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Here’s what I learned today: People are googling if candle wax is beneficial for their nails. While it may sound like another beauty fad, it actually might not be. Manicure candles are on the rise for their potential benefits to the nails, skin and cuticles—take it or leave it, but candles are no longer just used for their soft, ambient light. Bizarre? Maybe. Ingenious? Kind of. 

Not far off from a massage candle, manicure candles can be used to target dry areas that need relief quickly and effectively, though their main focus is on the cuticles and nailbeds. If you’re intrigued, opt for butter LONDON’s Champagne Fizz Manicure Candle, which is one of the more popular options out there. 


butter LONDON

Champagne Fizz Manicure Candle

The fully vegan intensive nail and skin treatment features a blend of soybean oil and coconut oil that, once softened, can be applied to the hands, feet, back and shoulders for a soothing experience (either on your own or with a partner). Its signature Champagne scent has notes of lemon, mint, rose and violet that linger on the skin post-application, allowing you to unwind with its aroma benefits.

Here’s how to use it: Simply snip the tip of the wick before each use, light the candle and then allow the  top layer of the candle to melt before applying.You won’t have to worry about burning yourself; the candle was made to stay warm but will not be overbearingly hot to the touch. 

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While the manicure candle is certainly one of butter LONDON’s lesser known offerings (its long-lasting, chip-free polishes are a best-seller), it has reeled in a fair amount of positive responses.  

“From the moment you light the wick, you’ll be enveloped in the heavenly scent,” raved one person. “As the candle burns, it melts into a warm, oil (non-greasy and absorbs easily) that’s perfect for a relaxing hand massage or manicure. On top of that, the candle comes in a stylish and elegant glass jar that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.”

Another shopper who lives in a high-altitude area touched on the skin-softening benefits the candle has brought them. “I am always searching for products to help my hands or my feet or my hair. I must say, this is the first product that I have found to help my hands with dryness and last through a washing or two,” they wrote. “I was a bit worried at first about it being too hot to pour in my hand, but I went slow, and it was fine. My hands totally love it, (and so do I) and they were still happy with it and the moisture it provided the next day.”

Grab the manicure candle, alongside other hot sellers from the brand, to create the perfect self-care nail ritual.

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