Once reserved for the Coachella festival, space buns are now all the rage. They are versatile, feminine, and can go from being fierce to cool in a flash! Moreover, they don’t just look delightful but also make a statement. Once popular in the ‘90s, space buns are officially taking over the hair world again. Peppered with nostalgia and a whole lot of fun, this hairstyle works for absolutely everyone! Scroll down to read through our list of the 50 trendiest space bun hairstyles to give you some inspiration for your next hairdo.

What Are Space Buns?How To Do Space Buns50 Cool Space Bun HairstylesSpace Buns With Long Hair1. Twisted Space Buns2. Space Buns With Face-Framing Layers3. Sleek Space Buns4. Funky Space Buns With Long Hair5. Mini Space Buns With Fuzzy Hair Ties6. Dual-Toned Space Buns7. Rainbow Space Buns8. Space Buns With Micro Bangs9. Coral Space Buns10. Mermaid Space Buns11. Half-Up Half-Down Space Buns With Cute Accessories12. Princess Leia Space Buns13. Space Buns With Dramatic Green Streaks14. Space Buns With Pastel Purple Highlights15. Space Buns With Glam Waves16. Space Buns On Long Hair With Pink Streaks17. Deep Red Hair With Space Buns18. Space Buns With A Beanie19. Space Buns On Yellow Hair20. Space Buns With A Feathered FringeSpace Buns With Thin Hair21. Fluffed-Out Space Buns22. Messy Space BunsSpace Buns With Short Hair23. Half-Up Half-Down Space Buns For Short Hair24. Mini Space Buns For Short Hair25. Red Space Buns26. Extreme Blue Space Buns27. Elegant Space Buns With Ribbons28. Mini Space Buns With Side Shave29. Edgy Space BunsSpace Buns With Curly Hair30. Afro Space Buns31. Curly Space Buns With Face-Framing Tendrils32. Textured Space BunsMessy Low Space Buns33. Textured Low Space Buns34. Little Low Space Buns90’s Space Buns35. Twisted Space Buns With Pearl Accessories36. Elevated Space Buns With FlowersBraided Space Buns37. Braided Space Buns38. Box Braids In Space Buns39. Twisted Hair Buns With Ombre White Dreadlocks40. Dutch Braided Space Buns41. Tight Dutch Braided Space Buns42. Braided Space Buns With Beachy Waves43. Glitter Space Buns44. Braided Space Buns With A Head Scarf45. Space Buns With Wrapped-Around Braids46. Purple Space Buns47. Criss-Cross Patterned Space Buns48. Undone Space Buns With Colorful Flowers49. Space Buns On Coily Hair50. Space Bun With Hair RingsThings To Consider With Space BunsBottom LineFrequently Asked QuestionsRelated

Before You Get Started

  • Achieving a sense of balance in the space bun hairstyle is key, so make sure to part your hair evenly from the front to the back of your head.
  • If you have fine hair, use a texturizing or volume spray to add texture or volume to your mane. It also helps hold the style in place.
  • If you have textured or curly hair, use a lightweight oil to make it easy to style and make your hair look more manageable.
  • To get that sleek, polished finish, wrap your hairdo in a silk scarf and remove it after 10 minutes.

What Are Space Buns?

Space buns are a fusion of buns and pigtails. They lend a playful touch and easygoing vibe to your look. This hairdo can be worn either at the crown or on the sides of the head. The best thing about them is that they are perfect for bad hair days and you can achieve the hairstyle very quickly! Also, they suit every hair length and texture.

So, let’s check out how to perfect this fun hairdo!

How To Do Space Buns

What You Need

  • A few bobby pins or hair elastics
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Hair brush or a wide-tooth comb
  • Hair spray

What To Do

  1. Detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb or a brush.
  2. Using a rat-tail comb, part your hair down the center and all the way down to the nape of your neck.
  3. Gather all the hair on one side of your head and pull it into a ponytail. Repeat the same process on the other side.
  4. Roll the ponytails into two buns and secure them with bobby pins or elastic bands.
  5. Finish off the look by using hair spray to set the hairdo in place.

Note: You can make space buns on the sides, top, or even at the back of your head, depending on what suits your style.

Now that you know how to do basic space buns, let’s check out all the ways to style them!

50 Cool Space Bun Hairstyles

Space Buns With Long Hair

1. Twisted Space Buns

Tired of dealing with frizzy hair? Here is a hairstyle that you can achieve easily without spending too much time styling your tresses. Wrap a few sections of twisted hair around the space buns to get an edgy, neat look.

