Matching tattoos are only rising in popularity by the day, and one such design we see riding the current trend is mother-son tattoos. One would assume mothers to be apprehensive of the idea. However, as times evolve, we find many cool moms being totally down for it.

And why not! The entire concept behind these tattoos is so wholesome and appealing. Good parenting involves raising children to be their own person. But once they become independent, little besides old photographs bear testimony to a mother and her boy’s special bond. Tattoos are a great medium to reinforce trust and belief in the bond.

So, if you are looking for some mother-son tattoo inspiration, we have the coolest ideas right here. Scroll to check them out!

55 Wholesome Mother And Son Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are often designed to express personal sentiments. Therefore, what kind of unique mother-son matching tattoos you get are completely up to your discretion. But there’s no harm in going through the internet for ideas. You may always add a personal touch to any of these designs and make it uniquely your own.

Mother-Son Wrist Tattoos

Small icons and art elements look extremely flattering on the wrist area. Here we have some ideas that would look great as mother-son tattoos on the wrist.

1. Heart

A straightforward, clean, and simple design that can be done on the wrist. Since a heart is a common tattoo symbol, there are many stylised variations available on the internet as well. You can get identical tattoos and try different color combinations, sizes, or play with outlines and solid shapes as well.

2. Heartbeat

This variation of a heart tattoo is popular among many tattoo lovers. Mothers are always the first priority for many of us. They are our lifelines. And what better symbol to highlight those sentiments than a heartbeat? So, if you are looking for heart-themed designs, heartbeats are a great option.

3. Infinity

A mother-son bond is eternal. It may have its ups and downs like all human bonds, but it is a relationship that can brave it all. Even in the absence of one, the other can feel the connection tugging at their hearts. Infinity designs are meant to represent such bonds. They make for wonderful mother-son tattoo symbols.

4. Musical Notes

For most of us, growing up involved listening to our mothers’ favorite music on the radio or TV. If your personal memories are always accompanied by nostalgic music, this design is for you. Get random notes or a string of notes from your shared favorite song inked on your wrists.

5. Flock Of Birds

A flock of birds symbolizes a general sense of positivity, harmony, and good fortune. If you are looking for an auspicious mother-son matching tattoo, this is a sign! Different birds signify different meanings, so you can choose the one that best relates to your shared bond.

6. Name Initials

Getting the name of a romantic partner tattooed may seem overwhelming, especially now with increasing divorce rates and breakups. But very few people have any qualms over getting family member names or initials permanently tattooed. If you’re looking for a straightforward, simple yet chic design, name initials do the job. Your tattoo artist can recommend some amazing fonts to play with.

7. Roman Numerals

 Roman numerals are indisputably much cooler from an aesthetic perspective when compared to regular numbers. If you want your unique mother-son tattoo to represent a specific date, year, or just a numerologically lucky number, go for roman numerals.

Mother-Son Minimalist Tattoo Ideas

Minimalism is the latest lifestyle trend. The tattoo world has also introduced a variety of ways in which minimalism can be incorporated in body art. The best thing about minimalist tattoos is how they save time and space. And let’s not forget, you feel pain for a shorter time period. These designs make for a classy aesthetic with a meaningful touch.

8. Butterfly And Face Line Art

Butterflies symbolize a new birth, which is something a lot of us experience as we step into adulthood and get an idea of where our parents come from. Customize this line art to mimic your own face shapes for a special mother-son tattoo design.

9. Mother-Son Line Art

Here’s a tender, minimalist design that features the outline of a mother holding a baby. It is fascinating that just the outline of such a sacred bond can evoke so many emotions. You can also give a personal photograph to your tattoo artist and ask them to make a line art mother-son tattoo design for you.

10. Paper Plane

Simple paper planes represent happy, carefree childhood memories. Remember the times you would fly paper planes with your mom? And no matter how far (or close!) the plane landed, she would cheer you on! If this memory speaks to you, a paper plane tattoo would perfectly signify the bond you both share. This design usually looks great on the wrists and ankles.

