Everything Korean has taken the world by storm, from their skin care to pop idols. So, it should come as no surprise that so many people are going gaga over Korean hairstyles. People worldwide are being inspired by their favorite K-Pop stars and Korean actors, so much so that they are even adopting their hairdos. And these celebs love experimenting with their hairstyles, cuts, and colors, which gives us more hairstyles to try out! So, keep reading to check out the top trending hairstyles sported by Koreans that you should consider flaunting, irrespective of your face shape.

Before You Get Started

  • Styling spray is a must to add that extra volume to Korean hairstyles.
  • Lift the hair at your front hairline, place a round brush under it and pull the hair a bit. Use a blow dryer to set the hair in place. This gives your hair more dimension and volume.
  • Use a blow-dry lotion before blow-drying your hair to add more life to your tresses.
  • Korean hairstyles are known for being super shiny. Therefore, if you use a volumizing hair spray, ensure it adds extra shine to your locks.

1. Curly Pinned Bun:

The curly pinned bun gives a chic and cute look to the face. The face appears tender and pleasant with this style

2. Boyish Pixie:

The boyish pixie, dressed in long sharper strands give a spiky feel to the hair.

StyleCraze Says

A boyish pixie haircut looks good on a round face as it frames the face and gives a slimmer effect to the cheekbones.

3. Sleek Half Up:

The sleek half up hairstyle has a very tousled feel to it. The style is dressed in a stylish mid part. The red lips complement this Korean hair style.

4. Sleek Fine Layers:

The sleek fine layers are smart. The hairstyle does have a sophisticated feel to it. The hair is pulled all the way back without any side parts or mid parts.

5. Side Swept Pixie:

The pixie consists of side swept bangs which are done in layers and style on one side. The hair has more volume at the crown and is fine near the forehead. The style is smart and feminine. The side swept bangs make this one of the best Korean hairstyles for round faces.

6. Side Swept Brunette Bob:

The tousled bob sits neatly. The hairdo looks voluminous and simple

7. Side Part Hairdo:

The side parted ponytail gets a chirpy uplift courtesy the long thin twirled bangs at both sides contouring the forehead.

8. Simple Tousled Ponytails:

The ponytail gets an edgy look with the thick short bangs on both sides of the face. The style has a ruffled essence but is still attractive.

9. Quirky Bangs:

The quirky bangs Korean hairstyle for girls accentuate the hairdo like nothing. The style is just so chic and eccentric. The thick leaf shaped bang gives a different look altogether.

10. Headband Ponytail:

The diamond studded headband adds glitter to this simple ponytail.

11. Sleek Long Blunt:

The sleek long blunt bob is stylish and smart. The style has a formal character to it. The style is all about edginess yet staying simple.

12. Textured Layers Bob:

The textured, layered bob gives a very glamorous and stylish feel to the hairdo. This Korean girl hairstyle always looks sensual and enchanting.

13. Brown Layers:

Brown layered bob is a chic update on the usual bob. The edgy bangs in layers offer a different fervor to the bob.

StyleCraze Says

If you have light eyes – like green, blue, or gray – the brown layers with edgy bangs will accentuate them.

14. Long Tousled Side Part:

The long tresses are styled with a windy tousled flair. The hairdo is done with a small side part and gives a very chic and stylish feel.

15. Smooth Edgy Bun:

The smooth, edgy bun is stylish and fashionable. The elegant side part gives the hairdo a different look to the bun.

16. Edgy Banged Ponytail:

The thick edgy ponytail has a sleek yet smart essence. The bangs give a thick flair to the hairstyle and make it look voluminous.

17. Brunette Tousled Hair:

The messy brunette tousled hair has a sensual feel to it. The hairdo consists of uneven and ruffled edges, which make it a gorgeous Korean hairstyle for women with round faces.

18. Long Tousled Pixie:

The pixie hairdo gives a ruffled look, but the style can be worn for the formal look. The pixie is edgy and perky.

19. Black Straight:

The straight black hairdo is characterized by even and smooth edges. The style gives an elegant and sophisticated feel.

20. Stylish Layers:

The layered bob gives an elegant yet playful look to the hairdo. The layers are done give a defining shape to the bob.

21. Smooth Pixies:

The smooth, edgy pixie is neat and smart with a wavy flair. The style is characterized with long wavy bangs that are neatly tucked to the side.

22. Burgundy Ruffles:

The hairdo is ruffled with a messy layered touch. The thick side bang one side enhances the quality of the hairdo.

23. Layered Bangs Tousled Bun:

The layered bang at the front give a tousled feel to the hairstyle. The bun reflects edginess and sophistication with all the layers.

24. Soft Edged Bob:

The bob is stylish and has a very edgy sophisticated look. The style incorporates softness at the edges. The curled edges offer an elegant feel.

25. Fringed Black Bob:

The hairdo is done with a full fringe at the top followed by sleek, edgy tresses. The edgy bob is curled in for that delicate essence.

26. Side Parted Super Short Bob:

The side parted super short bob has a crisp and defined look to it. It is one of the best short Korean hairstyles. The wearer of this hairstyle often ends up looking cute and adorable.

