There is nothing as edgy and chic as short hair. You can make a quirky fashion statement by trying some funky hairstyles for short hair. Think Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina or A Roman Holiday, Dakota Fanning in The Runaways, Meg Ryan in Addicted to Love or You Got Mail, and Winona Ryder in most of her early movies. Short hair means bold, fierce, and unapologetically independent. And we are on board with it! So, embrace short hair this season, and scroll down to get some inspiration!

Before You Get Started

  • Experimentation with hairstyles to add a funky element goes beyond just hair coloring. If you wish to try a temporary hairstyle, using hair extensions, wigs, or temporary hair colors is the best way to go.
  • If you wish to go for dual-tone hair color, get professional advice to pick the colors that pair well with your skin tone and overall personality.
  • With edgy colorful hair, jewelry and makeup play a crucial role. Pick a style keeping in mind your everyday look.

1. Subtle Curly Pompadour With A Messy Knot

Kristen Stewart adds an edgy retro vibe to her look! Sweeping golden highlighted curls with a messy knot at the back looks so bold and chic! Further, the slicked-back sides add a sense of neatness to her hairdo and draw attention to the gorgeous curls.

2. Layered Bob With Pink Streaks

Racheal McAdams sports a whimsical yet edgy look with this layered bob. The pink highlights and flicked-out ends add a funky, relaxed, and youthful vibe to her look.

3. Dual Toned Hair

Who can forget Cruella? Go ahead and do her hairstyle this Halloween.

4. Light Pink, Wavy Spike

Blond and a tinge pink, the combo is great and yes curl the thick hair in the front into a blunt, not sharp spike. The spike tends to be wavy.

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5. Black WITH Aquamarine Tips

The tips are great in purple and so is the style. The sharp flattered edges, with one side shaved give such a punk effect.

6. Dual Toned Buns

Equal shades, the dual tone with a hint of gray, and two rolled up buns like two short ponies. This is one of the most popular funky short hairstyles for women and is similar to that of the circus joker with an innocent shade.

7. Blue Medium Waves

The blue medium waves are a definitive statement here. Trim your hair to the medium length bob, have even edges and color it blue in the medium tone. This is neither to dark nor to light.

StyleCraze Says

You can try blue shades like ash, midnight, ocean, icy, aqua, or cobalt blue to add a pop of color to your waves.

8. Shaved And Puffed

The sides here are shaved with a middle part raised in a medium puff. The rest of the hair is tied up in a high bun on the crown. The shade here is gray with a purple tinge and yes dark lips.

9. Multi Hued Sleek Bob

The sleek and straight style in bluish white hues with a darker tone of color near the roots is simply amazing! The makeup is in soft tones, in pink and the ensemble in black.

10. Multi Hue Short Bob

The bob is so cute in the muti-coloured tone. The red tone on the mouth goes very well with the high flowing hair. Looks like a sunny rainbow.

11. Purple Bob

Purple Bob is one the most common funky short hairstyles to try. Black attired with blue hued hair, and pink shadowed eyes. Nails in black with yellow jewels! Set right for the function.

StyleCraze Says

You can also try out eyeshadow shades like lilac, blue, orange, or green to create a dramatic and fun look.

12. Curled in Pink Tinged Bob

Get the bob cut and curl in the hair, color the tips pink. Gold and pink is the hue here. Glam it up with bright lips!

13. Perry Braided Blue

The blunt bob appears to exude a braided effect in blue hue. The braid effect is so symmetrical and perfect. In sync with the golden gown and pink lips color.

14. Flow Streaks in Dark Blue

The sea blue is amazing with the golden hued wavy locks. The curls are just so perfect and the streaks in blue go so much a team together. The deep set black kohl rimmed eyes and red lips just set the stage for this style.

15. Side Swept Hued Bounces

Gather all the hair on one side, wave them and curl them, here on one side, they all appear very voluminous. The hair is colored half length till the tips. The roots and crown is all black the natural color. Green and blue go so well with jet black hair. Pair it with black eyes and soft pink lips.