11. Paper Crane With Color Accents

In Japanese culture, the origami crane is a symbol of good luck. It also represents loyalty, longevity, and honor. This minimalist design is the perfect choice if you both share an interest in cultural symbolism. You may add color or patterns to the design for a vibrant-looking tattoo.

Fun Fact

In Japanese legends, the crane is said to be a sacred being with a lifespan of 1000 years. It is believed that folding 1000 origami cranes will bring one good luck or help them overcome sickness and lead a long and healthy life.

12. Fingerprint Heart

A minimal mother-son tattoo design that cannot get any more unique! Both of you can make thumbprints in the shape of a heart to recreate this design. As we know, no two fingerprints in the world are the same, this design is the ultimate personal art to dedicate to your bond.

13. Paw Print

If you both share a love of pets, you can get matching paw print tattoos. This is a good middle ground where the design is not entirely focused on the mother or son and yet represents something special to you both. You could also ink the name of a special pet in a font of your choice to add a deeper meaning or sweet memory to the tattoo.

14. Water Drop

A single drop of water is a universal symbol of fertility, beauty, life, and purity. All these qualities are intertwined with a mother-son bond in their own, beautiful ways. It is wonderful how such a tiny symbol, that you can inked on your body to express your bond, can encompass such deep values.

15. Four Leaf Clover

The three-leaf clover represents the holy trinity. The fourth leaf in the rare four-leaf clover represents luck. Here’s another good luck symbol to celebrate and immortalize your beautiful mother-son relationship.

16. Mama-Son Label

You’ll be surprised how many people love these label tattoos that flaunt their pride in the relationship they share with their moms. These are cheesy as well as heartwarming at the same time. They are almost a sort of declaration that no one can ever mess with this precious bond. Add a bit of sass or personal puns to customize this mother-son tattoo design.

Mother-Son Strength Tattoo Ideas

A mother and son may be apart in distance but the strength in their bond holds fast through every test. Using symbols of strength to depict a mother-son bond will give your tattoo more meaning and purpose.

17. Anchor

If we are talking about strength, nautical elements have some of the best symbolisms. A ship anchor signifies safety and hope, while in relationships it signifies groundedness. All these perfectly resonate with the mother-son bond. Simple as well as stylized anchors can represent the strength in mother-son relationships.

18. Compass

As a navigational device, a compass denotes safety, protection, direction, and guidance. A mother is the first person in our life who symbolizes these things for us. It is such an appropriate symbol for a mother-son tattoo. From intricate graphic compasses to minimalist crosses with marked directions, all types of compass illustrations look great as tattoos.

19. Ship And Lighthouse

A cheeky yet wholesome tattoo design that is sure to be a favorite among mums! The son gets a ship tattoo while the mother gets one of a lighthouse. The idea behind it is simple – the son needs the mother’s guidance to make it to shore. Which is a pretty accurate representation of how life works in general.

20. Sun And Moon

 This complementary set of designs represents the opposite personalities a mother and son can have and yet manage to exist harmoniously. It is further highlighted by how the individual tattoos look mesmerizing by themselves as well as when paired up. Which of the two gets to tattoo the moon or the sun is up to your personal choice.

21. Minimal Star

Celestial symbols just make for enviably gorgeous tattoos. Even if they are the most minimalistic type. Stars are said to radiate positivity and symbolize renewal. Another powerful characterization of what a mother-son bond could stand for. Play with different sizes and styles to make your tattoos a complementary set.

22. Ocean Waves Line Art

An ocean can be calm, playful, as well as restless. There is no certainty about how an ocean will be at any given moment. But what cannot be disputed is the infinity of its depth. Besides this, ocean waves stand for joy, faith, continuity, and hope, despite the depth of one’s troubles. With such powerful symbolisms, this design makes for one of the best strength mother-son tattoos.

23. Leaf Vine Band

A leafy vine symbolizes growth, opportunity, and regeneration in Celtic art. A thin vine band encircling your arm would not only look uber cool, but also express your faith in your bond. This design makes for a beautiful Celtic mother-son tattoo.