2. Space Buns With Face-Framing Layers

This hairdo with face-framing layers is such a fresh take on space buns! It is a great hairstyle for those with a long face. The face-framing layers draw focus to your facial features, making your face look smaller.

StyleCraze Says

Those with heart-shaped faces can opt for side-swept bangs with long face-framing layers. If you have a rectangular face, go for wispy mid-length layers to soften the sharp features. For a triangular face, choose face-framing layers that add a bit of fullness to the forehead, like blunt bangs.

3. Sleek Space Buns

Straight hair does not mean boring space buns! The proof is in this sleek, center-parted hairdo with hair wrapped around the base of the space buns. Finish off your hairstyle with a shine spray to get smooth, glossy hair.

4. Funky Space Buns With Long Hair

Don’t want to fully commit to space buns? Then take the middle path! Make small, elevated space buns at the crown and let your long tresses loose. It is easy to create and looks flattering on long hair.

5. Mini Space Buns With Fuzzy Hair Ties

The message is clear – mini space buns are in! Elevate the look by securing space buns with fuzzy hair ties to nail the street-style look.

6. Dual-Toned Space Buns

Why stay content with basic highlights when you can up your hair game in a big way? This dual-toned hairstyle, with vibrant colors like green and red, looks unabashedly cool and eccentric. The long wavy tresses with center-parted space buns make us swoon!

7. Rainbow Space Buns

rainbowhairdreams / Instagram

Cast a spell on everyone by styling your rainbow-hued hair into space buns. They look insanely cool and add a dose of fun to your look. Plus, the pastel colors have an eye-soothing effect and look great in the sunlight.

8. Space Buns With Micro Bangs

thewonderfulhair / Instagram

This hairstyle is perfect to take your look from desk to dinner in a jiffy. Moreover, the mélange of space buns and micro bangs is sure to earn you major style points. It is retro in spirit but also has a modern feel to it.

9. Coral Space Buns

mermaidians  / Instagram

The mix of tangy orange and pretty pink tones looks surreal and is reminiscent of candy floss! The space buns further add a feminine appeal to the overall look.

10. Mermaid Space Buns

isa.professional  / Instagram

We love the way the aqua-blue hues blend into green and purple tones at the ends. This ultra-dimensional hairstyle is pure magic! The soft waves help draw attention to the myriad aqua-sapphire tones, and the space buns lend it a distinctly edgy look.

11. Half-Up Half-Down Space Buns With Cute Accessories

healiumhair  / Instagram

This hairstyle makes our hearts flutter! The cute butterfly clips on the space buns give off serious Y2K vibes and perfectly complement the hairstyle.

12. Princess Leia Space Buns

moonlightbridal / Instagram

This is a truly vintage hairstyle that features space buns swirled and wrapped around them. It has a dreamy and classic appeal that is suitable for formal occasions.

13. Space Buns With Dramatic Green Streaks

The forest green tones at the front fade into black hair, which helps to add a colorful edge to the space bun hairdo. Additionally, those face-framing layers help to draw attention to the eyes.

14. Space Buns With Pastel Purple Highlights

Dark roots and purple highlights at the ends of blonde hair look enchanting. The bewitching blend of purple shades takes this hairstyle to a whole new level. And, these space buns only take a few minutes to style!

15. Space Buns With Glam Waves

suzi_bellayou_ / Instagram

The glamorous blonde waves combined with space buns make us stop and stare! And those sparkles weave magic in your hair.

16. Space Buns On Long Hair With Pink Streaks

mikaylakuehn / Instagram

Your tresses don’t have to be fully dyed to look flattering! Here, the bottom half of the hair is dyed a bold pink hue that looks stunning with space buns and extra-long, face-framing tendrils.

17. Deep Red Hair With Space Buns

manicpanic_aus / Instagram

A deep red mane with space buns looks absolutely badass. Also, the dark roots at the parting add a gorgeous contrast. This hairstyle is especially suited for those with cool undertones and light blue or gray eyes.

18. Space Buns With A Beanie

A beanie can be a savior on the worst hair days! Style one with space buns to sport a trendy look. It is a great hairstyle to wear on those chilly days without compromising on style. Stay warm while looking undeniably chic!

