A rollercoaster of emotions. Bradley Cooper’s response to Irina Shayk and Tom Brady dating shows that he has mixed feelings about his ex moving on. . 

Cooper and Shayk dated from 2015 to 2019. They welcomed their first and only child together, a daughter named Lea, in 2017. Brady and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, were married from 2009 to 2022. They share two children together: son Benjamin and daughter Vivian Lake. News broke in July 2023 that Brady and Shayk were dating after Brady was photographed picking Shayk up at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California, from where he drove her to his home, according to TMZ, which also reported that Shayk didn’t leave Brady’s house until 9:30 a.m. the next morning. 

Irina Shayk, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian

A source told The Daily Mail at the time that Brady and Shayk were serious and didn’t view their relationship as a “fling.” ‘Tom is really ecstatic that this is happening, he feels that they totally get each other, and he really finds her extremely interesting, entrepreneurial, and has a clever sense of humor that really appeals to everything he is all about,” the insider said. “She is not just a fling, he really wants to make this work.

The source continued, “He always told himself after his divorce that he would only get involved with someone that a future could be made, someone he could eventually introduce to his kids. ‘He really thinks very highly of her and where this relationship could go. He has zero worry with her, they seem to get each other and get along quite well.”

A source also told People at the time that Brady and Shayk had been dating “for a few weeks” before news broke of their relationship. “[They] have been in touch for a few weeks,” the insider said. “There is a spark.” The source claimed that Brady invited Shayk to “fly out and meet up in Los Angeles,” where “they spent the night Friday and Saturday at a house” where Brady was staying. 

The source continued, “There is an attraction.” The insider also confirmed that Brady and Shayk “have never been involved romantically before” their current relationship, despite Shayk’s professional friendship with Brady’s ex-wife. The insider also claimed that Brady and Shayk first started dating when they were both guests at billionaire art heir Joe Nahmad’s wedding to model Madison Headrick in Sardinia, Italy back in June 2023.

But what does Cooper think? Read on for what we know about how Bradley Cooper responded to Irina Shayk and Tom Brady dating, and where he is with his ex now. 

How Bradley Cooper responded to Irina Shayk and Tom Brady dating

Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper
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How did Bradley Cooper respond to Irina Shayk and Tom Brady dating? A source told The Daily Mail on July 25, 2023, that Cooper was “bothered” by rumors Shayk and Brady were dating and worried that the former NFL star would “take her heart away from him forever.” 

“To say he is not bothered by this would be a lie,” the insider said.”’He has been on and off and on with Irina and he has so much love for her.” The source continued, “She is the mother to his girl and they are his two favorite women in the world. He feels that, for the first time, she met someone in Tom that would take her heart away from him forever.”

Despite his issues around Shayk and Brady’s relationship, the source also told The Daily Mail that Cooper was “conflicted” by the romance because he had “dated other women” too since their breakup in 2019. The insider continued, “Tom is very capable of being a devoted husband and parent and husband. This is what gets to Bradley.”

As for Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, a source told The Daily Mail on July 24, 2023, that the model went through a “revolving door of emotions” when she first heard rumors of Brady and Shayk dating, but the is “currently in a good place with it all and is hoping for the best.” The insider added that Brady and Shayk’s relationship was “difficult” for Bündchen at first and “she was upset,” however, she’s gotten over those feelings. “It made things more real. She and Tom had something so amazing, it ended,” the insider said. 

The source continued, “The emotions from that, especially after sharing children, were as emotional as it gets but then she knew she couldn’t hold on to something that was never going to return, she knew this day would come and she honestly would love nothing more than for Tom to be happy.”

The Daily Mail’s insider explained that Bündchen’s main issue with Brady dating after their divorce was that she didn’t want him to end up with someone who wasn’t “right for their kids.”

“She will have a love for him like no other, but her main concern and a part of the healing process is that he chooses someone that is not only right for him but right for their kids,” the source said. “Floozy is not the word, but Gisele doesn’t want some random person leading Tom down a bad path.”

The insider also confirmed that Brady told Bündchen about the relationship himself before news became public. “Tom is not stupid either, he made sure that Gisele was in the know, and they still have that communication as co-parents,” the source said.”’But overall, Gisele is just processing it all and coming to a point where she wants to be OK with it and will be OK with it. So she definitely took an elevator of emotions, but she’s currently in a good place with it all and is hoping for the best.” 

A source also told Us Weekly on July 25, 2023, that Bündchen was “totally unbothered” by Brady and Shayk’s relationship. “[She’s] happy he’s moved on because she has too,” the insider said. “She knew he would be dating at some point and really isn’t concerned one way or another.” The source added that Brady and Bündchen’s relationship “is based on coparenting their children.” The insider added, “Other than that, Tom is obviously free to date whoever he likes.”

TMZ also reported on July 24, 2023, that Bündchen was “not happy at all” about Brady and Shayk’s relationship. However, another report claimed that she was “happy” her ex-husband had moved on. “Why wouldn’t she be happy for Tom? She divorced him. It is helpful to her freedom that he moved on,” another source told TMZ. The source also confirmed that Shayk and Bündchen were not friends, though they’ve known each other professionally for years as both models. 

A source also confirmed to People on July 25, 2023, that Bündchen was on vacation in her home country of Brazil when news of Brady and Shayk’s relationship broke. “[She] is on holiday in Brazil at the moment and is living her life, but she’s said in the past that she just wants him to be happy,” the insider said. 

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