24. Tribal Band


Polynesian patterns are quite the rage among tattoo lovers. These patterns have deep symbolism in Oceanic cultures and are sacred to the natives. If you both are from Oceania or get to travel there together, you may opt for matching tribal band tattoos.

25. Boho Mandala

A mandala has deep spiritual meanings. It signifies the existence of an ideal universe and is meant to help you manifest it. Even though you may consider getting this tattoo to show off a mother-son bond, it can mean a host of different things for both of your personal growths.

26. Palm Trees

Palm trees evoke the idea of beach vacations and summer parties for most of us. But did you know that in many cultures a palm tree is the sacred symbol of immortality? Besides that, palm trees also signify fertility, victory, abundance, growth, righteousness, wisdom, and good luck; all the characteristics that lead up to strength.

Mother-Son Inspirational Tattoo Ideas

A mother-son relationship is an inspiration by itself. However, tattoos that serve as a reminder of its sacredness and urge you to be better might just be the thing that you’re looking for. Take a look at these designs that range from tiny and minimalist to big and bold. We’re sure you would love more than a few of these.

27. Family Infinity

Families are forever. This simple sentiment is represented by the word “family” entwined with the infinity symbol. This tattoo doesn’t have to represent your entire family. Tweak the tattoo to spell another word to imply that the mother and son only have each other in the world. And that is enough to get through a lifetime.

28. Motivational Quote

We’ve all had moments in our lives when our mothers said something to motivate us and it stuck. A simple statement that stands out like a beacon of hope in our darkest times! Why not get that exact same statement inked? It can serve as motivation for you both on the days words do not come to you easily.

29. Song Lyrics

Some songs have words that alter the way we look at life and shape us into entirely new people. The words are so beautiful that you feel like all of it should be permanently etched on your body. If there is such a song that sums up your mother-son relationship, pick your favorite lines and get it inked together.

30. Biblical Quotes

Many of us grow up in families where religion plays a big part in our upbringing. Mothers are constantly praying for the well-being of their homes. A Biblical quote for a Christian mother-son duo will be deeply meaningful and bring comfort in difficult times.

31. Om Symbol

Om is a symbol with deep spiritual and cultural importance in India. It inspires a clean and honest way of life while fortifying a sense of oneness. This is a beautiful tattoo idea for mothers and sons who relate to this ideology.

Did You Know?

Om is said to be the sound of the universe. Studies suggest that mental repetitions of the syllable results in increased sensory activity, psychological alertness, and synchronicity of certain biorhythms in the body (1).

32. Tibetan Chant

Tibetan chants are another set of popular tattoo choices. There are several chants with specific meanings to choose from. Some are for peace of mind, some manifest balance, while others aim at enlightenment. Discuss the spiritual implications of these chants before deciding on one.

33. Guardian Angel

Guardian angels signify protection, faith, and hope. There are a couple of angels and supernatural entities across faiths and cultures that you can choose from for your design. This tattoo can symbolize the protection of your priceless mother-son bond.

34. Evil Eye (Nazar)

Many cultures believe in the concept of the evil eye. It’s when envious people look at the good in your life and direct negative energies your way to ruin your good fortune. The evil eye symbol is said to ward off those energies and protect the things you cherish. An ideal design for those of you who believe in the impact of vibes and energies and want to protect your beautiful mamma-son relationship.

35. Moon Phases

A moon phase tattoo, apart from looking extremely pretty, can signify magic, dreams, purity, and eternity. Additionally, they are a favorite among lovers of fantasy, ancient religions, and celestial themes. Be the cool next door mom-son neighbors who flaunt their matching moon tattoos.

36. Cross

A subtle symbol of protection from Christian homes. Regardless of its religious implications, crosses are also popular symbols in tattoos and fashion. If you are looking for something minimal with strong symbolism, get a simple cross design inked on your body. If you want something more flashy, ask your tattoo artist to recommend stylized versions of the cross.

