Bye-bye, good ‘ol bowl cut. Say hello to its sophisticated sister – the wedge cut!

Wedge haircuts, like bowl cuts, start with soft bangs that frame the face. But in a wonderful modern twist, these wedge styles transition into soft layers that accentuate and frame your facial outline and enhance your features. You can personalize the layers to your choice – from feathered and choppy ends to a sharper finish. Plus, wedge haircuts are easy to maintain and look super stylish even when messy.

Keep reading to check out a tutorial on cutting your hair the wedge style. But it might be a little hard to pull off on your own; so make sure you have your bestie at hand to help. In this two-in-one offer, you get a free haircut plus some bestie bonding time. Scroll on and check out these stunning wedge hairstyles.

Before You Get Started

  • All hair types can benefit from the wedge haircut, but those with fine to medium hair should especially consider it.
  • This cut adds weight and volume to the hair while also being a funky yet wearable everyday hairstyle.
  • Since this cut requires precision to stay looking fresh, you need to schedule monthly appointments with your hairstylist for trims.

How To Cut A Basic Wedge Cut

You will need another person whose hair you will cut and who will cut your hair. More importantly, practice on a mannequin first! This is a challenging cut to learn.

Cosmetologist and HairNerd entrepreneur, Richard Morrill advises, “Always consider going to a professional stylist for this cut. Even the most trained hands can make an oopsy. Remember fashion comes from the street, and a home cut is that chance to be on the cusp of fashion or faux pas.”

That being said, if you want to learn to do the wedge cut yourself, we can help you with a beginner’s step-by-step tutorial below.

This is a basic wedge cut that comprises three layers. Start off small, and as you keep practicing, you’ll become a pro!

What You Need

  • Spray bottle (filled with water)
  • A pair of hair-cutting scissors
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Hair clips

How To Do

  1. Wash and blowdry hair flat iron if you need to. You want all the hair flowing down in the same direction. The cut is much easier to see when done on dry hair. Wet hair can shrink and easily distort once dried.
  2. Divide the hair into three sections: a top, a middle, and a bottom section. Clip up the top and middle sections, leaving the last section loose.
  3. Comb the hair in the last section and mark how long you want the hair to be. Using a fine-toothed comb, gather the hair at the center of the bottom section. Hold the hair between your index and middle fingers to keep it flat and cut at the desired length mark.
  4. Remember, the key to achieving a perfect wedge cut is to keep the bowl cut in mind. That means, much like a graduated cut, you need to cut the hair at a slight angle. As you progress, you can try steeper angles with thinner sections of hair.
  5. With the cut hair as reference, chop the rest of the hair in the bottom section.
  6. Unclip the middle section of hair and mark how short you want this section to be. Following the same method as before, cut the hair.
  7. Unclip the top section and comb it down. Leave out some hair in the front and sides for bangs and layers. Brush the rest of the hair and cut it to the desired length.
  8. Comb the front and sides to remove all knots. Using the point-cut method, feather the sides.
  9. Depending on the type of bangs you would like, cut your hair accordingly. Feather the bangs as well.
  10. To finish off the style, feather the ends of the three layers.
  11. Style your in waves to give it some texture and volume.

Did You Know?

Olympic figure skating champion Dorothy Hamill popularized the wedge haircut during the 1976 Winter Olympics. It became a fad as girls copied her haircut to look like her!

Before you decide against getting a wedge cut based on the assumption that something inspired by a bowl cut can never look good, think again. These 32 chic wedge haircuts are trending right now. Check them out to get some styling inspiration!

32 Chic Wedge Haircuts

1. Bronde Wedge Cut

Some of us prefer a hint of color on our hair. Not the edgy, bold color but subtle shades of brown. This drool-worthy ombre wedge cut is a perfect example of it. The hairline at the back is well-defined, and the layers make it appear voluminous. Choose this incredibly flattering sunny brown ombre, and make heads turn wherever you go!

2. Skunk Stripe Wedge Cut

Need something daring but not too edgier? This wedge cut with a skunk-inspired white stripe on one side of the head is for you. The long front layers and a subtle hint of undercut add a twist to the regular wedge cut. Go for this style, and add a little drama to your straight, fine hair.

3. Classic Wedge Cut

This is the wedge cut that you’ll see most women choosing. It has a well-defined back hairline and not too many layers. Opt for this wedge cut if you have a thin face. If you have a slightly round face, the layer above the jawline can make it look rounder. When using edgers on the neckline try not to make any straight hair lines. Also, you must stay out of the natural hairline.

