Gone are the days when black girl makeup was a tricky business as women of color had to settle for products that were not suitable for their skin color and tone, given the limited production of cosmetic products. With the world making headway on all fronts and embracing diversity and all-inclusiveness, the idea of ’unity in diversity’ has become the focal point for all major and minor industries, including the beauty and makeup industry. From black industry pioneers developing cosmetics for people of color to models of different ethnicities breaking all their shackles and experimenting with makeup, we are fast moving towards a world that acknowledges all skin tones and types. As a result, you are spoilt for choice in cosmetics and makeup products, no matter your complexion or preference. That said, the growing demand for tips on doing black girl makeup is still largely unmet.

As every skin tone has different needs, we have curated some essential and exclusive makeup tips for all the black beauties in this article. Now, you do not have to struggle while choosing the appropriate makeup look, products, and techniques for yourself. Keep scrolling!

The Ultimate African American Women Or Black Girl Makeup Guide For Beginners

Although skin types and facial features vary from person to person, certain fundamental elements remain the same for all. To this end, follow the tips listed below that will always come in handy while doing your makeup just the correct way:

The Right Foundation… Always

Creating your own canvas is the alpha and omega for doing makeup of any kind. And this is where you fetch the foundation. But before you purchase one, you must learn about your skin complexion in order to avoid applying the wrong foundation that will only make your face appear unnatural. Remember, your goal is to enhance your skin color, not cover it up, for you are beautiful just the way you are. So, for the same, all you need to acquaint yourself with is the undertone that defines the primary shade of the complexion. Is it warm, cool, or neutral? You may take an expert’s help to identify the right undertone of your face here if you want, as it will enable you to find the right foundation shade widely available for African American women.

A Good Brush For A Good Blend

Once you have accomplished the task of identifying the suitable foundation, apply it gently on your face to blur out any flaws if you want in order to achieve a smooth-looking face. But….with a good brush that can help you blend the product properly and easily. Now, blending in itself is an art. Once you apply the product in wider strokes on the face, pick a foundation brush, sweep it from the center of your face and lead it outwards. With circular motions, give a full coverage to the face in order to enhance your natural skin color. And make sure you do it till the product blends in perfectly because foundation done right is what will give you a natural-looking face and keep the makeup in place throughout the day.

Mask’em With Concealer

We all are well-versed with the fact that our skin changes with the passage of time and the fluctuation of various environmental conditions. We cannot always have a flawless face for which we are blessed with concealers. Grab one of them that is a bit lighter than your skin color and run it through all the blemishes you would wish to cover. Doing so will allow you to hide the rigid blemishes and age spots on the face, especially those under your eyes and around the bridge of your nose. Just like the foundation, buff the concealer too until it blends properly into the skin. You can use a blending brush for a smooth and seamless blending.

Contour To Frame Your Face

To add the right dimension to the face, it is of utmost importance to do some contouring too. Use a contouring color that is one tone darker than the base foundation you have applied. This will allow you to intensify the required areas, such as the hollow of your cheeks, and soften the portions that need the spotlight. And the key to perfect contouring is blending till your face looks natural and not made up at all. Also, while contouring, you can go for either soft looks or overly dramatic ones— whatever makes you happy!

Don’t Forget The Blush

A hint of pink or peachy hues on the apple of your cheeks is a must. This will make you look fresh as a daisy! Pick the color of your choice, but of course, one that suits your skin again; tap the brush on it and sweep it around the cheeks for that instant rosy look. Dab a little bit of it on the tip of your nose, too….really a little, because you don’t want Rudolf’s cherry red nose after all. Anyway, so now, you can also thrust the blush brush onto the chin a bit to slightly highlight the pink vibes on your face.

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You can use bronze or peach shades as these will go well with dark skin tones.

Highlight For That Extra Drama

Just like framing your face and smoothening it, giving the right amount of light to your facial features is essential for black girl makeup. And no other than your highlighter does this job the best because the transformation from a basic-looking face to a sassy, feisty one is a blessing you achieve through your highlighter. Applying highlighter to the elevated portions of your face, such as the bridge of the nose and the apple of your cheeks, will completely give the necessary lift to the face. It will not only enhance your complexion but will also make you glow and stand out in the crowd.

Eye Makeup, The Key To Ace A Flawless Black Girl Makeup

Bring to life your creativity and let your eyes do the talk. But before that, make sure you have shaped your brows right because they play a crucial role in accentuating the eyes. You do not have to color them way too much; you can simply fill in the sparse areas of your brows and shape them well. Once done, do your eyes the way you wish to (winged eyes, intense black eyes, soft tones, are some you can pick) and add life to the eyelashes by applying a significant amount of mascara on them.

