upper lash line and minimal mascara and sported bold glossy lips, and we are loving the fresh look!

7. Brigitte Bardot

goldiesixties / Instagram

Brigitte Bardot, who also goes by B.B., is well known for her highly bold characters in films, and some of the gorgeous looks of the ‘60s. Here she has gone all out with the black eyes that go all the way from her lower lash line to the crease, rimming the eyes. She looks no less than an angel with nude lips and floral head accessories!

StyleCraze Says

If you accidentally smudge your eye pencil or shadow more than intended, use a Q-tip dipped in micellar water to clean out your edges.

8. Donyale Luna

Take a closer look and you will find almost all the characteristic elements of the typical 1960s makeup trends in this Donyale Luna look. Luna is one of the first black models to surface, and we love every bit of her style. Here she dons a yale blue eyelid with black eyeliner and long black lashes. The sleek hair, matte skin, and nude lips also constitute the signature makeup look of the ‘60s.

9. Sharon Tate

psychedelictate  / Instagram

One of the favorite cover girls of the ‘60s, Sharon Tate, was a popular beauty icon and long defined the era’s beauty trends despite her untimely death. Here Sharon dons the popular gray eye shadow of the decade, subtly applied adjacent to the lower lash line. A black eyeliner above the upper lashes slightly flicked outwards with loads of mascara. There, you have it! The makeup look is completed with some rosy blush and nude lips.

10. Sofia Loren

tvchannelnetwork / Instagram

Apart from her long and prolific acting career as an extraordinarily talented and celebrated actress, Sofia Loren was one heck of a glam doll in her time. Overall muted makeup with big, bold black eyes, Sofia perfectly embodies the ‘60s makeup trend. Her gorgeous cat eye look with thick upper lash eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow shades, and beautifully defined eyebrows are goals, even now!

11. Aretha Franklin

arethafranklin / Instagram

This soulful singer has not only a soothing voice but also our hearts (because, look, how gorgeous!). Being a singing sensation and a beauty icon is not easy, but Aretha Franklin seems to be juggling both with her left hand. She does a stunning cat-eye look with the eyeshadow smudged a little on the lower and upper lash line, lending her the ultimate sultry hue. The nude lip and flawless complexion sit just right with the look.

12. Ronnie Spector

We lost this singing gem only recently, but she has given us a lot to remember her by. A part of the trio, The Ronettes, Ronnie rocked and rolled her way up to the list of major beauty icons of the era. The charming even complexion with her kohl-rimmed eyes, black cat-eye liner, and voluminous lashes are more than enough for a stunning ‘60s look.

13. Estelle Bennet

patrick.retro  / Instagram

Estelle Bennet was a part of the favorite musical girl group of the ‘60s called The Ronettes and had the “swinging sixties” swooning over their makeup looks as much as their tracks. Here, Estelle is doing her hair, donning a thick dark black liner and mascara on the lashes. We can see the hint of a subtle blush and the signature nude lip of the 60s rounding off her look.

14. Nancy Kwan

Nancy Kwan, coming from a Chinese lineage, was one of the first Asian actresses to make it to Hollywood, and we can totally see why. This gorgeous Asian doll tweaked the ‘60s beauty rules with her not-so-thick liner to suit her small, deep-set eyes. However, she followed the era’s pale color palette with soft pink lips and the high-arched eyebrow trend.

15. Nina Simone

susanconstantt  / Instagram

Gosh, just look at the pale green glitter eyes! Nina Simone was always at the top of her game, be it music or makeup. This is a spectacular on-stage look where she;s sporting thick black liner cut crease, glittery green eyeshadow, and high arched eyebrows—a bang-on ‘60s eye makeup look. She pairs it with glossy orange lips, a glittery headband, and chunky earrings, serving rockstar chic!

16. Jean Shrimpton

retrospectimage / Instagram

Every 60s photographer’s muse, Jean Shrimpton was the face of Yardley of London and the beloved cover girl of several beauty magazines. Here she dons the perfect doe-eye makeup look with thick upper liner, gorgeous big lashes, and powder blue eyeshadow. The glossy nude lip and the perfect complexion just rounds off her look as the ultimate ‘60s diva, and we’re swooning!

17. Lola Falana

girlsofthesixties / Instagram

Singer, dancer, actress, and (allow me to add) beauty icon, Lola Falana totally rules the ‘60s makeup look. In this killer look, she wears thick black liner on the upper lash line and has ultra bushy lashes with black eye pencil on the lower lash line. The thick vintage curls are the highlight of the look, perfectly complemented by the nude glossy lip.

18. Edie Sedgwick

edie_color_sedwick  / Instagram

The Girl of the Year 1965, Edie Sedgwick was a fashion statement on her own. She took the ‘60s dramatic eye look up several notches with this gorgeous eyeliner look that extends to the upper lash line with some negative space on the lower lash line on both sides. Moreover, the thick lashes, peachy blush, and nude lips, though intentionally understated, stand out perfectly.

19. Diahann Carroll

hollywood_photoplay / Instagram

The first ever black person to win the golden globe, Diahann Carroll has been a star in and out. The gorgeous actress here sports one of the finest eye looks of the ‘60s. It doesn’t get much better than the sharp cut crease, gray eyeshadow, big fluttery lashes, arched brows, and black, dramatic liner. The nude lip and high-volume pixie add all the required swag to this look.

20. Audrey Hepburn

vintagecelebrities_ / Instagram

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Although Audrey appeared on the movie scene well before the ‘60s, she absolutely nailed the era’s makeup look too. Thick and defined eyebrows, thick liner on the upper lash line, long curly lashes, pale white eyeshadow—she does everything just right! The coral lips and subtle blush make her look sweet as a rose, with hints of highlighter making her face perfect!

To Conclude

The ‘60s was one of the most influential eras in the makeup world. The makeup of the age was ruled by dramatic and bold eye looks—thick eyeliners, sharp cut creases, voluminous lashes, and high-arched brows. The ‘60s was a youth-driven culture and makeup was no exception. The age saw makeup and beauty icons like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Diana Ross, Cher, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Fonda expanding the horizons of what makeup could do. So, get inspired and try these iconic makeup looks today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Did they wear eyeliner in the ‘60s?

Yes! And not only did they wear eyeliner, but they went for some of the boldest eyeliner looks. Cat-eye and doe-eye were some of the most famous eyeliner styles of the 60s.

Was blue eyeshadow popular in the ‘60s?

Yes, pastel eyeshadow shades were used most of the time. Models and actresses often sported powder blue and sky blue eyeshadows.

Was lip gloss popular in the ‘60s?

The ‘60s makeup is known for its understated lips. Pale pinks and oranges were quite popular and often coated with gloss.

Key Takeaways

  • The ‘60s makeup is most famous for its dramatic eye looks with bold eyeliners and long, luscious lashes.
  • Due to the bold eye makeup, muted shades were used for lipsticks, such as pale pink, light orange, and nude.
  • The most popular eyeshadow shades in the ‘60s were black, gray, white, and blue.
  • The makeup in the early ‘60s featured matte, powdered faces which slowly saw a shift to glowy faces towards the end of the decade.

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