4. Modern Vintage Wedge Cut

Edge meets vintage in this gorgeous wedge cut. This was the kind of wedge cut that was popular back in the ‘20s. A sharp, tapered hairline at the back was all the rage back then. Adding a nice A-line to your wedge cut can take your hairstyle up many notches.

Richard Morrill recommends, “Use a clipper guard setting # 6 on your first two sections if you’re cutting this beauty yourself.”

5. Perfectly Curled Wedge Cut

The wedge haircut is mostly by straight-haired women, but it can show off those stunning curls as well. If you have a wider face, keep the layers of your wedge cut just below your jawline.

Richard Morrill gives an expert tip to achieve this look, “This cut can also be classified as a lob. Each tendril is hand spun with a light holding hair gel and air dried. Once your hair is dry do not run a comb through the hair. You will end up with a frizzy mess.”

6. A-Line Wedge Cut

Much like the wedge cut, the bowl cut was also the inspiration for the A-line bob. The curved hairline at the back of this wedge cut lends it an A-line effect. The rich brown color of this hair look lends it a luxurious touch.

7. Fiery Wedge Cut

Wedge cuts are the best to try new colors on because of their layers. These layers showcase vibrant hair colors in all their glory. The color blend of this wedge cut is a beautiful combination of deep plum and fiery red. The contrast between these two colors adds tons of depth to this hair look.

StyleCraze Says

You can also add purple, green, blue, and pink highlights to your fiery wedge to add more vibrance and depth to your overall look.

8. Layered Wedge Cut

A layered wedge cut is best suited for the summer. Ideally, the layers should be longer in the front and shorter at the back. That is the trending wedge cut look of 2019. Add some soft babylights and style it in some waves to give yourself the perfect beach-ready look.

9. Softly Curled Wedge Cut

It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of styling can completely change a hair look. Take a look at this simple wedge cut. It’s a simple cut, but just adding curls at the ends spruces up the entire look. It looks understated yet beautiful.

10. The Character Wedge Cut

Some of us like being edgier than the rest. We like adding subtle twists to our hairstyles and clothes to stand out from the crowd. This wedge cut is a perfect example of that. The hair of this wedge cut has been swept to one side, and its ends have been turned up with the help of some hair gel. You can take this look to the next level by adding some bright violet streaks to it.

11. The Mom Wedge Cut

All women love looking good, including moms! Just because you have kids does not mean you can’t sport a stylish haircut. This wedge cut is perfect for moms and sophisticated women.

12. Layered And Curved Wedge Cut

If you love short hair but don’t want a haircut that’s too edgy, look no further. Layered softly in the front and at the sides, this wedge cut is perfect for that girl-next-door look. It’s also great for anyone who loves playing sports and wants to keep their hair off their face.

13. Permed Wedge Cut

Have you ever had one of those moments when you really wanted to give yourself a makeover? Well, if you have had long hair for a while, it’s time you went this wildly permed wedge cut. It looks playful and youthful!

Richard Morrill further instructs, “If you have naturally curly hair or you want to change your look up, do an ombre curl. Simply flatten the root to mid-shaft of your hair. This style is not recommended on heart shaped faces. Unless you wear one side behind your ear.”

14. Pastel Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is perfect for flaunting those gorgeous pastel colors. Its layers accentuate your hair texture and display the hair colors beautifully. Don’t simply take my word for it, try it out and see for yourself!

15. Deep-Stacked Wedge Cut

That’s right, the stacked bob can also be done up in a wedge cut. This stacked wedge cut is cut deeply at the back. The blonde at the top and brown at the bottom make this intensely tapered bob look even better. If you have super thick straight hair this haircut can be very flattering. Not suited for fine hair.

16. Slight Undercut Wedge

Back in the day, men shaved their hair because they couldn’t afford to maintain long hair. Over time, that became a trend. If you don’t want a complete undercut, opt for this subtle undercut wedge cut instead. Though it’s super edgy, it’s understated enough to be sported in a professional work environment.

17. Simple Wedge Cut

If you’re looking for something really simple, this is it. The layers of this wedge cut are cut long to add some nice texture and volume to it. If you have wide cheeks or your hair lacks volume, this is one of the best haircuts to make the most of your locks.

18. Angled Wedge Cut

The angled wedge cut is one of the most sought-after cuts. It is made up of sharp layers cut at a steep angle: long in the front and short at the back. It’s modern, uber stylish, and perfect for anyone working in a fast-paced corporate office.