37. Tiki

A Tiki is a Polynesian figure who is said to have created humans. Oceanic cultures worship it as a Godly figure. This figure symbolizes protection, good luck, and power. It is a symbol that is sure to inspire courage and confidence in life, making it an ideal mother-son tattoo idea.

38. Polynesian Turtle


There are many nature-centric elements in Polynesian tattoo styles. The turtle, among other marine beings, is one of the most popular elements. It represents good health, fertility, peace, rest, foundation, and longevity. You can get one of these as matching mother-son tattoos. Or you can add a tiny turtle beside a big one to represent each of you.

39. Faith Calligraphy

Calligraphy tattoos are elegant and sophisticated looking. It usually doesn’t take a lot of effort to convince mothers to get one of these as long as they are in an appealing font. The word ‘Faith’ is a calligraphy tattoo choice as it is inspiring and comforting.

Mother-Son Sentimental Tattoo Ideas

All these mother-son tattoos revolve around sentimental values. But here we present to you a few designs that are creative and play with the idea of aesthetics, symbolism, and sentimentality.

40. Mother Mary And Baby Jesus

The special bond between Mary and Jesus is world renowned. It’s the story of a mother who helplessly watched her only son get treated inhumanely and sacrificed for the good of the world, and stayed by his side through it all. Regardless of your religious affiliation, this is a powerful mother-son story that comes in enthralling illustrations for tattoos.

41. The Triquetra

The triquetra is found in several cultures across the world but is more commonly known as the Celtic trinity knot. The knot symbolizes eternity, commitment, unity, and love which are the foundations of a mother-son bond. You can get it inked in different stylized variations.

42. Cute Baby And Mother Elephant

Not all tattoos have to have a deep meaning to have sentimental value. Think of your favorite cartoons growing up like Bambi and Dumbo that easily remind you of the mother-son bond you share. Elephant mother and calf tattoos can bring up special memories too. Especially considering how elephants are a species that fiercely protect their young in the wild.

43. Momma And Baby Whale

Whales are another example of champion moms in the wild. They dedicate several months or years, depending on the species, to birth and raise their calves and ensure their survival. You do not want to miss out on the amazing tattoo designs that come with this theme. Cute doodles as well as intricate sketches of whales look absolutely stunning.

44. Watercolor Flower

Let’s look at some colorful mother-son tattoo options now. Watercolor styles seem to be the fad in the world of tattoos. A lot of mothers fancy floral motifs and gardening themes. Consider getting a favorite flower inked in the watercolor style for a tastefully vibrant tattoo design.

45. Watercolor Mother-Son

Another watercolor design that comes in a variety of gorgeous illustrations. You can combine line art and some calligraphy with this design to give it a unique touch.

46. Mountain Range

Mountains generally symbolize strength. As a matching tattoo, it can symbolize unshakeable faith in the other. It can also depict how one stands as a barrier in front of the other to protect them. Adding to all that, they also look marvelous and can represent a shared love for mountains! 

47. The Tree Of Life

A deep spiritual connection that transcends beyond the realm of the living –  such is the symbolism of the tree of life. A tattoo with this symbol will convey the depth of the mother-son connection you have, and your sentiments towards it.

48. Mirrored Forest

 Forests stand for resilience, abundance, serenity, and rejuvenation. Many folk tales use forests as a medium of communication between worlds. Scientifically, a forest is a complex network of consistently evolving organic relationships, where old trees provide nutrition to younger trees and other organisms, which signify familial connections; perfect for a mother-son tattoo.

Mother-Son Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

Mother-son tattoos are in essence meaningful. It cannot be refuted. But society hugely impacts the way familial relationships pan out. In keeping with the times, relationships can go beyond emotional sentiments and meanings. Let’s see what kind of elements we can add in mother-son tattoos to represent the same.

49. Feminism Symbol

With changing times and evolving societies, more and more mothers are raising their sons to be socially aware and conscious feminists. And we are here for it! What better tattoo design to represent such mother-son duos than the Feminist symbol!