16. Katy Perry Blue Tinged Bob

The blue tinged bob is trimmed evenly. But one side is curled out while the other is rolled in. The curls are opposite to each other on either side. Blue eye shadows, nude pink lips do the trick here. The sequenced transparent white net dress compliments the style and the makeup.

17. Shaded Blue

Shaded blue hairstyle or a wig we don’t know. But it is cute and stylish. Yellow flicks in the eyes and blue curls on the hair! Colorful and attractive!

18. Pink Blunt

Do a side part in the blunt bob, with the edges curled in, color in pink undertone. Go with a nude pink makeup.

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19. Hued Edges

The style involves medium length hair just above the chest. Wavy edges in Pink do a French braid at the front and on one side, secure it with pins. Leave the rest of the hair open.

20. Hued Fringes and Edges

The edges are of the same tonne as the rim of the fringes. This gives a very symmetrical linear appeal.

21. Pink Punk

This style is punk and hep. With a hues pixie and upper lip piercing, flicked eyes, the look is right for a rock star.

22. Fountain Head

The hair comes down like a fountain! Back combed with all the curls falling in front, the pose is that of a ‘As if I am the Fountain Lady’! The hues of soft pink and gold blend in perfectly with the dress.

23. Pink Mohawk

This is a very bold style, only for the strong girls. Want to carry this look, put in the entire attitude you have got and then go ahead. Shave the hair from both side and get the pink flame Mohawk.

StyleCraze Says

You can experiment with shades of pink like rose, strawberries, champagne, flamingo, or bubblegum pink to add a fun element to your mohawk.

24. Red Bob

Get a bob cut with long bangs in the front and color them bright red.

25. Trimmed Pixies

Very short pixie cut, with crisp trimmed spikes.

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26. Burgundy Falls

Burgundy colored crop, the style is windy and wavy. The bangs are smaller in the front and bigger away from the face.

27. Spikes

The spikes resemble a Hydra, if you studied biology! But at the same time fun and unconventional. Red lips are just so stunning!

28. Mickey Pink Buns

Style your hair with these cute two buns in pink hue at the back. Do a side or a zigzag part for a funkier affair.

29. Wave Cut

The gel effect is giving a distinct character to this style. Gelled and wavy, the hair seems to stick to each other.

30. Platinum Sharp

The sharp and pointed platinum spikes are vivacious as the smile. Do have fun when wearing this style. The front long bangs helps to make the style grounded.

31. Tousled Wob

Actress Jennifer left her long wavy hair behind and opted for a playful, tousled wob – a wavy bob. An impressive hairstyle for thick hair, this baby bob is pleasant and flirty, with wavy layers and loads of texture.

Recreate this low maintenance hairstyle by applying a texture spray first. Now, wrap the hair loosely around a big barrel curling wand, which is at least 1.2 inches in diameter, and leave the ends out so that they do not curl. Set the glamorous and chic hairdo with spritzing a light-touch hairspray.

32. Side Shaved Quiff

12 Years a Slaveactress Lupita Nyong’o delighted us with her quirky side shaved updo. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, take inspiration from Lupita and wear your hair in a sexy quiff, sans the shaven sides.

To duplicate her look, gather hair from the sides and gel it back so that only the top section of hair remains. With the help of a brush, tease hair at the crown, and make use of plenty of hairspray to keep it edgy and bouncy.

33. Purple Spiked Hair

If you are looking to update your boring hair color to something totally different and bold, then Kelly Osbourne is your inspiration to follow. Here we see the beloved singer and presenter sporting a spiked purple hair. A perfect style to balance out a round face, the hairstyle needs a firm hold hairspray to keep it in place all day or night. Make sure you try some wacky colors like the fiery red, platinum blond, bright blue, or even the newest hottest trend – pastel ombre!

