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Ciara has more than a few reasons to sweat. The triple-threat makes music, acts, dances and runs around with three children. That’s why she teamed up with Degree to launch its Unlimited by Degree collection alongside its What Makes America Sweat study. OK, but what does that mean exactly? Well, she’s helping remove any embarrassment around talking about sweating because really, it happens to everyone in various degrees. That doesn’t mean it’s NBD. But it can be easily handled, in part, by talking about it.

Degree’s study showed that “two in three Americans still experience heavy or anxious sweat that interferes with their daily activities.” Plus, “three in five Americans experience sweat from stress or feeling nervous” and “three in four anxious sweaters anticipate feeling just as stressed in 2023, or it even getting worse.” That’s why Degree came up with what its calling “Smart Adapt Technology” that responds to body heat and moisture so you’re protected all day. It comes in four Invisible Solids and five Dry Sprays.

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“Anxious sweat isn’t something that people typically talk about, but it’s something we all deal with and we all sweat for so many reasons,” Ciara says. “When I heard so many people were struggling to overcome sweat-inducing situations I knew I wanted to help. This collection is about living your life without limits and I would never want anyone to be held back in life because of sweat.”

“As an artist and a mom of three, I’m no stranger to experiencing high-pressure moments, like performing on stage or running after my kids,” she adds. “So, I can relate to the struggle of overcoming sweat-inducing situations.”

“I try not to limit myself with beauty ‘standards,’ Ciara says. “I do what feels good to me at the time. Experimenting with different looks through make-up, hair and styling is an extension of my entire creative process. As an artist, the freedom of expression translates into everything I do.”

“My goal as a parent is to foster a positive environment for my kids to feel comfortable expressing who they are,” she says. “We try and instill confidence in them every day so they don’t feel the pressure to try and live up to anyone else’s standards. We practice self-love and remind them that God made them uniquely how they are supposed to be.”

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