27. Tousled Wavy Bob:

The tousled wavy bob is chic and extremely stylish. The wavy tousled tresses offer a tender look to the personality.

28. Short Blunt:

The black short, blunt bob is the usual classic bob which offers precise style to the hairdo.

29. Wavy Tresses:

The long wavy tresses are trendy. The hair open and styled with a side part gives a very informal fervor to the wearer. The style still offers are attractive and elegant style.

30. Oval Shaped Bob:

The oval shaped offers a cute and smart style. The style looks edgy with uneven long side bangs. The forehead frills consist of longer bangs at the end and uneven shorter bangs in the middle.

31. Brown Wavy Bun:

The brown wavy bun is done with a side part and tousled edginess. The style is chic and classy.

32. Black Puffy Updo:

The black puffy updo offers an elegant and classy fervor. The puff is subtle and offers a voluminous feel to the hairdo.

33. Fringe:

The fringe alone can transform any hairdo. The style refines the whole look, though it suits only a few personalities.

34. Edgy Bun:

The bun with all the hair pulled back gives a neat and sleek look. The bun is styled in a French bun style though rolled in.

35. Vintage Curls:

The curls have a vintage and refined style. The up do offers the old fashion look in contemporary style.

36. Medium Wavy Bob:

The medium wavy bob is sleek dyed in brown hue and medium in length. The bob is defined by even trimmed edges. The style offers a casual and informal feel to the wearer.

37. Layered Fringe:

The unusual fringe is done in slanting layers. The fringe layers and the sleek layers offer a precise style to the hairdo.

38. Layered Curls:

The edgy layers are curled and spread apart. The one strand bang which falls on the forehead offers a tender appeal to the style.

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39. Round Fringed Bob:

The round bob is chic and smart. The round bow out fringe offers a distinct appeal to the bob. The round fringe offers a softer effect to the bob.

40. Messy Small Bun:

The messy bun offers a tousled and disheveled look. The hairdo still gives an elegant and pretty style to the hairdo. The style gives a casual and informal feel.

41. Curly Ombre Half Up:

The curly half up style offers a soft and elegant character. The short ombre bangs at the front enhance the wearer’s features and give a tender touch to the face.

42. Wavy Mid Part:

The ombre wavy mid part is dressed in tousled tender layers. The curly edged are styled with amid part and give a trendy appeal.

43. Tied Up:

The hairdo is done by pulling all the hair back and tying it up. The style is dressed in subtle tousled strands.

44. Fringe Ponytail:

The fringe ponytail is one of the easiest Korean hairstyles for girls. The short ponytail appears crisp and elegant courtesy the fringe at the front.

45. Fringe Bob:

The fringed bob has a wavy feel to it. The hairdo is in medium length and has a slightly ruffled feel to it.

46. Tousled Ombre Long Layers:

The tousled ombre layers, which are styled with a short fringe at the front has a laid-back attitude. The hairdo offers a casual and lazy feel.

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47. Ruffled Pixie:

The pixie does not seem to have been combed or styled. The hairdo offers a very relaxed and carefree fervor.

48. Sleek Black Hairdo:

The sleek black hairdo with a side bangs. The hairdo is done with a side part which allows having the edgy bangs being styled the way they are.

49. Sleek Detail:

The burgundy shade imbibes a glossy shine which makes the hairdo look extremely classy. The thin tresses have the layered detail which enhances the smooth style.

50. Chestnut Brown Subtle Waves:

The style imbibes a sleek and wavy essence together. The blend offers an attractive and cool style. The curly subtle waves offer the tender appeal.

Most of us have caught up with Korean fashion and hairstyling trends thanks to K-pop and K-dramas. These hairstyles create a soft and youthful look and mainly involve soft fringes and face-framing layers. Korean hairstyles cater to all hair lengths and textures, and you can experiment with any style from our extensive list. However, to help you decide, we have compiled a list of our top picks, perfect for all hair lengths and hair types. So, scroll down and check out the infographic below.

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Korean hairstyles are immaculate and gorgeous, exactly like the Korean beauty industry. They are quite imaginative and can give your persona a sensitive aspect, or they can even look quirky unexpectedly; you never know! As a result, they are getting much attention from women worldwide. Here are the top 50 Korean hairstyles compiled and discussed for you. Take your time now to determine which ones you want to add to your wish list to try. So, experiment with these attractive Korean hairstyles to bring a touch of oriental look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common hairstyle in Korea?

The long layered cut is the most popular hairstyle in Korea.

What is the Korean haircut called?

A two-block haircut is known as a Korean haircut. This haircut showcases the head’s trimmed back and sides while leaving the top long.

How do Koreans get messy hair?

Koreans apply a hair texturizing spray or hair wax to the longer hair strands. Combing in all directions as soon as blow-drying hair makes it messy.

Why are Korean hairstyles the same?

In Korea, being a part of the group is important rather than standing out. Maintaining the same hairstyle is about conforming and being a part of that group. So, Korean hairstyles are the same.

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