19. Space Buns On Yellow Hair

howhighbrands / Instagram

The sunshine-hued hair weaved into space buns looks stylish and takes onlookers by surprise. The dark roots effortlessly complement the yellow hair and add a bit of dimension to the mane. This hairstyle is best suited for warmer skin tones.

20. Space Buns With A Feathered Fringe

Combine the two biggest hair trends of the season by pairing your feathered fringe with space buns to strike an ultra-stylish look. You will be amazed at the results!

Space Buns With Thin Hair

21. Fluffed-Out Space Buns

Give a modern twist to this retro style by fluffing out your buns. It helps to amp up the volume and creates the illusion of a thicker mane.

22. Messy Space Buns

These romantic-yet-dramatic space buns can take your hair from plain Jane to edgy Roxanne in minutes. It is the perfect hairdo to wear when your social calendar is buzzing with loads of invites. From a party to a holiday, you can wear it just about anywhere!

StyleCraze Says

Tease your hair with a comb before tying it in space buns. It will help to pump in volume and give that messy feel to your look.

Space Buns With Short Hair

23. Half-Up Half-Down Space Buns For Short Hair

This half-up-half-down hairdo is one of the most versatile hairstyles that works on any hair length. And trust us, space buns on short hair look hella cool. Add a soft inward bend at the end to give this hairstyle a relaxed feel. Plus, it’s a great way to hide your split ends.

24. Mini Space Buns For Short Hair

Despite the fact that space buns still reign supreme, the mini version is way more daring, edgier, and just plain cute. A perfect cool-girl hairstyle for those with short hair!

25. Red Space Buns

Give your auburn hair a chic updo by going for space buns. This hairstyle looks flattering on fair skin tones. The wispy hair strands on the forehead lend a dramatic touch and enhance the hairstyle’s overall appeal.

26. Extreme Blue Space Buns

This is a nod to futuristic hairstyles! The blue color pops against the dark black tresses and looks simply out of the world, while the space buns take this hairdo to a new level altogether.

27. Elegant Space Buns With Ribbons

american_salon  / Instagram

Adorn your space buns with cute little details like black ribbons. This school-girl hairstyle screams ‘90s and looks demure and graceful.

28. Mini Space Buns With Side Shave

All those brave hearts out there, take the plunge by opting for mini space buns with a shaved side. This intimidating blonde hairstyle looks ultra-edgy.

29. Edgy Space Buns

This hairstyle exudes devil-may-care vibes! These separated space buns give you a seriously edgy look, while the eye-skimming bangs in burgundy hues flatter your face shape. Don’t miss the finger waves on the side buns that add a retro feel to this intricate hairstyle!

Space Buns With Curly Hair

30. Afro Space Buns

Who said you can’t sport space buns on short hair? Well, it’s just a cool way to elevate your hair game. Plus, it looks even better when you decide to embrace your natural texture.

31. Curly Space Buns With Face-Framing Tendrils

A bedhead of curls makes for an impressive space bun hairdo. Style them with long, face-framing tendrils that reach below the chin. This hairstyle is especially suited for round-shaped faces as it helps to add a sense of length by cutting down the roundness of the face.

32. Textured Space Buns

This is a low-key, casual hairdo that looks amazing on textured hair. It displays the natural texture of the hair in all its glory and has a slightly rebellious side to it. Wear this hairstyle on unwashed hair for better hold.

Messy Low Space Buns

33. Textured Low Space Buns

goldenbridaldesign  / Instagram

Spice up your usual messy low bun by opting for low space buns. They look whimsical, feminine, and relaxed without trying too hard. Just the prettiest bridesmaid hairstyle you could ever wish for!

34. Little Low Space Buns

bonominihair / Instagram

These cute low space buns pass the vibe check! While the few left-out stands from the bun give it a subtly edgy feel, the loose face-framing tendrils help to soften the face.

90’s Space Buns

35. Twisted Space Buns With Pearl Accessories

hairstylist.dream / Instagram

Pearl accessories always grab the spotlight! And when paired with raised and twisted space buns, they can make your hair look irresistibly attractive.

36. Elevated Space Buns With Flowers

Space buns allow for versatility as they work on any hair length. In this hairdo, the raised buns decked with flowers look adorable and impart a sophisticated allure to the look.

Braided Space Buns

37. Braided Space Buns

The simplest way to take your pigtails up a notch is by simply twisting and twirling them into space buns. Leave your baby hair untouched. They help to add a natural texture to your mane.