50. Pride Heart

Mothers are special. But mothers who accept their children for what they choose to be are divine incarnations! Likewise, children who help their parents step out of their closets in their late years are truly heaven’s blessings. This is a wholesome tattoo idea for the queer icon mother-son duos out there.

51. Love Is Love

It’s not easy for everyone to be unabashed allies. We get it. Changes are gradual sometimes. And for those mother-son pairs who have taken the first successful steps towards unlearning and reinforcing their trust and faith in each other, we have this subtle pride tattoo idea.

52. Semicolon Mental Health Tattoo

Semicolon tattoos globally represent mental health awareness. As the world deals with a mental health crisis that involves increased suicide and crime rates, acknowledging mental instability becomes a priority. This is a tattoo for people who deeply feel for the cause and wish to see progress in global mental health awareness.

Did You Know?

The semicolon tattoo became a worldwide trend in 2013. Amy Bleuel founded Project Semicolon as a tribute to her father who died by suicide. The project encourages people to get a semicolon tattoo to create mental health awareness.

53. Foreign Language Characters

Tattoos in foreign language scripts have an undeniable appeal to them. It’s the mystery around what these unknown characters might mean. However, you can always dive into these language systems, without appropriating them, to find characters that you relate to. They can make for intriguing mother-son tattoos.

54. Peace – Dove Carrying Olive Branch

Aren’t we all hoping for world peace? Sure, it is easier said than done, but a simple symbol can motivate us to take charge of small decisions in our day to day life. Peace in the domestic space, for instance! And although a dove makes for a prettier tattoo option, you can also opt for the modern circular peace symbol for a mother-son tattoo.

55. Hope

When Pandora accidentally opened her box of evils, letting them all out, and slammed it shut in an attempt to stop them, hope was the last evil left behind. Or so some may think! While it fills us with unrealistic optimism, it also cushions a bad fall. And so we end our list with this ambiguous symbol that has a balance of good and bad, to represent an adorable mother-son bond which can be both sweet and sour.

That’s the end of our list. Some of these designs are already popular but there were a few innovative ones we cannot help but play favorites with. We have presented them all in an infographic below. Keep scrolling!


That concludes our master catalog of super awesome mother-son tattoo designs. From tiny nature-centric elements to colorful watercolor tattoos, we have covered it all. We have also included some interesting tidbits and pro tips on how you can personalize these designs to make them reflective of your own stories. We hope this catalog has convinced you to give these stunning mother-son tattoo designs a go. Now all you need is a mother-son trip to your nearest tattoo parlor. Take a screenshot or save our infographic and book an appointment with your tattoo artist this weekend!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mother-son tattoos have to be in the same spot?

Not necessarily. Choose a spot based on your comfort level or aesthetic preference. As long as the design is from the same theme, and you both (mother and son) are down for it, there is no such restriction! There are many designs that can be done anywhere on the body. For instance, small tattoos like hearts and infinity symbols or arrow tattoos that feature tribal designs with names on them, are all fair game.

What symbolizes a mother-son bond?

The Celtic trinity knot, also known as the triquetra, is the most popular element that symbolizes a mother-son bond. It basically stands for community, protection, and love, which can all sum up a mother-son relationship. It is also one of the most sought after motherhood or Celtic mother-son tattoos.

What flower is a symbol of the mother-son bond?

Carnations are said to universally symbolize a mother-son bond. Carnations are long lasting cut flowers that specifically symbolize a mother’s love for her child. It also symbolizes unconditional love and good fortune.

Key Takeaways

  • Tattoos are designed to express personal sentiments. You can always add elements to existing designs and create a custom tattoo for yourself.
  • Mother-son pair tattoos need not always be identical. You can use complementary elements from the same theme to make a set.
  • When getting a tattoo with elements from another culture, remember to be respectful of the culture.
  • Similarly, be respectful and do your research before getting a tattoo in a foreign language.


Articles on StyleCraze are backed by verified information from peer-reviewed and academic research papers, reputed organizations, research institutions, and medical associations to ensure accuracy and relevance. Read our editorial policy to learn more.

  1. Meditation on OM: Relevance from ancient texts and contemporary science

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