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Now that summer is around the corner, I’ve come to the tough realization that I’m going to have to shave more than once a month. Shaving isn’t an absolute must, but if you, like me, love the feeling of soft, smooth legs, you’re likely also going to be ramping up your frequency in the coming months. I used to think I didn’t need to put any thought into shaving cream, that is until I found one that left my skin feeling so silky and nourished. And now that I know what to look out for, let me introduce you to one that shoppers can’t stop gushing over.

Athena Club’s Cloud Shave Foam is about to completely change your shower routine and make shaving, well, enjoyable. It’s a thick foam that contains moisturizing and conditioning ingredients like oat extract and aloe leaf juice. And it also smells like rose, sage, lime, vanilla and cedarwood. That sounds like the dreamiest concoction of aromas. After all, who doesn’t want to smell like sweet rose?

Shoppers agree that this shaving cream gives you a close, precise shave and even add that it doesn’t give them razor burn.

Athena Club Cloud Shave Foam

Photo: Athena Club.

One wrote, “Razor burn and skin irritation are a thing of the past. This goes a long way and smells absolutely heavenly. Best part is no breakouts no sensitivity. Love it.” No wonder why the product has a 4.8-star overall rating on the brand’s site. 

If you typically get red, irritated, bumpy skin after shaving, switch to the Cloud Shave Foam. Additionally, the formula excludes parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil and sulfates. 

A shaving cream as good as this one sounds like it’d cost a pretty penny, except it’s actually totally within budget, sitting at $6 a pop. Not bad for a formula that does all of the above! Lather your body in Athena Club’s shaving cream for silky-smooth skin that you can flaunt all summer long (and beyond).

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You probably recognize aloe as the plant that calms sunburns, but it’s also in loads of skincare products for its soothing effects. It additionally boasts moisturizing and antimicrobial properties—all things you definitely want in a shaving cream. According to one study, “Aloe stimulates fibroblast which produces the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin more elastic and less wrinkled. It also has cohesive effects on the superficial flaking epidermal cells by sticking them together, which softens the skin. The amino acids also soften hardened skin cells and zinc acts as an astringent to tighten pores.”

Oat extract also soothes skin thanks to its lipids, fatty acids and antioxidants. It leaves behind moisturized skin and eliminates any itchiness. When applied topically, the ingredient is great for skin rashes, burns, eczema and itchiness, per a study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

One five-star reviewer wrote, “This is [the] best shave foam I have ever used, I really love the way it leaves my legs smooth feeling for days after.”

“I have very sensitive skin, and in the past, I’ve had horrible reactions to shaving foams (super red, bumpy and painful spots). The Cloud Shave Foam, however, is perfect for my skin and has never left my skin red or irritated,” another shopper explained. “I haven’t had razor rash even once if I’m using the Cloud Shave Foam.”

“I love how soft this makes my skin feel. I have problematic skin and get razor burn very easily, but since using this shaving foam, I don’t get razor burn anymore. I could never go back to other brands of shaving cream after using this product,” raved another one. 

Whenever I’ve just shaved my legs, I’m always so in awe of how smooth they are that I can’t stop feeling my skin. After using Athena Club’s shaving cream, I have a feeling you’ll be doing the same, too.

If you’re in the market for additional body and skin care products, be sure to check out the brand’s other amazing options. 


Courtesy of Athena.

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