Do The Lips Like A Pro

As someone who is new to makeup, you will need to first determine your undertone before doing your lips too. This is because today, there’s an extensive array of lip colors specially made for African American women; you don’t want to go dizzy choosing what is best for you. With the undertone identified, pick the suitable colors of your choice and paint them lips. You can outline your lips with a lip liner for neat and easy application. It will also hold your lip color longer. But make sure to blend in the lip liner well too.

Must-try Black Girl Makeup Tutorial

Once you have memorized the basic elements required, you can go ahead and play with a multitude of makeup ideas for the same.

We have gathered a few sassy looks for you. Find them below:

Metallic eyeshadow is like a holy grail. Especially hues like cobalt blue and bright green in the metallic eyeshadow palette instantly make black eyes pop the best. You can also go with any shades from the grey color family for a wintry look. Apply some on the eyelids and work your way towards the under-eye for a more flattering effect.

You will never go wrong with glossy lips, especially when you want to give out that trendy soft girl vibe. Apply a lip color of your preference and cover your lips with the lip gloss without a second thought. This will also make your lips look fuller and softer.

Do not hold back from further enhancing those bright eyes that you are born with. You can go with matte smokey eyes or even add a bit of shimmer if you wish to. Once done with all the smudging for the perfect smokey vibe, add mascara to your lashes to finish the look. Your eyes will do the magic right after.

Dark Skin Girl Makeup Ideas For Different Occasions

You might want to have different looks for different occasions. After all, it helps kill the monotony big time, doesn’t it? So if you want to go glam for your parties or look calm for your work and fun for a holiday, below are some steps that you can follow to make every day a wonder:

Everyday Natural Looking Makeup

If you do not want to go over the top for your everyday look, we got your back. Leave your eyes just the way they are. However, you can add a hint of mascara on your lashes to brighten the eyes. Next, apply lip gloss on those lips. You can grab a gloss that has a hint of pink or maroon shade in it. Also, any nude color does the job too. This easy-to-do makeup permits you to look natural as well as chic, and it can be worn every day to work or college.

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You may also draw a line with cream eye pencil on the inner part of the lower eyelids to ensure they look more rested and larger.

Wedding Makeup For Guests

While getting ready for your best friend’s D-day, you know the drill. You want to look absolutely stunning but make sure to never overshadow the bride for the obvious reasons at the same time. Don’t worry. You can get the desired look with a few simple ideas in mind. Fresh face, matte looks, a bit of shimmer, and bronzer are some of the things that can go into your makeup kit for the event. If your lip color matches the color of your outfit, you’re good to go. Pink and red are always the go-to hues.

Holiday Makeup

Fun is what we think of the second we plan that much-needed vacation. This implies you can choose to have fun with your holiday makeup too. Feel free to wear creamy orange lip colors to the beach and glitter eyeliners and shadows for clubbing. You can also try fun face stickers that come in cute little heart and star shapes. They carry the magic that can add an instant boost to your holiday!

Infographic: Makeup Tips For Black Girls

Choosing the right makeup products can elevate your look to the next level. Be it a day at work or a lovely outing with your girlfriend, the right shade of lipstick or eyeshadow can highlight your best features and bring out the beautiful diva in you.

Check out the infographic below to know more.

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We have shared some great makeup ideas for black girls for different occasions in this article. Fortunately, the makeup and beauty industry has made good progress with introducing all-inclusive products. The basics for black girl makeup are more or less the same as makeup in general – you only need to identify products that match your skin tone and the type and practice the techniques. In addition to our shared ideas, you can always add your artistic touch to your makeup to express yourself and flaunt your amazing personality. Do not hesitate to be creative, and remember to love and be comfortable in your skin. You go, girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do black girls apply bronzer?

You should be aware if your natural undertone is cool or warm and choose a bronzer that is one or two shades darker. The right bronzer shade can help you sculpt your face highlighting your best features.

Which setting powder is best for dark skin?

You should select a setting powder the same shade as that of your foundation. Anything lighter would make you ghostly while anything darker may form streaks over your foundation.

Should black girls use translucent powder?

While they can, you should use bare minmum to not look ashy.

Key Takeaways

  • The key to getting your makeup on point is to pick products that suit your skin undertone.
  • Learn the basics of concealing, contouring, and blush application. Use a highlighter to add drama.
  • Experiment with different makeup looks as per the occasions. You can go glam or choose a toned-down natural look accordingly.

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