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If you’re on the hair growth side of TikTok, you’ve likely heard a thing or two about the rice water trend. Plenty of people are using the blend as a more natural route for reversing signs of hair loss and thinning—and the before-and-after results are like night and day. Folks are even resorting to making their own rice water, but if you’d rather not play mixologist, Amazon has a surplus of ready-to-use options to choose from.

One product with sky-high praise from reviewers is the Bloom Health Goods Rice Water & Rosemary Spray. Yes, beyond containing the golden rice water ingredient, it incorporates rosemary oil, which has also been labeled a godsend for hair growth due to its scalp nurturing properties. 

Each bottle is formulated using traditional small-batch brewing methods, per the brand, and is made of organic and whole plant ingredients, sans any synthetic additives. With consistent use, the spray strengthens the hair shafts, soothes itchy scalps and rehydrates damaged, dry strands, leaving them soft, shiny and far more manageable. 

Bloom Health Goods Spray


Bloom Health Goods Rice Water & Rosemary Spray

And it really works as intended—one shopper who has experienced “stagnant growth” for years finally saw inches of length grow in after using the spray
. “
I bought this to try and my hair went from right below my shoulder down to the lower middle of my back, so about 5 inches, maybe a little more,” they wrote.

Others have remarked on how it enables them to go longer without shampooing. “I feel that this definitely helps with hair growth and fullness. Also, somehow I find that I use much less dry shampoo in-between washes when I spray this on my scalp before bed,” another said.

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Reviewers have seen benefits beyond growth; some say the product
leaves their hair incredibly soft to the touch and keeps frizz to a minimum, while others shared how it has helped with discomfort on their dry scalps.

Hop on the latest TikTok hair trend and scoop the Bloom Health Goods Rice Water & Rosemary Spray while it’s down to $21.

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