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If you’ve dealt with a dry, itchy scalp for far too long, it’s time to implement a more steady scalp regimen. After all, our scalps are an extension of the rest of our skin, so it’s vital to take proper care of it to keep locks long and luscious and prevent dandruff from building up. While hair oils are certainly a popular choice when it comes to scalp care, scrubs offer a deeper exfoliation that yields faster results. 

Per Amazon reviewers, “no other product compares” to Coco & Eve’s Like a Virgin Scalp Scrub. It contains fruit enzymes and salicylic acid that swiftly eliminate excess oil (say goodbye to oily roots after the first wash), alongside coconut and volcanic ash that buff away dry patches. Peppermint oil soothes irritation and itchiness, and last but not least, SpecKare PO (an anti-fungal compound) reduces dandruff by as much as 60 percent within the span of a month, per the brand. For those looking for hair growth benefits, the inclusion of caffeine stimulates hair follicles for faster, fuller strands. 

Coco & Eve Scalp Scrub


Deep Clean Scalp Scrub

The pre-shampoo treatment is sold directly from the brand, but you can also add it to your Amazon shopping cart, where plenty of reviewers have raved about the scrub’s ability to transform their hair problems. Some have reported an increase in hair volume from use, while one person said that despite typically seeing “white flakes falling from their scalp like snow” the scrub has prevented even one flake from appearing for days.

“This cleanser helps deep clean my scalp and remove the build up and flakes I’ve struggled with my entire life,” said one reviewer. “I was only 35 when I finally found a product that could help get me closer to my #hairgoals and this is definitely it!”

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“I have thick, wavy textured hair and have struggled with dry scalp and flaking forever. Nothing has worked and I have tried everything. Seriously everything! I found this and am so glad I did,” shared a second shopper, who relies on the product to keep their scalp in check. “I use it before I wash my hair every other day and it has cured my scalp issues…It also calms and moisturizes my hair—it looks amazing after using this!”

Keep winter dryness at bay (and your hair looking at its best) by snagging a bottle for yourself for $30 at Amazon. The maintenance is low but the results are high.

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