38. Box Braids In Space Buns

Can this look get any cooler? Nah! Inject some fun into your hairdo by wrapping your box braids in space buns with colorful hair strings. They have a punk feel and look effortlessly cool.

39. Twisted Hair Buns With Ombre White Dreadlocks

Take the risky route by tying your ombre white deadlocks into space buns. Leave some of the deadlocks loose to look wild, edgy, and oh-so-daunting.

40. Dutch Braided Space Buns

Tap into the timeless Dutch braid and add a contemporary flair to it by opting for upside-down, pancake Dutch braided hair along with space buns at the crown. It looks incredibly striking, royal, and sophisticated.

41. Tight Dutch Braided Space Buns

Need a quick hairstyle for the gym or your next dance workout? If you don’t want loose braids, you can go for tight Dutch braided space buns. Make sure to finish off the look with a medium-hold hair spray.

42. Braided Space Buns With Beachy Waves

ashleys_shears / Instagram

Braids, waves, and space buns – this dynamic combination makes our hearts skip a beat. It looks effortlessly chic and alluring. Moreover, the soft golden highlights help to add dimension to the hair.

43. Glitter Space Buns

pamelapaynehairart / Instagram

A touch of sparkle never hurt anyone! This hairstyle has a heady dose of glamor with rich purple tones that make it a total winner. It is subtle yet impactful, and those skinny braids in the front add a sense of edginess to the look.

44. Braided Space Buns With A Head Scarf

Add a pop of color to your dreadlocks and space buns by wearing a scarf as a headband. This hairstyle looks pretty and has a nostalgic feel to it.

45. Space Buns With Wrapped-Around Braids

Timeless and versatile braids complement every hairdo! Wrap around teeny-weeny braids around the base of the space buns to add a cool factor to your look.

46. Purple Space Buns

orangeolivenoda / Instagram

We cannot get enough of this hairdo! The mesmerizing purple streaks give a vibrant twist to this look. And the swirled space buns with front braids and tousled ends look every bit stunning.

47. Criss-Cross Patterned Space Buns

The upside-down criss-cross braids add a sense of interest to the look. It looks bold, edgy, and super chic.

48. Undone Space Buns With Colorful Flowers

manesbyamandajane  / Instagram

While the colorful flowers tucked into the undone space buns look pretty by themselves, the tiny braids at the back add to their charm. This hairdo exudes major boho vibes!

49. Space Buns On Coily Hair

yourhairgoals_zambia / Instagram

Just because you have coily hair, it does not mean there are limitations on how you style them. You can go for half up space buns while leaving the rest of your curls loose.

50. Space Bun With Hair Rings

kristakstorm  / Instagram

Don’t be afraid to experiment with space buns! The hair rings tucked into the braided front exude a hippie, carefree look and pair well with voluminous space buns. Besides that, the wavy hair with face-framing layers helps to complement the jawline.

Now that you know all the trendy ways to style your space buns, let’s check out some important things you need to keep in mind when trying out this look.

Things To Consider With Space Buns

  • Wear sleek, polished space buns for formal occasions and messy space buns with daytime dresses for casual outings.
  • Whenever you opt for a relaxed space bun hairdo, spray your hair with dry shampoo to enhance your hair texture and create better hold.
  • In order to make your hair appear thicker, try out voluminous space bun hairstyles like fluffed-out or pancaked buns.

Bottom Line

Space buns are a nostalgic hairstyle. They are practical, playful, and easy to perfect. If you are always running late but still have that urge to sport a trendy look, then you can bet on this hairstyle. Plus, these buns look cute as hell! Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez have sported this look. Despite its classic appeal, this vintage hairstyle has a modern edge. Just make sure you own it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are space buns still in style?

Yes, space buns are still very much in style. Many celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are often seen flaunting this playful hairstyle.

When did space buns become popular?

It was in the 1990s that space buns emerged as the most trend-setting hairstyles of that time. They were also known as side buns in the US at that time.

How can I make space buns look bigger?

Blow dry your hair before styling it in space buns to add volume to it. Also, after tying the space buns, you can pull them apart a bit at the base so they look fuller.

ow can I wear space buns if I have short hair?

Brush your hair, then use a rat-tail comb to part it down the center. Now, take one section and secure it in a ponytail. Repeat the same process on the other side. After that, twist one pigtail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the process on the other side.

How to do space buns without bobby pins?

Use elastic bands, rubber bands, or hair ties such as scrunchies to secure your space buns instead of bobby pins.

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