19. Tomboy Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is very versatile. It can be sophisticated and mature or youthful and wild, depending on your preference. It’s no wonder that so many women love the wedge cut! The burgundy highlights of this tomboy-inspired wedge cut add a nice finishing touch to this look.

20. Well-Defined Wedge Cut

Do you like your hair perfectly sculpted and in place? If so, opt for this well-defined wedge cut. Normally, you need to use a gel or mousse to style your hair perfectly. However, this wedge cut has a naturally-sculpted feel and can be styled without using many products.

21. Flicked-Out Ends

This haircut was big in the ‘90s. Almost every teen and young adult sported (or wanted to sport) this haircut. It’s been sported by celebrities like Kelly Clarkson. This look seems to be making a comeback now. Its flicked-out ends help frame your face.

22. Curly Wedge Cut

Loving yourself involves being comfortable with how you look. Accept your naturally curly locks and flaunt them with this playfully wild wedge cut.

23. Ashy Wedge Cut

This mildly messy wedge cut is taken up a few notches with a lovely deep ash blonde hair color. The color adds a chic touch to this classic wedge cut.

24. Multi-Layered Wedge Cut

If you have thick hair, showcase your hair’s texture and volume with this multi-layered wedge cut. The layers are cut all over the hair to add more dimension to it. Color this cut with a dark chocolate brown shade to finish off the look.

25. Vintage Wedge Cut

Back in the early 1900s, this was a wedge cut that most of the young women sported. Paired with a scarf or a barrette, this wedge cut was a big trend. It’s making a comeback now, and I love it! I like how different it is from most of the wedge cuts you see now. The side-swept bangs wrap up this cut wonderfully.

26. Teased Wedge Cut

Love the ‘80s look? Then, you’ll love this haircut. If you have thin hair, this is a great way to make it look voluminous. Backcomb your wedge from the top to the down. Comb the top section of your hair for a neater look.

27. Defined Hairline Wedge Cut

Showing off a well-defined hairline is a growing trend right now. You don’t need to go for an undercut to achieve this look. Opt for this wedge cut instead. Let your wedge cut look messy as it adds a youthful vibe to the look.

28. Pixie Bob Wedge Cut

Confused whether to go for a pixie or a bob? Choose both with this modern wedge cut. The long sideburns and back to front layers make this a very chic and stylish look. Spritz on some hairspray to keep your hair in place.

29. Slick Wedge Cut

Most women love the angled wedge cut. This haircut is cut close to the hairline at the back to give it clear definition. Straighten your hair to create an edgy and bold hair look.

30. Long Wedge Cut

If you’re not one for short hair, the wedge cut has your back. Notice how the hair is cut short at the back and long in the front, but it’s subtle and not too angled. This is the perfect look for working women who want a stylish haircut while still looking mature.

31. Sunset Wedge Cut

Adding color to your locks can really liven them up. Opt for colors that are similar in tone, like these shades of blonde and light ginger. This color blend is reminiscent of sunsets, long walks on the beach, and everything good in the world.

32. Slick Black Wedge Cut

In my opinion, this is one of the best wedge cuts. This wedged bob has the perfect ’D’ shape along with a clean, angled finished. Keep the layers and ends soft to add definition to your face.

Infographic: Why You Should Get A Wedge Haircut

As you have seen, although wedges are a short haircut, they’re versatile enough to be styled in many equally enviable ways. Since growing out your hair takes a lot of effort, we know chopping them off would not be an easy decision. But if you’re looking for a change in style, we recommend wedge haircuts, and the following infographic can help change your mind about them. Check it out below!

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We bet you didn’t know that so much can be done with a wedge cut! Well, now you do. It may seem like a risky cut for your head at first, and if you are not fully convinced, it might take a little getting used to. But trust me – a wedge cut is what you need if you are looking for a badass makeover. So, do not hesitate – badasses, do not hesitate – and get yourself one of these. Get your slay game on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wedge haircut out of style?

No, the wedge haircut is not out of style. It is a classic hairstyle with a modern spin. Texturing it right makes it a modern hairstyle and gives one a classy look.

What is the difference between a wedge haircut and a stacked haircut?

The length of the layers is one key difference between a wedge haircut and a stacked haircut. While a stacked haircut is characterized by long and smooth layers, a wedge haircut has layers that are short in the back and long throughout the top.

Key Takeaways

  • A basic wedge cut comprises three well-defined layers.
  • Keeping the layers and ends of a wedge cut soft adds definition to your face.
  • A wedge cut is versatile as it can be styled curly or straight without much effort.

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