34. Slicked-Back

Demure, gorgeous and unpredictable – adjectives you might use to describe Emma Watson and her slicked-back hairstyle. The Harry Potter actress paired her hairstyle with a dramatic smoky eye nestled with flecks of gold in the corners of her eyes.

With a side parting, this perky hairstyle is contemporary and easy to style. Start working with a strong-hold gel into hair from the crown sideways, teasing hair for a tad bit extra volume. Keep your hairstyle in place with a mousse, and you’re good to go!

35. Edgy Pixie

This is one of Rihanna’s best looks when it comes to funky short hairstyles if you ask us. Short, quirky and supremely hot. A flattering look for people with a heart-shaped face, we love how the warm, black shade brings out Rihanna’s natural glow. However, what really draws our attention to Rihanna’s style is how short her hair is cropped – bringing that extra dimension and accentuating her stunning facial features.

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36. Classic Bob

Lost Actress Evangeline Lilly updates her long curly hair (remember fugitive Kate Austen?) with this fabulous classic, rounded bob with side-swept bangs. Cut to just the right length, Lilly’s simple, classic bob neatly frames her small, delicate features perfectly and makes the most of her stunning jawline. What further draws our attention are her side swept bangs that are equally flattering for her face shape, as they hide Lill’s upper corner forehead. The actress paired her natural locks with minimal eye-makeup and peachy lips for a romantic final touch. All in all, Lilly has chosen the most stylish and funky hairstyles for short hair for her elegant features.

37. Playful Pixie

We absolutely love this look on Charlize Theron. The actress rocks her signature pixie crop with perky and dynamic curls. An ideal short hairdo for oval-shaped faces, the style balances out a heavy jawline with some extra volume on top.

To get Charl’s playful and romantic hairstyle, start by preparing your hair for styling with volume boosting gel and styling mousse; make sure the hair gel is applied with your fingertips. Now, blow-dry throughout your hair with a small round brush, teasing it at the crown. Once you’ve styled it, mist it with some light, non-greasy hairspray.

38. Coiffed Updo

Actress Rachel Wood looks smoking hot with her pixie cut styled in a short updo. The Thirteen actress sports sexy, dynamic waves at the top of her head, and her blond hair is pinned back at the sides for a polished finish.

For Rachel’s edgy-yet-gamine hairstyle, work volumizing mousse into your short tresses with your fingers, giving them depth and natural texture. Use some strong-hold hairspray to keep them in place all night long. Rachel further gives her look extra glam with nude makeup and pink lips. Perfecto!

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39. Shaggy Updo With A Headband

Beautiful actress Kimberly Wyatt sports a shaggy pixie cut with longish bangs covering most of her forehead. This dynamic and unstructured hairdo creates a strong contrast with her refined makeup that further accentuates her sharp facial features well.

What adds glam to her low maintenance, effortlessly cool look is her delicate silver headband. Although it’s not technically an updo, this pixie cut is one of the greatest funky short haircuts for adding some glamor. For extra impact, use a volume boosting gel and style the look. Next work some texturizing mousse into your bangs with your fingers for a soft and romantic touch.

40. Bob With Side-Swept Bangs:

Songstress Solange looks très chic with her short bob and blunt bangs. This glamorous modern bob is well suited to thin, straight hair, and it’s easy to perfect with a flat iron and some high-shine serum. Match this super-easy look with sultry, subtle eye makeup, flawless makeup, and matte finish nude lips for extra impact.

You can try many funky hairstyles with your short hair. These haircuts offer a trendy look to your usual haircut. These chic yet simple hairstyles look fresh and are in trend. Some popular funky hairstyles for short hair include dual-toned hair, light pink wavy spike, black with aquamarine tips, dual-toned buns, blue medium waves, and shaved and puffed haircuts. Additionally, you can find different styles and cuts for your short hair, and they are very easy to carry and experiment with.

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