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I’ve always viewed Augustinus Bader as skincare for the filthy-rich; I placed the brand on an imaginary pedestal that was out of reach from folks like myself (A.K.A. not a celebrity or trust fund baby.) I mean, Bader has built a cult-like following that includes high-profile names such as Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, so it begs the question: Is Bader just another overpriced brand aimed at those who can afford luxury, or does it actually live up to its hefty price tag? 

For my fellow commoners, I decided to put the ever-popular The Rich Cream to the test to measure the legitimacy of its hype. Spoiler: I hate how much I loved it.

The Rich Cream is Augustinus Bader’s OG daily moisturizer and will run you upwards of $290 for its 50ml size. It’s clinically proven to target signs of aging effectively by boosting elasticity, building a stronger skin barrier function and preventing transepidermal water loss (which is speak for bringing plumper, more hydrated skin.) It also acts as a daily shield against environmental aggressors and restores stressed-out skin to a calmer state.

Augustinus Bader the rich cream

Augustinus Bader.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

The formulation was run through user trials to better determine its results ahead of placement in the wild (the beauty market), and the feedback was quite positive. Around 95 to 97 percent of subjects said their tone and texture looked “dramatically transformed,” their skin was firmer, lifted and more supple, and that fine lines and wrinkles had also “dramatically improved.” 

You may be wondering how this differs from other anti-aging creams out there that ultimately promise the same results. The answer is simple: Augustinus Bader brings over 30 years of patented and formulated technology to its skincare. TFC8, or Trigger Factor Complex, was inspired by over three decades of cutting edge research on skin healing and tissue repair by Professor Bader, a pioneering force in stem cell biology and Doctor of Regenerative Medicine, per the brand’s website.

Now, let’s get into how the cream feels, because that was the winning point for me. It comes out of the tube like pillowy Fluffernutter but glides onto the skin like butter. It’s definitely emollient (I typically prefer lightweight creams to thicker ones), but I actually like that aspect. It doesn’t take much to cover the entirety of my face, and it sinks in with ease upon application.

Since I don’t have a ton of wrinkles, I can’t speak on its anti-aging benefits. But I will say, it didn’t provoke my incredibly fickle acne-prone skin and instead left it absolutely glowing. Considering the thicker consistency, I prefer to apply the cream at nighttime and allow the ingredients to work their magic while I sleep. That said, it absorbs so fast, you could easily proceed into your makeup routine afterwards.

I doubt I’ll dish out money on a replacement once this bottle runs empty, but I honestly wish I could. I can see why celebrities keep their cabinets stocked with Augustinus Bader skincare products, and if I were filthy rich, I’d do the same. It lives up to the hype, I just wish it were cheaper (cries in poor.)

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